Things You Need to Know for GaN Charger

Gallium nitride or GaN chargers are about three times as efficient as those silicone-based chargers in converting power to electricity. The best part here is that they are much smaller and more portable. It charges your phone ten times faster than a standard charger. That indicates you can bring them anywhere and still receive more power. 

Do you want to know more about GaN chargers? Lucky for you because this post got you covered. Please keep reading to learn everything you should know about it. 

How to Choose the Right GaN Charger

The best chargers to purchase today for phones, laptops, and everything in between nowadays are GaN chargers, short for Gallium Nitride. 

Semiconductors made with Gallium Nitride can be smaller than standard silicon chips, and smaller chips make lighter, smaller, and, ultimately, better chargers. Technology has been around for a few years, but this is still a small field. 


Choose GaN charger models with a long warranty period, like twelve months or twenty-four months. Remember that a longer warranty indicates more product protection coverage and customer service, saving you money. 

GaN is a good material option for chargers because of its higher efficiency, smaller size, and cooler operation. Numerous companies have embraced the new technology and are creating GaN-based products.

We suggest the most powerful and newest GaN chargers from Prowin Power to save you time seeking the perfect model. 

Safety protection 

GaN chargers can deal with higher temperatures and voltages than silicon chargers, needing extra protection when charging at high speeds. 

Temperature regulation, surge protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection are some features you should look for in a good GaN charger.

Fast charging protocols

The three most typical fast-charging protocols are PPS, FCP, and PD. To prevent compatibility concerns, we recommend checking the charging protocol supported by your specific device before buying a GaN charger.

Charging ports

Did you know that a multi-port GaN charger lessens clutter while charging numerous devices on the go or on the desk? Others even allow charging two laptops at the same time! 

Ensure the multi-port charger you need can share sufficient power on all its ports for the gadgets and that all ports support the standards. 

Power output wattages 

Identify the amount of power you need in watts. A GaN charger offering high output wattage could charge your devices faster. Also, phones normally range from 18 to 65 watts, while laptops could range from 30 watts to 140 watts. 

How to Use a GaN Charger

GaN chargers need fewer components, unlike silicon chargers. They also conduct higher voltages for a longer time. That way, your GaN charger currently transfers effectively and saves more energy. Therefore, it trickles down to the amount of used energy you must pay for, even if by only a small fraction. 

In most basic terms, GaN has a bigger band gap, a 3.4 eV, unlike silicon and 1.12 eV. On top of that, the band gap suggests the solid material’s conductivity. Since GaN chargers offer higher efficiency, it offers more room for future improvements in processing the chip’s speeds.

Because of its capability to conduct higher voltages for a longer period, GaN chargers are more likely to produce low heat than silicon chargers. Further, a GaN charger could be smaller and still do a good job of charging the device. As a result, you consume less to do more with this charger type. 

Here are a few best ways to use your GaN chargers:

Backpacking and traveling 

The perfect product for any backpacker or anyone taking a trip is the lightest version of that item. Nonetheless, most of the time, that option comes with many sacrifices.

Fortunately, GaN chargers are not just portable and lightweight, but they also offer better results compared to silicon-based transistors. Moreover, you can be confident that the charger will offer you all the power you need in a small, compact size that is ready to go no matter where you are.

Long hours of charging 

Have you ever had to work through the night on your laptop and encountered your charger’s power brick? You can attest that it’s normally hotter after a few hours.

With a GaN charger, you’ll notice a substantial drop in heat production even when you use it for an extended number of hours. The power delivery requirements to charge PCs and MacBooks produce so much heat, and using a GaN charger is the perfect solution. 

Tips for Charging Your GaN Device

Unsafe chargers have been blamed for increasing house fires in the past few years. With millions of chargers bought online every year, it is easy to fall victim to dangerous and fake phone chargers.

Use these tips to efficiently use your GaN chargers to charge your devices.

Avoid buying cheap GaN chargers

You can buy GaN phone chargers online for as little as $1—far cheaper than your branded counterparts. However, there is no assurance they meet strict standards. 

Also, cheap chargers may explore once you plug them into the wall socket—a common outcome of cheap wiring sub-standard parts. Also, they may fail to charge your device properly and even damage your phone’s battery. 

