Top 11 Air purifier suppliers in Europe

Air purifiers have become increasingly popular in Europe, as the region struggles with air pollution in major cities. To help you find the best supplier for your air purification needs, we have compiled a list of the top 11 air purifier suppliers in Europe. This blog post will take an in-depth look at each of these suppliers, including their product offerings, customer service, and pricing. Whether you are looking for a basic air purifier or something more advanced, this blog post will help you find the perfect supplier.


 Nateosante is a leading air purifier supplier in Europe, offering high-quality products to help customers maintain a healthy and clean indoor air environment. The company has been in the field of indoor air quality since 2009. They have a wide range of air purifiers designed for residential and commercial use. Their air purifiers are equipped with advanced accessories, such as particle filtration, active carbon filters, and electrostatic precipitators. These features help to capture and eliminate airborne particles, pollen, dust, mold spores, and other allergens from the air. They also have an automatic self-cleaning system that helps maintain their air purifiers’ efficiency over time. Nateosante’s air purifiers come in different sizes and prices. They offer a one-year warranty on their products and provide excellent customer service.

 Key Products:

  •  Air Purifier
  •  Filters, accessories, and other products

Mask Wholesale 

Mask Wholesale is a European supplier of air purifiers and other air treatment products, offering a wide range of air purifier products from top brands. Established in 2016, Mask Wholesale has quickly become a trusted source for customers looking for quality air treatment products. Their selection includes air purifiers from brands like Amaircare, Boneco, BONECO/Air-O-Swiss, Coway, IQAir, Kaz, Honeywell, Philips, and Levoit. Their products are designed to improve indoor air quality and combat airborne allergens, dust mites, pet dander, pollen, smoke, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and other pollutants. Each product comes with a range of features such as HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, ionizers, and automatic sensing technology. Mask Wholesale’s selection also includes specialized products like negative ion generators and home fragrances.

Key Products:

  •  Air Purifiers
  •  Spit Protection


IDEAL is one of the leading air purifier suppliers in Europe. IDEAL has been providing air purification solutions for more than 70 years. Their main product range includes air purifiers, humidifiers, and air ionizers. Their air purifiers feature a unique five-layer filtration system that effectively removes dust particles, pollen, odors, bacteria and other airborne pollutants. In addition to its air purifiers, IDEAL also offers a range of other products such as dehumidifiers, scent diffusers, and essential oil diffusers. IDEAL provides consumers with the perfect solutions for all their air purification needs with its vast range of products.

Key Products:

  •  Air purifiers
  •  Air humidifier
  •  Air sensor
  •  Accessories

Winix Europe

 Winix Europe is an air purifier supplier for both residential and commercial use. Winix Europe has been providing high-quality air purification systems to European customers for almost 50 years. Their air purifiers feature advanced technologies such as HEPA filtration, activated carbon filters, PlasmaWave technology, and more. These filters capture airborne particles such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke, as well as odors, chemicals, and other pollutants in the air. Winix Europe also offers air purifiers with built-in air quality monitors and automatic modes that adjust the purifier’s settings depending on the environment. They offer both residential and commercial-grade products to meet any customer’s needs. Their products are designed to improve indoor air quality, reduce allergens, and create a more comfortable environment.

Key Products:

  •  Air purifiers
  •  Filters


Guanglei is a leading air purifier supplier in Europe, established in 1995. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the latest and most advanced air purification technology. Their air purifiers feature a unique three-step filtration system to ensure clean air in any home or office. The air purifiers come with a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter to capture even the smallest particles in the air. In addition to their air purifiers, they also offer a range of other products such as humidifiers and air purifying accessories. All of their products are designed with energy efficiency in mind and are rigorously tested to ensure quality and performance. GL Purifier is committed to helping its customers achieve better air quality and healthier living environments.

Key Products:

  •  Desktop HEPA air purifier 
  •  UV air purifier 
  •  HEPA filter air purifier 
  •  Ionizer air purifier 
  •  Ozone purifier 
  •  Fruit and vegetable purifier 
  •  Plug in air purifier 
  •  Mini air purifier


Teqoya is a French company that has been providing air purifiers and ionizers since 2008. Their products are designed to remove pollutants, bacteria, dust, and odors from the air in your home. They use a combination of ionization and filtration to create clean air. Teqoya’s air purifiers use a combination of filters such as HEPA, activated carbon, and a self-regenerating photocatalytic filter to remove particles from the air. The air purifiers also have an air quality indicator to help you monitor the air quality in your home. Additionally, their ionizers produce negative ions that help to reduce allergens and odors in the air. Teqoya’s air purifiers are designed to be energy efficient and have a long lifespan, so you can trust that your air is always safe and clean.

