Tips for GaN Chargers Wholesalers

Last updated: October 21, 2022 at 15:02 pm

Numerous top-spec smartphones today no longer include charges in their boxes. That means you have to use your old USB adapter or purchase a charging brick separately.

But when it comes to starting a GaN charger wholesale business, you may find yourself in a place where you must make some major decisions. Fortunately, this guide will walk you through all the steps you need to start your own GaN charger wholesale business. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in! 

How To Be a Successful GaN Chargers Wholesaler

So, you have your wholesale GaN charger wholesale business up and running, but now what? To nourish your business, you need to be consistent and strategic with how you operate so it continues to flourish and grow.

Look at the top tips for running a successful wholesale GaN charger business.

Always prioritize your customer relations. One of the best ways to sustain and grow your wholesale GaN charger business is to make your customers the priority. Provide valued products and an outstanding shopping experience, bringing the customers back. 

That indicates pricing the products correctly and showing the customers that you value them by offering them deals, which make it difficult for them to go anywhere else. It also indicates taking care of any concerns that arise instead of pushing them off and causing friction with the customers.

As a GaN charger wholesaler, you are working with other businesses. Losing a customer will cost you so many problems than it would if you are working in the B2C (business-to-consumer) market. 

Stick to your processes

Standard operating processes and documented procedures will help you simplify daily responsibilities and tasks. That goes for shipping, order fulfillment, sales, invoicing, and beyond. 

Indeed, you can adjust your processes as you grow and understand what works and doesn’t. However, keeping things consistent will result in more simplicity and organization on your end.

That will also set the standard for your customers, so they understand what to expect whenever they place an order with you. 

The other advantage of having documented processes is that you could hand off the master sheet or handbook to another operator, especially if you wish to step down from the management role. The capability to hand the operations off like that is essential for keeping the business in the long run. 

Set minimum order quantities (MOQ)

Many wholesale businesses use minimum order quantities as part of their strategy to ensure every order is worth their while. That seems like a basic tip, but it could save you money, time, and headache. 

Setting an MOQ will help you establish relationships with customers who have a demand for your GaN charger products instead of people who are trying to get low quantities at a wholesale cost. 

We suggest setting your MOQ about twenty percent higher than you need so you have space for negotiation. Remember that most buyers will try you to go lower, particularly on their first order. 

What To Sell at Your Stand

GaN chargers are still new so you won’t find many people using them. But you must do your research beforehand and learn everything about this product so you know what you can sell at your stand. 

Some of the remarkable features of GaN chargers are the following:

Cooler and safer charging

One of the awesome benefits of GaN chargers is that they are safer and cooler to use. Standard chargers could get hot when in use, which can be costly. However, GaN chargers remain cool even when charging devices at high speeds.

On top of that, they offer safety features that stop devices from overcharging. Amazing, right?

Smaller in size

GaN chargers are also a bit smaller in size and portable simultaneously. That means you can bring them with you no matter where you go, as they’re simpler to bring around. 

Say goodbye to bulky chargers taking up too much space in your bag. Also, they consume less space on your nightstand or desk. 

Faster and more efficient charging

One of the major advantages of GaN chargers is they are more efficient and faster. They also consume less power, which is something good for our environment. You will also save a huge amount of money on your electric bills. Win-win! 

How To Market the GaN Chargers

GaN wholesale businesses sell products in bulk to retailers. Thus, your target audience is other businesses. B2B marketing is essential for wholesalers to find new clients and motivate them to purchase products regularly.

Your retail store may benefit from implementing wholesale marketing tactics if you are in the wholesale business. 

Below are some strategies to help you market your GaN chargers:

Attend trade shows

You can attend mobile accessory trade shows to network with potential retailers. Remember that a trade show offers many opportunities to liaise with other wholesalers, find potential customers who need your product, or converse with existing clients.

You can still grow your business’s professional network even if you do not acquire new clients during the trade show. You can build such connections after the trade show and convert clients by following up later.

Build a social media presence 

You can use digital marketing, especially if you wish to market your GaN charger products worldwide. You can utilize social media platforms to encourage seasonal sales, connect with new clients in various settings or find new clients who align with your business.

Also, social media has many different uses that you can personalize to appeal to your target audience. 

Create a website

Another marketing strategy you can do is to set up your website. That website can include a list of all your products. That could include a feature that enables customers to order GaN charger products straight from the website, which may simplify order processing.

Your website can also have company branding and other vital details about your business. A website is also a good way to grow your wholesale business, enabling potential clients to find your products through an online search. 

Add your merchandise to customer outlets

As a wholesaler, you sell products to a retailer. The retailer needs to sell your GaN charger products to customers.

When customers purchase from retailers, the retailer can then purchase more products from you. One tactic is to include merchandise that supports your product in retail stores. For example, you might make signage, such as posters, to attract customers’ attention.

Partake in wholesale drop shipping 

Wholesale drop shipping occurs when a retailer lists a product on their site, even if they do not have it in stock. Once they receive an order, the retailer places an order with the wholesale supplier. 

Tips For Creating an Appealing Display

Frequently, retail stores care about the product’s standard production and not only the profit margin. Therefore, appealing, professional, and attractive packaging reflects on the store and will result in more overall sales for the store, improving its profile and earning them more respect in the business space.

Below are a few important tips you must keep in mind when creating your product packaging, and make sure it stands out from the shelf and sells more! 

Simplicity is the key

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. When looking at the available products, the last thing you expect them to do is to spend their time reading the small print, figuring out what your product is about. 

These days, people don’t have that time. They will look for something different to help them make a fast decision. Also, they’ll look for a product packaged with a more concise, clearer message that is simpler to decipher. 

