Laptop Power Adapter

Last updated: June 23, 2022 at 11:14 am

A Laptop is very important in our daily life and work, it runs with power. All the laptops use DC(Direct Current) power to operate. There’re 2 forms of power methods for the laptop: battery and laptop power adapter.

What is a laptop power adapter?

Even though there’s a battery in the laptop, the power adapter is still necessary because the battery will not charge the laptop entirely. A laptop power adapter is a device that converts the AC(alternative current) power to DC(direct current) power for the laptop to work. The power adapter is the small and heavy box connected to the cables between the laptop and the wall outlet.

Laptop Power Adapter Types

There’re 2 types of power adapters for laptops: the AC adapter and the DC Adapter. These adapters are also called chargers. They convert the AC/DC power into the DC power for the laptop.

AC Adapter

The AC adapter converts AC power from the wall socket to the DC power for small appliances. Such as Laptops, cell phones, computers, and DVD players. The AC adapter is also used to charge the batteries in the laptop.

DC Adapter

The laptops work with DC power, it seems a DC adapter is not necessary for them. However, most DC power sources provide a voltage that is insufficient for a laptop. We need a DC adapter to convert this power to a higher voltage one. So the laptop can use to charge the battery or operate. Cars, in-flight outlets, and solar power panels or batteries are examples of DC power sources.

Is it possible to use a different charger for a laptop?

The short answer is maybe, while it’s not suggested. I tried using a 19v4a 90w power adapter for my laptop which requires 18.5V 3.5A 65w power, and it works well with no problem at all. However, it’s really not safe and not worth the risk.

Here we take some examples for more details:

1. Different voltages with the same current. For example, if the laptop’s original power adapter is 19V 4A, and if we use 18V 4A, the different voltage will potentially damage the circuit in the laptop.

2. Different currents with the same voltage. For example, if the laptop’s original power adapter is 19V 5A, and we use the 19V 4A, the lower current might fry the power supply. If we change to 19V 6A, it’s OK, the laptop will draw the current it needs while running.

The above examples are based on the same connector type.

To make things easier, we should use the same voltage and current power adapter for our laptops. And, if the voltage is same as what the laptop needs, a higher current power adapter is also available.

How to choose the laptop power adapter replacement?

As there are so many different adapters out there, it’s also important to figure out which one your laptop needs before you buy one. Before we can move on, we need to check the power (voltage and current), the AC cord, and the DC connection.

1. Power This is how much wattage of the laptop power adapter, multiplied by voltage and current. They’re written on the label of the original power adapter, or we could check with the laptop vendor.

2. AC cable Actually we need to confirm the AC plug type on the AC cable. Normally Type A for China, Japan and North American countries, Type C for Europe. More details can check in this blog.

3. DC connector type, There’re several types of DC connectors for laptops: The type-C plug is the most popular now, as it’s interchangeable, you can use them for other laptops, cell phones and other devices with the same plug. Molex connector is also usually used for personal computers. Many laptop power adapters are designed with a DC jack. The DC jack comes in different sizes. Figure out more details here.


A laptop power adapter offers the power for the laptop to run and charges the laptop battery. The right power adapter for the laptop is incredibly important, which should be with the correct voltage and current, AC plug, and DC connector type, any wrong information will damage or destroy the laptop or power supply. If without an idea of them, contact us to discover more.


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