Buy genuine chargers

Despite being costly, always purchase an official GaN charger for your specific phone as they are tested and meet the safety standards.

Also, you are not paying extra only for the name. You are buying peace of mind. If you should use a third-party charger, get one from a trusted and approved brand. 

Don’t cover the GaN charger while in use 

We have heard stories of phones exploding or bursting into flames while charging. While using only a genuine GaN charger, ensure nothing is covering your device as it charges, so the heat produced can safely dissipate. 

How to Store and Care for Your GaN Charger

More and more people tend to leave their GaN chargers lying around when they have no use for them. Avoid exposing your chargers to freezing or cold temperatures. An example is leaving them in your car seat all day long.

Another crucial care tip to keep in mind is to not get the charger wet or expose it to toxic or harmful chemicals. Doing so will damage the GaN charger. Keep it away in your charger pouch when you’re not using it. Other solutions can include a small bag or box if you don’t have one.

You can also use a surge protector. You never know when a sudden electrical surge might take place. The surge can also ruin or damage electrical components if it is bad enough. Do not risk it, particularly during storms or in establishments with poorly designed circuits. 

Also, always unplug the GaN charger’s head. Do not grab your charger by its cord or unplug it that way. Sure, it may work, and it may seem like you are not doing any damage. However, over time, the tension will also cause irreparable internal damage. 

FAQs About GaN Chargers

Want to know more about GaN chargers? Perhaps you have more questions you want to be answered. Well, here it is! 

Q: What is a GaN charger? What does it do to your charger?

GaN standards for gallium nitride, an alternative to the standard silicon that ruled electronics for the past few decades. GaN has some benefits—a broader band gap indicates it is much easier for energy to pass through it and has higher limits for the power and temperature levels it can deal with. 

That makes it nearly customized for higher-capacity technologies. In other words, the goal of many GaN is more efficient and much smaller. That, in turn, can help them prevent heating up as much as standard silicon-based chargers. 

Nonetheless, the goal of GaN chargers is to be as small as possible. However, a few GaN chargers can still get warm when used for longer periods, as they do not have as much room for heat dissipation. Also, you won’t be able to bake a cook on this charger as you could on a MacBook brick during an all-night photo editing session. However, they will get a bit warm depending on how tough you work them. 

Q: What are the benefits of GaN technology? 

The reduction in transistor size indicates the new GaN USB chargers could be smaller than the previous silicon technology. While it is good to have smaller chargers, increased efficiency is the most crucial factor in USB chargers.

Remember that the more efficient an electric component is, the less heat it produces. Also, the less waste heat you produce, the lower the possibility of overheating, and less cooling is needed to keep your charger working safely.

Understandably, consumers are concerned when chargers feel hot to the touch. It’s typical for chargers to use silicon transistors to get to the point of being too hot to touch. However, it is rare for a charger using GaN technology to feel mildly warm. 

Also, the faster switching indicates that a GaN transistor inside a charger could have better control over the charging and its response to events like overvoltage or overheat much faster than previous transistors could.

That faster switching and greater efficiency are essential for modern USB-C chargers, as these chargers carry even growing power loads. 100-wat loads are commonplace, and 240 chargers will be a reality soon. 

Q: Is it worth upgrading to GaN today?

Okay. So, GaN USB chargers have many benefits. However, that does mean you must throw away your old chargers and upgrade immediately.

If you’re satisfied with your current chargers, stick with them until you feel the need to. Choose a new GaN USB charger that fits your requirements. If there is nothing wrong with the chargers, and they do what you like them to do, it is only a shame to turn them into e-waste.

Still, if you want and need a smaller, cooler USB charger now, we highly recommend selecting a GaN charger. That’s because you receive all the advantages of modern technology for an extra cost. 

Q: What makes GaN chargers more efficient than others?

You may be questioning if a GaN charger is worth your money. After all, you’ll find numerous chargers on the market that seem to do the same thing. Hence, what makes a GaN charger better than a standard one?

The answer lies in its technology. GaN is a semiconductor material that is much more efficient than silicon. Silicon is used in most electronics these days. 

