Things You Need to Know for GaN Charger

Last updated: December 30, 2022 at 17:30 pm

Gallium nitride or GaN chargers are about three times as efficient as those silicone-based chargers in converting power to electricity. The best part here is that they are much smaller and more portable. It charges your phone ten times faster than a standard charger. That indicates you can bring them anywhere and still receive more power. 

Do you want to know more about GaN chargers? Lucky for you because this post got you covered. Please keep reading to learn everything you should know about it. 

How to Choose the Right GaN Charger

The best chargers to purchase today for phones, laptops, and everything in between nowadays are GaN chargers, short for Gallium Nitride. 

Semiconductors made with Gallium Nitride can be smaller than standard silicon chips, and smaller chips make lighter, smaller, and, ultimately, better chargers. Technology has been around for a few years, but this is still a small field. 


Choose GaN charger models with a long warranty period, like twelve months or twenty-four months. Remember that a longer warranty indicates more product protection coverage and customer service, saving you money. 

GaN is a good material option for chargers because of its higher efficiency, smaller size, and cooler operation. Numerous companies have embraced the new technology and are creating GaN-based products.

We suggest the most powerful and newest GaN chargers from Prowin Power to save you time seeking the perfect model. 

Safety protection 

GaN chargers can deal with higher temperatures and voltages than silicon chargers, needing extra protection when charging at high speeds. 

Temperature regulation, surge protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection are some features you should look for in a good GaN charger.

Fast charging protocols

The three most typical fast-charging protocols are PPS, FCP, and PD. To prevent compatibility concerns, we recommend checking the charging protocol supported by your specific device before buying a GaN charger.

Charging ports

Did you know that a multi-port GaN charger lessens clutter while charging numerous devices on the go or on the desk? Others even allow charging two laptops at the same time! 

Ensure the multi-port charger you need can share sufficient power on all its ports for the gadgets and that all ports support the standards. 

Power output wattages 

Identify the amount of power you need in watts. A GaN charger offering high output wattage could charge your devices faster. Also, phones normally range from 18 to 65 watts, while laptops could range from 30 watts to 140 watts. 

How to Use a GaN Charger

GaN chargers need fewer components, unlike silicon chargers. They also conduct higher voltages for a longer time. That way, your GaN charger currently transfers effectively and saves more energy. Therefore, it trickles down to the amount of used energy you must pay for, even if by only a small fraction. 

In most basic terms, GaN has a bigger band gap, a 3.4 eV, unlike silicon and 1.12 eV. On top of that, the band gap suggests the solid material’s conductivity. Since GaN chargers offer higher efficiency, it offers more room for future improvements in processing the chip’s speeds.

Because of its capability to conduct higher voltages for a longer period, GaN chargers are more likely to produce low heat than silicon chargers. Further, a GaN charger could be smaller and still do a good job of charging the device. As a result, you consume less to do more with this charger type. 

Here are a few best ways to use your GaN chargers:

Backpacking and traveling 

The perfect product for any backpacker or anyone taking a trip is the lightest version of that item. Nonetheless, most of the time, that option comes with many sacrifices.

Fortunately, GaN chargers are not just portable and lightweight, but they also offer better results compared to silicon-based transistors. Moreover, you can be confident that the charger will offer you all the power you need in a small, compact size that is ready to go no matter where you are.

Long hours of charging 

Have you ever had to work through the night on your laptop and encountered your charger’s power brick? You can attest that it’s normally hotter after a few hours.

With a GaN charger, you’ll notice a substantial drop in heat production even when you use it for an extended number of hours. The power delivery requirements to charge PCs and MacBooks produce so much heat, and using a GaN charger is the perfect solution. 

Tips for Charging Your GaN Device

Unsafe chargers have been blamed for increasing house fires in the past few years. With millions of chargers bought online every year, it is easy to fall victim to dangerous and fake phone chargers.

Use these tips to efficiently use your GaN chargers to charge your devices.

Avoid buying cheap GaN chargers

You can buy GaN phone chargers online for as little as $1—far cheaper than your branded counterparts. However, there is no assurance they meet strict standards. 

Also, cheap chargers may explore once you plug them into the wall socket—a common outcome of cheap wiring sub-standard parts. Also, they may fail to charge your device properly and even damage your phone’s battery. 

Buy genuine chargers

Despite being costly, always purchase an official GaN charger for your specific phone as they are tested and meet the safety standards.

Also, you are not paying extra only for the name. You are buying peace of mind. If you should use a third-party charger, get one from a trusted and approved brand. 

Don’t cover the GaN charger while in use 

We have heard stories of phones exploding or bursting into flames while charging. While using only a genuine GaN charger, ensure nothing is covering your device as it charges, so the heat produced can safely dissipate. 