Key Products:

  •  Air purifier 
  •  Car air purifier
  •  Air Quality Monitor


Genano is a European air purifier supplier that has been in business since 1999. They produce top-of-the-line air purifiers and filters for residential and commercial applications. Genano’s products are designed to provide the highest quality indoor air possible and their goal is to make clean air accessible to everyone.

Their innovative air purification technology is based on the use of patented nanotechnology, which captures microscopic particles such as allergens, bacteria, fungi, and viruses from the air. Genano offers air purifiers with a variety of features such as programmable operation, noise reduction technology, and remote monitoring and control capabilities. Their air purifiers also have additional features including air quality sensors, energy-saving modes, auto-shutoff functions, and many more.

In addition to its air purifiers, Genano also produces an array of other products that include air purification systems for commercial and industrial applications, odor eliminators, and sanitizing systems for disinfecting surfaces. All of their products are designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for people to live and work in.

Key Products:

  •  Air Purifiers for private and public organization
  •  Air Purifiers for medical use
  •  Air Purifiers for industrial use


ETS-Air is a European company with the goal of providing high-quality air purification solutions to European customers. Their air purifiers are designed to capture airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, bacteria, and other allergens, to provide healthier indoor air quality. They use a range of advanced technologies, such as HEPA filters, active carbon filters, and ionization, to reduce the levels of pollutants in the air. ETS-Air also offers customized air purification systems that are tailored to fit the needs of each customer. In addition to their core product line, they also offer installation and maintenance services. Their products are available in several European countries, including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom.

Key Products:

  •  Air Purifier


Daikin is a Japanese multinational air conditioning manufacturer established in 1924 and has offices in Europe. Today, the company offers a variety of air purifiers and air conditioning products for residential and commercial use. They specialize in innovative energy-efficient products that are designed to meet the needs of customers worldwide. Daikin’s air purifiers are equipped with advanced technology that helps reduce airborne allergens, mold spores, and dust particles. All of their products meet strict environmental standards and are certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. Additionally, Daikin offers a wide range of other products such as air conditioners, heat pumps, air handling units, and ductless systems. Daikin is committed to providing customers with quality products and services to ensure they experience an exceptional living environment.

Key Products:

  •  Air Purifiers
  •  Air Conditioners
  •  Heat Pumps
  •  Gas Condensing Boilers
  •  Chillers & Air-Side Equipment
  •  Ventilation


Rensair is a leading air purification specialist. They provide a full range of air purification solutions for residential and commercial environments, including air purifiers, air filters, and more. Their products are designed to improve air quality in both indoor and outdoor spaces, reducing allergens, pollen, dust, and other airborne pollutants. The company also specializes in providing customized solutions for unique requirements. Their products have been used in schools, hospitals, laboratories, and other applications. With their advanced technology and years of experience, Rensair is a trusted source of air purification solutions.

Key Products:

  •  Air purifier
  •  Air filter

Clean Air Optima 

Clean Air Optima is a Dutch company that specializes in the import and distribution of air purifiers and humidifiers for small and large rooms. Their products are sold throughout Europe under the “Clean Air Optima” brand. The brand represents Clean Air Optima’s central goal: to ensure the best air quality in rooms, offices, and on the road, whether in your car or in a hotel room. They primarily sell their products to private individuals, companies, organizations, institutions, healthcare facilities, and retailers via the internet.

Key Products:

  •  Air Humidifiers
  •  Air Purifiers
  •  Dehumidifiers
  •  Fan Heaters
  •  Fans
  •  Aromatherapy
  •  Accessories


The air we breathe is more important than ever, so it’s essential to be able to find the best air purifier for your home or office. Luckily, Europe is home to some of the best air purifier suppliers in the world.

Air purifiers can be a great solution to improve the quality of the air we breathe indoors, and the suppliers listed above are some of the best in Europe. With these 11 companies, you can find the perfect air purifier for your needs. Additionally, if you need help with the power solution for your air purifier, Prowin Power can provide the necessary adapter or power boards to get you up and to run.