Why You Need GaN Charger

Here are some reasons GaN chargers are better than your average chargers:

Faster charging speed

You need a charger that can keep up with your hectic lifestyle, especially if you’re always on the go. GaN chargers can charge up to three times faster than standard chargers. Also, you can charge your dying smartphone in less than an hour! 

Smaller carbon footprint

Don’t like a charger that consumes a lot of space? You will love GaN chargers. Since they are made with a much more efficient semiconductor material, they are way smaller and more compact, unlike standard chargers. On top of that, they will not take up much space in your purse or bag. 

More energy efficient

GaN chargers are much more energy efficient, unlike standard chargers. They consume less power, which is great for the environment. You will also save money on your power bills. Win-win! 

Closing Thoughts

GaN chargers are replacing standard silicon-based chargers that are way smaller, more efficient, and more powerful. Are you planning to future-proof your charging setup? Then it’s time for you to get a GaN charger.

It is compatible with current devices and has numerous features that make it the ultimate charging solution. At Prowin Power, we provide GaN chargers with faster-charging speeds and are efficient. We are one of the companies that revolutionize mobile charging technology! 

Tips for GaN Chargers Wholesalers

Numerous top-spec smartphones today no longer include charges in their boxes. That means you have to use your old USB adapter or purchase a charging brick separately.

But when it comes to starting a GaN charger wholesale business, you may find yourself in a place where you must make some major decisions. Fortunately, this guide will walk you through all the steps you need to start your own GaN charger wholesale business. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in! 

How To Be a Successful GaN Chargers Wholesaler

So, you have your wholesale GaN charger wholesale business up and running, but now what? To nourish your business, you need to be consistent and strategic with how you operate so it continues to flourish and grow.

Look at the top tips for running a successful wholesale GaN charger business.

Always prioritize your customer relations. One of the best ways to sustain and grow your wholesale GaN charger business is to make your customers the priority. Provide valued products and an outstanding shopping experience, bringing the customers back. 

That indicates pricing the products correctly and showing the customers that you value them by offering them deals, which make it difficult for them to go anywhere else. It also indicates taking care of any concerns that arise instead of pushing them off and causing friction with the customers.

As a GaN charger wholesaler, you are working with other businesses. Losing a customer will cost you so many problems than it would if you are working in the B2C (business-to-consumer) market. 

Stick to your processes

Standard operating processes and documented procedures will help you simplify daily responsibilities and tasks. That goes for shipping, order fulfillment, sales, invoicing, and beyond. 

Indeed, you can adjust your processes as you grow and understand what works and doesn’t. However, keeping things consistent will result in more simplicity and organization on your end.

That will also set the standard for your customers, so they understand what to expect whenever they place an order with you. 

The other advantage of having documented processes is that you could hand off the master sheet or handbook to another operator, especially if you wish to step down from the management role. The capability to hand the operations off like that is essential for keeping the business in the long run. 

Set minimum order quantities (MOQ)

Many wholesale businesses use minimum order quantities as part of their strategy to ensure every order is worth their while. That seems like a basic tip, but it could save you money, time, and headache. 

Setting an MOQ will help you establish relationships with customers who have a demand for your GaN charger products instead of people who are trying to get low quantities at a wholesale cost. 

We suggest setting your MOQ about twenty percent higher than you need so you have space for negotiation. Remember that most buyers will try you to go lower, particularly on their first order. 

What To Sell at Your Stand

GaN chargers are still new so you won’t find many people using them. But you must do your research beforehand and learn everything about this product so you know what you can sell at your stand. 

Some of the remarkable features of GaN chargers are the following:

Cooler and safer charging

One of the awesome benefits of GaN chargers is that they are safer and cooler to use. Standard chargers could get hot when in use, which can be costly. However, GaN chargers remain cool even when charging devices at high speeds.

On top of that, they offer safety features that stop devices from overcharging. Amazing, right?

Smaller in size

GaN chargers are also a bit smaller in size and portable simultaneously. That means you can bring them with you no matter where you go, as they’re simpler to bring around. 

Say goodbye to bulky chargers taking up too much space in your bag. Also, they consume less space on your nightstand or desk. 

Faster and more efficient charging

One of the major advantages of GaN chargers is they are more efficient and faster. They also consume less power, which is something good for our environment. You will also save a huge amount of money on your electric bills. Win-win! 