How to Store and Care for Your GaN Charger

More and more people tend to leave their GaN chargers lying around when they have no use for them. Avoid exposing your chargers to freezing or cold temperatures. An example is leaving them in your car seat all day long.

Another crucial care tip to keep in mind is to not get the charger wet or expose it to toxic or harmful chemicals. Doing so will damage the GaN charger. Keep it away in your charger pouch when you’re not using it. Other solutions can include a small bag or box if you don’t have one.

You can also use a surge protector. You never know when a sudden electrical surge might take place. The surge can also ruin or damage electrical components if it is bad enough. Do not risk it, particularly during storms or in establishments with poorly designed circuits. 

Also, always unplug the GaN charger’s head. Do not grab your charger by its cord or unplug it that way. Sure, it may work, and it may seem like you are not doing any damage. However, over time, the tension will also cause irreparable internal damage. 

FAQs About GaN Chargers

Want to know more about GaN chargers? Perhaps you have more questions you want to be answered. Well, here it is! 

Q: What is a GaN charger? What does it do to your charger?

GaN standards for gallium nitride, an alternative to the standard silicon that ruled electronics for the past few decades. GaN has some benefits—a broader band gap indicates it is much easier for energy to pass through it and has higher limits for the power and temperature levels it can deal with. 

That makes it nearly customized for higher-capacity technologies. In other words, the goal of many GaN is more efficient and much smaller. That, in turn, can help them prevent heating up as much as standard silicon-based chargers. 

Nonetheless, the goal of GaN chargers is to be as small as possible. However, a few GaN chargers can still get warm when used for longer periods, as they do not have as much room for heat dissipation. Also, you won’t be able to bake a cook on this charger as you could on a MacBook brick during an all-night photo editing session. However, they will get a bit warm depending on how tough you work them. 

Q: What are the benefits of GaN technology? 

The reduction in transistor size indicates the new GaN USB chargers could be smaller than the previous silicon technology. While it is good to have smaller chargers, increased efficiency is the most crucial factor in USB chargers.

Remember that the more efficient an electric component is, the less heat it produces. Also, the less waste heat you produce, the lower the possibility of overheating, and less cooling is needed to keep your charger working safely.

Understandably, consumers are concerned when chargers feel hot to the touch. It’s typical for chargers to use silicon transistors to get to the point of being too hot to touch. However, it is rare for a charger using GaN technology to feel mildly warm. 

Also, the faster switching indicates that a GaN transistor inside a charger could have better control over the charging and its response to events like overvoltage or overheat much faster than previous transistors could.

That faster switching and greater efficiency are essential for modern USB-C chargers, as these chargers carry even growing power loads. 100-wat loads are commonplace, and 240 chargers will be a reality soon. 

Q: Is it worth upgrading to GaN today?

Okay. So, GaN USB chargers have many benefits. However, that does mean you must throw away your old chargers and upgrade immediately.

If you’re satisfied with your current chargers, stick with them until you feel the need to. Choose a new GaN USB charger that fits your requirements. If there is nothing wrong with the chargers, and they do what you like them to do, it is only a shame to turn them into e-waste.

Still, if you want and need a smaller, cooler USB charger now, we highly recommend selecting a GaN charger. That’s because you receive all the advantages of modern technology for an extra cost. 

Q: What makes GaN chargers more efficient than others?

You may be questioning if a GaN charger is worth your money. After all, you’ll find numerous chargers on the market that seem to do the same thing. Hence, what makes a GaN charger better than a standard one?

The answer lies in its technology. GaN is a semiconductor material that is much more efficient than silicon. Silicon is used in most electronics these days. 

Why You Need GaN Charger

Here are some reasons GaN chargers are better than your average chargers:

Faster charging speed

You need a charger that can keep up with your hectic lifestyle, especially if you’re always on the go. GaN chargers can charge up to three times faster than standard chargers. Also, you can charge your dying smartphone in less than an hour! 

Smaller carbon footprint

Don’t like a charger that consumes a lot of space? You will love GaN chargers. Since they are made with a much more efficient semiconductor material, they are way smaller and more compact, unlike standard chargers. On top of that, they will not take up much space in your purse or bag. 

More energy efficient

GaN chargers are much more energy efficient, unlike standard chargers. They consume less power, which is great for the environment. You will also save money on your power bills. Win-win! 

Closing Thoughts

GaN chargers are replacing standard silicon-based chargers that are way smaller, more efficient, and more powerful. Are you planning to future-proof your charging setup? Then it’s time for you to get a GaN charger.

It is compatible with current devices and has numerous features that make it the ultimate charging solution. At Prowin Power, we provide GaN chargers with faster-charging speeds and are efficient. We are one of the companies that revolutionize mobile charging technology! 

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