DC connector types for power supply

Last updated: June 2, 2022 at 17:46 pm

There’re many DC connector types for power supply, we’d like to discuss some DC types and how to select the DC connectors in this article.

As we all know, to select the right DC connectors, it’s necessary to know some normal types and how they work.

DC connector Types

There’re many different DC connectors, let’s discuss some widely used ones here.

  1. DC plug. The most normal DC connector is the DC plug, both straight plugs and angle plugs are available. And there is size for the outer sleeve and inner pin, following are the popular sizes:                                     2.5X0.7mm





Other sizes are also available, such as 6.3×3.0mm, 3.0×1.1mm, and 4.5×2.7mm, while they’re not used widely like the above sizes.

  1. USB port. The USB port is more and more popular for many devices now. Many smart electrical devices need USB port for charge. There’re also 3 USB types as following:

The USB Type-C is widely applied in cellphones, notebooks, and mobile devices now. As the maximum power ratings of the Type-C USB are up to 100W(20V 5A) now, together with the widespread adoption and simplified design integration, the Type-C USB is attractive for power applications. There’s also demand for USB Micro and USB Type-A connectors, while they’re not as popular as before.

  1. Special Port or Customized connectors. Some devices need special ports like Molex 4-port connector, TE connector, Audio Micro plugs or others. Where there’s demand, there’s supply.

Select the DC connectors

After knowing about so many kinds of DC connectors, it’s convenient to select the right DC connectors. Following are some tips for selecting:

  1. DC Jack Size. Please keep an eye on the inner pin and outer sleeve size. It may be helpful for selecting the right connector.
  2. DC Connector conductor. There’s positive polarity and negative polarity for the DC plugs, ensure the right polarity as reversing the conductor is acceptable. The default setting is center positive.

  1. Other DC connectors. Some gadgets require other special DC connectors. It may be a plugged-in connection, which is easy to connect if the connector is compatible with the device.

4. Open End. Some projects need to connect the devices openly, then an open end of the power supply comes. The open end is convenient for flexible connection. Some of our clients also asked for this kind of end.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DC-Open-End.jpg

With the above information, it would be helpful to save time in selecting the DC connector. If any more questions, feel free to discuss with us by comments or contact us directly.

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