How To Market the GaN Chargers

GaN wholesale businesses sell products in bulk to retailers. Thus, your target audience is other businesses. B2B marketing is essential for wholesalers to find new clients and motivate them to purchase products regularly.

Your retail store may benefit from implementing wholesale marketing tactics if you are in the wholesale business. 

Below are some strategies to help you market your GaN chargers:

Attend trade shows

You can attend mobile accessory trade shows to network with potential retailers. Remember that a trade show offers many opportunities to liaise with other wholesalers, find potential customers who need your product, or converse with existing clients.

You can still grow your business’s professional network even if you do not acquire new clients during the trade show. You can build such connections after the trade show and convert clients by following up later.

Build a social media presence 

You can use digital marketing, especially if you wish to market your GaN charger products worldwide. You can utilize social media platforms to encourage seasonal sales, connect with new clients in various settings or find new clients who align with your business.

Also, social media has many different uses that you can personalize to appeal to your target audience. 

Create a website

Another marketing strategy you can do is to set up your website. That website can include a list of all your products. That could include a feature that enables customers to order GaN charger products straight from the website, which may simplify order processing.

Your website can also have company branding and other vital details about your business. A website is also a good way to grow your wholesale business, enabling potential clients to find your products through an online search. 

Add your merchandise to customer outlets

As a wholesaler, you sell products to a retailer. The retailer needs to sell your GaN charger products to customers.

When customers purchase from retailers, the retailer can then purchase more products from you. One tactic is to include merchandise that supports your product in retail stores. For example, you might make signage, such as posters, to attract customers’ attention.

Partake in wholesale drop shipping 

Wholesale drop shipping occurs when a retailer lists a product on their site, even if they do not have it in stock. Once they receive an order, the retailer places an order with the wholesale supplier. 

Tips For Creating an Appealing Display

Frequently, retail stores care about the product’s standard production and not only the profit margin. Therefore, appealing, professional, and attractive packaging reflects on the store and will result in more overall sales for the store, improving its profile and earning them more respect in the business space.

Below are a few important tips you must keep in mind when creating your product packaging, and make sure it stands out from the shelf and sells more! 

Simplicity is the key

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. When looking at the available products, the last thing you expect them to do is to spend their time reading the small print, figuring out what your product is about. 

These days, people don’t have that time. They will look for something different to help them make a fast decision. Also, they’ll look for a product packaged with a more concise, clearer message that is simpler to decipher. 

If they wish to feel and see that the manufacturer put some effort into making something beautiful and unique, they’re more likely to consider purchasing the product. Better packaging indicates to the customer that you care about the product you’re trying to sell them. 

Pick colors thoroughly

Researchers have studied the psychology of colors for hundreds of years, and all studies have come to the same conclusion: various colors affect human emotions. When you design a package, the colors you pick could significantly affect how your customers perceive your products. 

In designing the packaging of your wholesale GaN chargers, think thoroughly about the colors you are using to convey the message to the customers. Whether it’s vibrant or minimalist, you should pick the best colors and shapes for your customers.

Create an impact with imagery 

As the famous motto goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. When we talk about packaging, that’s true. Many consumers today only spend a few seconds scanning the display, looking at all options. How many of them will spend time reading a novella on your package?

The answer is only a few. As an alternative, you must catch your buyer’s eye with an image of your brand to attract attention to what you have to offer. When the target audience can see what is on display, they will be more likely to purchase.

Dare to be different 

While there are standards in the wholesale industry, it is acceptable to take a step outside the box, no matter what that might indicate for you. From selecting colors that stand out to choosing a font that catches the customer’s eye, making a name for yourself that is uniquely different from the competitors can become positive if approached from the ideal direction. 

Indeed, breaking too many rules could harm you, but there is no reason to stay inside the box when an unconventional tactic is working for your products. 

Ideas For Attracting Customers

In the competitive world of the wholesale industry, your GaN products must stand out from the other products and draw customers. It must have something that makes it worthy of getting consumers’ attention.

Here are some tips on how you can attract your customers: 

Provide referral incentives to existing customers

Many of your current customers would gladly refer you to a new customer. You may be thinking, how? Just provide them with an attractive referral incentive. 

