Prowin Website Updated

Last updated: January 23, 2021 at 15:52 pm

Prowin New Website Updated

About Prowin

After 7 years developing, we decide to update our website in 2020. Our new website was born with many efforts, where we highlight the intention of PROWIN – Provide the one-stop power supply to our customers. Our aim is to help our customers to get the right solution from developing, production to marketing. We see ourselves as a partner with you, so we study side by side with you to come up with a good power solution based on your brand concept and market needs. There’re varies of products in Prowin, from the AC/DC adapters to switching power supplies(from 3W to 1200W), which can meet the need of most product applications.

The power supply of Prowin are widely applied in many products now. Such as 3D printers, portable power station, smart home products, security products, incubators, communication equipment, LED products and so on.

How to work with Prowin?

So how to work with Prowin? Let’s find it below:

  1. Research, we’ll research your project and discuss with you about the details you required.
  2. Design, based on your brand concept, we’ll design the solution for your project.
  3. Sample, after the solution confirmed, the product sample will be offered to you for test.
  4. Negotiation, during testing, we could discuss the order details and confirm the product details,shipment, payment details for the bulk order.
  5. Purchase, after the confirmation of the order details and sample test, purchase could be arranged.
  6. Production, the bulk order production will be arranged according tot the project schedule.
  7. Delievery, the shipment as you agreed will be processed after the production and aging test finished.
  8. Support, after-sale service will be supported and we’ll keep an eye on the market feedback.

If you’re trying to find the right power solution supplier, contact us now, let’s get the right power solution now!

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