If they wish to feel and see that the manufacturer put some effort into making something beautiful and unique, they’re more likely to consider purchasing the product. Better packaging indicates to the customer that you care about the product you’re trying to sell them. 

Pick colors thoroughly

Researchers have studied the psychology of colors for hundreds of years, and all studies have come to the same conclusion: various colors affect human emotions. When you design a package, the colors you pick could significantly affect how your customers perceive your products. 

In designing the packaging of your wholesale GaN chargers, think thoroughly about the colors you are using to convey the message to the customers. Whether it’s vibrant or minimalist, you should pick the best colors and shapes for your customers.

Create an impact with imagery 

As the famous motto goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. When we talk about packaging, that’s true. Many consumers today only spend a few seconds scanning the display, looking at all options. How many of them will spend time reading a novella on your package?

The answer is only a few. As an alternative, you must catch your buyer’s eye with an image of your brand to attract attention to what you have to offer. When the target audience can see what is on display, they will be more likely to purchase.

Dare to be different 

While there are standards in the wholesale industry, it is acceptable to take a step outside the box, no matter what that might indicate for you. From selecting colors that stand out to choosing a font that catches the customer’s eye, making a name for yourself that is uniquely different from the competitors can become positive if approached from the ideal direction. 

Indeed, breaking too many rules could harm you, but there is no reason to stay inside the box when an unconventional tactic is working for your products. 

Ideas For Attracting Customers

In the competitive world of the wholesale industry, your GaN products must stand out from the other products and draw customers. It must have something that makes it worthy of getting consumers’ attention.

Here are some tips on how you can attract your customers: 

Provide referral incentives to existing customers

Many of your current customers would gladly refer you to a new customer. You may be thinking, how? Just provide them with an attractive referral incentive. 

You may think, “Even for incentives, why would they refer their competitor?” Remember that not all people that belong to a specific industry are competitors. There’s something we call networking.

As a wholesaler of GaN chargers, can one of your clients refer to a mobile accessory owner? Yes, the chances are high. So, what types of referral incentives can you provide? The following work the best: 

  • Priority service for the next few orders
  • Free stock/merchandise or goods
  • Instant cash reward
  • Cash discount on outstanding payment 

The quality of customers you receive with such referral programs is of high quality. That’s because they are endorsed and trusted by your existing customers.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers are the individuals who influence their follower’s buying decisions. Consider them like gurus of their respective niches. 

Normally, influencers support a product they admire or like for a commission or fee. So, why don’t you partner with them for meaty sales orders? However, the key here is to persuade the influencers to market your products. Ensure you pitch them strategically.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Whatever marketing strategy you use for your wholesale GaN charger business, you will have to rely on word-of-mouth marketing at some point in time.

This marketing means satisfied stakeholders (like friends, family, employees, or customers) refer your business without getting anything in return. You can think of them as free brand ambassadors.

When your product speaks for you, customers get drawn to your business-like a magnet attracts iron. For instance, electronics giant Apple is the best example of how this marketing happens. They built a loyal fan following throughout the years.

Ask an Apple fan about one of their products, and they will mention the same quality and commitment as if Apple is paying for the same. 

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Handling Objections and Complaints

With more and more people leaping into the wholesale industry, competition has risen. Customer service is the only factor that will help you stand out from the rest.

As a wholesale business owner, providing top-notch service to customers is more cost-efficient than finding a new one. Thus, it becomes essential for wholesalers to offer remarkable customer service by fulfilling their customer’s needs and exceeding them each time.

The following are efficient tips that will help you concentrate on the most crucial elements of customer service for your wholesale business.

Order availability 

Not being able to offer GaN charger products to your customers, even for once, can prove to be dangerous for the brand value of your wholesale business. Retailers should live up to their customer’s expectations. If they don’t get products from you in time, they will immediately jump to one of your competitors who can offer them the products.

Ensure you have a system to secure and monitor customers’ purchase history, making it simple to understand their buying patterns and ensure products are accessible at all times.


It is one of the factors for retailers to confirm business with you or not. Make sure you design good terms for returns, as there may be instances when a retailer wishes to return products they cannot sell or the ones the customers have returned.

Giving your retailers the capability to return products will build trust in their minds, which will pick your brand whenever they like to buy products from their stores.

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Provide delivery flexibility 

Other retailers like to procure the whole purchase order in a single go. Some would wish to procure products in parts as per their need. Thus, enabling retailers to procure products flexibly will help provide a smooth purchase experience every time they shop from you. 

Favorable prices

Each retailer will like wholesalers who enable them to buy products at a rate that could fetch them profit when selling to their customers. Pricing the products at a reasonable price for your customers will continue to provide great leads for your wholesale GaN charger business.

Be available 24/7 

Retailers have their online stores running 24/7. Thus their demand is unpredictable. Understanding it, it becomes essential for you to be accessible to them as per their need. Keep in mind saying “NO” to retailers gives a bad reputation. 

Be in constant touch 

Engaging with retailers only for business won’t help you gain a competitive advantage over others. As an alternative, provide something unique. What’s more, personalization is one of the trending factors in providing great customer service.

Being in continuous touch with your customers will help you create a strong relationship while you provide them bespoke customer experience. 

Picture from Wikimedia

Fulfill orders on time

Retailers placing an order for GaN charger products will expect delivery on time as per the delivery date specified in the purchase order agreement. Accepting those purchase orders but being unable to deliver the products when they need them will have a bad brand image for you.

The simplest way is to take only available orders you can be confident to fulfill in time. 

To sum up, starting a wholesale GaN charger business is exciting. With proper and thorough planning and execution, you can surely accomplish substantial success! We are happy to be your partner as the GaN Charger provider. Contact us now! 

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