You may think, “Even for incentives, why would they refer their competitor?” Remember that not all people that belong to a specific industry are competitors. There’s something we call networking.

As a wholesaler of GaN chargers, can one of your clients refer to a mobile accessory owner? Yes, the chances are high. So, what types of referral incentives can you provide? The following work the best: 

  • Priority service for the next few orders
  • Free stock/merchandise or goods
  • Instant cash reward
  • Cash discount on outstanding payment 

The quality of customers you receive with such referral programs is of high quality. That’s because they are endorsed and trusted by your existing customers.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers are the individuals who influence their follower’s buying decisions. Consider them like gurus of their respective niches. 

Normally, influencers support a product they admire or like for a commission or fee. So, why don’t you partner with them for meaty sales orders? However, the key here is to persuade the influencers to market your products. Ensure you pitch them strategically.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Whatever marketing strategy you use for your wholesale GaN charger business, you will have to rely on word-of-mouth marketing at some point in time.

This marketing means satisfied stakeholders (like friends, family, employees, or customers) refer your business without getting anything in return. You can think of them as free brand ambassadors.

When your product speaks for you, customers get drawn to your business-like a magnet attracts iron. For instance, electronics giant Apple is the best example of how this marketing happens. They built a loyal fan following throughout the years.

Ask an Apple fan about one of their products, and they will mention the same quality and commitment as if Apple is paying for the same. 

Picture from: here

Handling Objections and Complaints

With more and more people leaping into the wholesale industry, competition has risen. Customer service is the only factor that will help you stand out from the rest.

As a wholesale business owner, providing top-notch service to customers is more cost-efficient than finding a new one. Thus, it becomes essential for wholesalers to offer remarkable customer service by fulfilling their customer’s needs and exceeding them each time.

The following are efficient tips that will help you concentrate on the most crucial elements of customer service for your wholesale business.

Order availability 

Not being able to offer GaN charger products to your customers, even for once, can prove to be dangerous for the brand value of your wholesale business. Retailers should live up to their customer’s expectations. If they don’t get products from you in time, they will immediately jump to one of your competitors who can offer them the products.

Ensure you have a system to secure and monitor customers’ purchase history, making it simple to understand their buying patterns and ensure products are accessible at all times.


It is one of the factors for retailers to confirm business with you or not. Make sure you design good terms for returns, as there may be instances when a retailer wishes to return products they cannot sell or the ones the customers have returned.

Giving your retailers the capability to return products will build trust in their minds, which will pick your brand whenever they like to buy products from their stores.

Picture from HERE

Provide delivery flexibility 

Other retailers like to procure the whole purchase order in a single go. Some would wish to procure products in parts as per their need. Thus, enabling retailers to procure products flexibly will help provide a smooth purchase experience every time they shop from you. 

Favorable prices

Each retailer will like wholesalers who enable them to buy products at a rate that could fetch them profit when selling to their customers. Pricing the products at a reasonable price for your customers will continue to provide great leads for your wholesale GaN charger business.

Be available 24/7 

Retailers have their online stores running 24/7. Thus their demand is unpredictable. Understanding it, it becomes essential for you to be accessible to them as per their need. Keep in mind saying “NO” to retailers gives a bad reputation. 

Be in constant touch 

Engaging with retailers only for business won’t help you gain a competitive advantage over others. As an alternative, provide something unique. What’s more, personalization is one of the trending factors in providing great customer service.

Being in continuous touch with your customers will help you create a strong relationship while you provide them bespoke customer experience. 

Picture from Wikimedia

Fulfill orders on time

Retailers placing an order for GaN charger products will expect delivery on time as per the delivery date specified in the purchase order agreement. Accepting those purchase orders but being unable to deliver the products when they need them will have a bad brand image for you.

The simplest way is to take only available orders you can be confident to fulfill in time. 

To sum up, starting a wholesale GaN charger business is exciting. With proper and thorough planning and execution, you can surely accomplish substantial success! We are happy to be your partner as the GaN Charger provider. Contact us now! 

Power Supply Connection

There are various types of power supply connections in the consumer market, which makes it challenging for us to know about them. Fortunately, we will find it easy to understand the popular connection methods with the correct information, which is the aim of this guide. Furthermore, most connectors feature a specialized design, making them almost impossible to get wrong during installation. 

