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Prowin offers Power solutions for a wide range of industries. Such as Laptops, Industrial, 3D Printers, CCTV, telecommunications, and the LED industry, our power solution is sure to meet customized needs. Our qualified power supplies include the enclosed switching power supply, AC-DC wall adapters, and desktop series power Adapters.

Laptop Power Adapters

A Laptop is very important in our daily life and work, it runs with power. All the laptops use DC(Direct Current) power to operate. The power adapter offers the power for the laptop to run and charges the laptop battery. The right power adapter for the laptop is incredibly important, which should be with the correct voltage and current, AC plug and DC connector type, any wrong information will damage or destroy the laptop or power supply.

As there are so many different adapters in the market, it’s very important to figure out which one your laptop needs before you buy one. Before we can move on, we need to check the power (voltage and current), the AC cord, and the DC connection.

More and more people like the type c laptop chargers, which are more compatible with electrical gadgets. The 19V plug in adapter and 65W PD charger are popular items for laptops now.  They are available in Prowin.

Power Adapters suitable for Laptops:







AC 100-240V


DC 19V 4.47A


AC 100-240V


DC 12V 9A/19V 5.6A


AC 100-240V


DC 45W/65W Optional


AC 100-240V


DC 45W/65W/150W Optional



The short answer is NO. We’d better to use the same voltage and current power adapter for our laptops. And, if the voltage is same as what the laptop needs, a higher current power adapter is also available.

The worldwide certificates of the power adapters are available for us, such as: CE, FCC, UL, SAA, GS, TUV, KC, PSE etc. Contact us for more details.

3 years warranty for the power adapters is provided. All the items are 100% aging tested before shipment.

Yes, customized requirements is welcome, we’d like to offer you the right power solution according to your request.

It depends on the quantity and item. If there’s stock for the item, 3-5 days will be OK. If the order quantity is under 1000pcs, it’ll take  about 7-10 days for production, if over 1000pcs, it’ll take about 10-20 days for production.

Yes, there’re many cases from our clients. Such as 24V2.5A power adapter for Samsung Printers in Korea, 12V8A power adapter for home appliances in Malaysia, 24V2A power adapter for LED scoreboards in US, 12V6A power adapter for LED lights in Switzerland and so on.

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