Why Do We Need a Power Supply?

We need a power supply unit to help transform Alternative Current from power outlets into Direct Currents. Usually, this process occurs to help produce the proper electricity rating and power for running a specific device. 

The ideal connector type for any electrical device depends on the gadgets that require the power. Usually, most devices such as laptops and desktop computers often feature similar terminal structures. However, some outdated computer brands have different terminals requiring professional services.

3 Different Connection methods for the switch mode power supplies

A power supply connector connects the power adapter with the gadgets. It transforms the DC power to the device. Here are some typical power supply connection methods: Plug-in Connection, Terminal connection with screws, and Cable connection.

Picture from mC-Print3 Top Page
 Installation – Connect AC Adapter

Plug-In connection

We plug in the power adapters with DC connectors with the gadgets. Below are some of the typical DC connectors in the market we can expect:

1. DC Plug Power Connector 

It refers to one of the most popular DC connectors available in straight or angled design structures. Plus, we also have to be keen on the sizes of the outer sleeves and interior pins. Following are the most common inner pin sizes:

  • 2.5X0.7mm
  • 3.5X1.35mm
  • 4.0X1.6mm
  • 5.5X2.1mm
  • 5.5X2.5mm
  • 6.3X3.0mm

There are various others we can still find with some professional help. First, we must pick the right DC plug and rating to avoid causing damage to electrical devices. The best type depends on the actual appliances and power supply needs.

2. USB Port 

The USB Port has become one of the most popular power supply connectors worldwide. Specifically, most electrical devices feature a USB port, which helps power supply applications. The most common types include the USB Type -C.

These are the most common types available on notebooks, mobile devices, and cell phones. Alongside widespread adoption and simplified design structures, USB Type-C ports have become highly common. While the USB Type-A connectors and USB Micro alternatives were standard, many users are increasingly seeking modern power connectors. Specifically, the USB Type C version is the stand-out power supply product for most individuals.

3. Special Port or Customized Connectors

Power Supply connection units are also available with unique ports and customized connectors, such as crocodile clips, open ends, etc. Some brands might require specialized ports, a typical example being the Molex 4 port connector, which is highly convenient. However, the consumer’s needs are often the main factor in accessing specialized ports.

We could discover more plug-in connectors and how to choose suitable connectors here. The connection of these DC connectors is easy to process and safe. While before the connection, we need to confirm and select the suitable connector based on the device requirement.

Based on the information above, choosing a suitable DC connector requires an informed approach. Therefore, we should determine the type of connection based on the requirements of a specific device. Fortunately, the list of suggestions we can consider is endless.

Terminal connection with Screws

Electric and wire terminals are crucial when connecting various systems and circuits. This terminal connection is usually used for the industrial metal case power supply. There are no DC connectors for them while they’re with the terminals for connection.

We can connect the gadget cable to the power supply terminal, then tighten the screw. Now the connection is made. When we do not need to power the device, we can loosen the screw, and the power supply is disconnected. This kind of connection is straightforward, convenient, and fast, and no need to choose a suitable connector. While it needs some skill to fix the link, or it will be easy to loosen.

Our brand features a diverse selection of power terminals that users can choose for a specific electrical setup. Our team can also provide various terminal styles, so choosing the right one for specific needs is a breeze. Feel free to inform us of any requirements. We have something suitable in store for various electrical appliances and needs.

Cable connection

Cable connection is also prevalent in the power supply market. We connect the power supply to the device by cable, such as an LED driver, power adapter with an open end, etc.

For most power adapters with cable connections, the output cable has two copper wires: red and black. So when connecting them with the gadgets, we need to twist and tighten them separately: red with red cable, black with black cord. There are also various ways to turn copper wires; the common ones are straight line connections and T-shaped connections.

Picture from How to Connect An LED Strip to a Power Supply

Straight line connection

1) Twist the two copper wires to be X-Shape.

2) Twist them 2 to 3 turns and straighten the cable edge.

From connection conclusion

3) Turn the cable edge on the other with six circles tightly.

4) Cut off the remaining core with wire cutters and clamp the end of the core wire.

From connection conclusion

T-Shape Connection

1) Cross the branch wire and the primary wire, leaving 5mm space at the branch wire. Then wind 6 to 8 turns clockwise. Cut off the remaining core with wire cutters and clamp the end of the core wire.

From connection conclusion

2) We could leave the core wire unknotted for the small cross-section.

From connection conclusion

Sometimes we need the LED drivers to be waterproof for the application, and the connection should also be watertight; then, we need a waterproof connector for help. So, connect the waterproof connector between the cables and make all the links waterproof.

The direct cable connection is very tight and safe. While it requires much electrical knowledge and skill, the association is also very complicated with various winding methods.


In the consumer market, there’re three different connection methods for the power supply: Plug-in Connection, Terminal Connection with Screws, and Cable Winding Connection. They’re widely applied in CCTV, home and office, industrial, and LED industries. Therefore, choosing the proper connection according to the actual application is very important.

What happens when we need a specialized connector system? There are various solutions in store that apply to multiple electrical setups. The specific type of power connector depends on our preferences and the end goal that we need for a device. 

We have several power supply units and solutions available to help our consumers. We recommend calling or contacting us for more insight and information on power supply connections.

The raw material cost is rising up crazily

Are your power supply stock enough for your product now? The market is changing rapidly. The cost of raw materials has been rised up crazily these days, and the raw material production is also not enough now, which led to insufficient production capacity in the whole electronic industry. The delivery time is also not for sure accordingly. Many customers have to process their orders in advance to catch the schedule.

Take ABS and copper as examples. They have benn rised up by 60% and 40% in only one month. This speed is really crazy.

Despite the raw materials cost rised up rapidly, it is still shortage of stocks serious, especially for IC, even the cost rised higher and higher, it’s also not easy to buy IC. One of our IC supplier said: it’s great that there’s stock for IC now, it’s out of stock in other factories, the higher cost is worthy of its stock.

What’s Driving the Raw material shortage and high cost?

  1. Increasing Demand. During the COVID lockdown period. there’s high demand for personal computers, smartphones, and other consumer electronics, many of which became necessities for at-home work and school.
  2. Increasing Demand. Once the COVID is not so serious, People’s work and life are recovering, and a large number of orders need to be arranged, resulting in a rapid increase in demandof the raw material.
  3. Supply Shortage. During the COVID lockdown period, the raw material manufacturers needed to reduce their cost, and even many factories shutted down as there’re no orders, which leads to insufficient factory capacity and difficult to meet the rapidly growing demand.

    How could we do next?

It’ll take much time to increase production capacity to meet the market demand for the suppliers. Even there’ll more new raw material suppliers developed, it also needs market verification.

During this period, all we could do is to process all arrangements in advance, in order to avoid the cost growing too fast, and to catch the schedule, then occupy more market share.

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About Prowin

After 7 years developing, we decide to update our website in 2020. Our new website was born with many efforts, where we highlight the intention of PROWIN – Provide the one-stop power supply to our customers. Our aim is to help our customers to get the right solution from developing, production to marketing. We see ourselves as a partner with you, so we study side by side with you to come up with a good power solution based on your brand concept and market needs. There’re varies of products in Prowin, from the AC/DC adapters to switching power supplies(from 3W to 1200W), which can meet the need of most product applications.

The power supply of Prowin are widely applied in many products now. Such as 3D printers, portable power station, smart home products, security products, incubators, communication equipment, LED products and so on.

How to work with Prowin?

So how to work with Prowin? Let’s find it below:

  1. Research, we’ll research your project and discuss with you about the details you required.
  2. Design, based on your brand concept, we’ll design the solution for your project.
  3. Sample, after the solution confirmed, the product sample will be offered to you for test.
  4. Negotiation, during testing, we could discuss the order details and confirm the product details,shipment, payment details for the bulk order.
  5. Purchase, after the confirmation of the order details and sample test, purchase could be arranged.
  6. Production, the bulk order production will be arranged according tot the project schedule.
  7. Delievery, the shipment as you agreed will be processed after the production and aging test finished.
  8. Support, after-sale service will be supported and we’ll keep an eye on the market feedback.

If you’re trying to find the right power solution supplier, contact us now, let’s get the right power solution now!