Top 11 Air Purifier Suppliers in Egypt

As a resident of Egypt, you know how important it is to have clean and breathable air. This is why finding the best air purifier supplier in the country is essential. In this blog post, we’ll look at the top 11 air purifier suppliers in Egypt and discuss why each one stands out. With our list, you’ll know which supplier is the best choice. So let’s get started and take a look at the top 11 air purifier suppliers in Egypt!

Royal Air Purifier

Royal Air Purifier is one of the top suppliers in Egypt, offering a range of air purification systems. Not only the cheapest device in Egypt. This is also the most powerful device in purifying the air, removing odors, and purifying the air from dust and microbes. Their products are designed with advanced technology to eliminate dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, pet dander, and other airborne pollutants. It’s simple to use and has a counter that informs you when to change the filters.

Key Products:

Air Purifier

Elaraby Group

Elaraby Group is a trusted supplier in Egypt. They provide a wide selection of products, from simple desktop models to more advanced whole-home solutions. At Elaraby Group, you can find air purifiers with HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, and ionizers that remove dust, pollen, smoke, and other airborne particles. They offer different purifiers to suit any budget, lifestyle, or need. You can get in touch with their customer service staff at any time. Furthermore, their air purifiers have consistently received positive customer reviews.

Key Products:

  • Humidifying Air Purifier
  • Air Purifier
  • Car Air Purifier

Cairo Sales 

Cairo Sales have a wide selection of quality air purifiers for all budgets. The products available from Cairo Sales are all high quality and come with a range of features. You’ll find the latest air purifier technologies such as ionizers, HEPA filters, and UV sterilizers. They also offer a variety of sizes and designs to fit any space, whether a small bedroom or a large living room. Plus, they have an extensive range of prices, so you can find something within your budget. Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-line model or something more basic, you can find it at Cairo Sales. Plus, their customer service is top-notch. They also offer free delivery on orders over 200 EGP and easy returns on items that aren’t quite right.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifier
  • Air hand towel


RayaShop carries air purifiers from the leading manufacturer which is Samsung. This product comes in a range of sizes, styles, and prices, so you can find one that fits your budget. The website also offers detailed product descriptions, customer reviews and ratings, so you can make an informed decision. In addition to air purifiers, RayaShop also sells other home appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers. All of these products come with a warranty and excellent customer service. If you have any questions or need help making a purchase, their friendly staff are always happy to help.

Key Products:

  • Air purifier
  • Heater
  • Refrigerators 
  • Microwaves
  • Dishwashers

Air Group Egypt

Air Group Egypt is one of the leading air purifier suppliers in Egypt, offering a wide range of air purification products and services. From commercial and industrial air purifiers to residential units, Air Group Egypt has the right product for any application. With its commitment to quality, customer service, and value, Air Group Egypt has become a trusted supplier in the Egyptian market. Air Group Egypt offers a variety of models to suit any environment or budget. The company’s selection includes HEPA, carbon, and ozone-based units, as well as ozone generators and air scrubbers. All models are designed to remove odors, smoke, dust, and other airborne particles, making them perfect for homes, offices, and other public spaces. The company’s representatives are available to answer questions and address any concerns that customers may have. They are happy to provide information on air purifier models and their features, as well as installation and maintenance advice.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifier
  • Air Coolers


Pricena is one of the top 11 air purifier suppliers in Egypt. This company specializes in offering quality products, services, and prices that meet the needs of all its customers.

Their range of products includes air purifiers, air conditioners, air cleaners, air fresheners, and humidifiers. They have something to suit every budget and taste. Their air purifiers come with advanced filtration systems to ensure that your home or office has clean, fresh air at all times. When it comes to prices, Pricena has some of the lowest products on the market, so you can get a great deal without breaking the bank.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Humidifiers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Air Cleaners


EGPrices is one of the leading air purifier suppliers in Egypt, offering a wide range of products in both domestic and commercial models. With years of experience in the field, EGPrices is known for its quality and reliable products. They offer air purifiers for both indoor and outdoor use, with a variety of options to suit your needs. EGPrices offers both basic and advanced models. Their basic models are ideal for small rooms and apartments, while their advanced models are perfect for larger spaces. In terms of technology, their air purifiers are powered by either mechanical or electronic filtration systems to remove airborne particles. Their air purifiers also feature multiple speed settings, allowing you to adjust the fan speed and air quality according to your specific requirements.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Air Conditioners

Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu Hypermarket is one of the leading air purifier suppliers in Egypt. They offer a wide selection of air purifiers from top brands at competitive prices. The company prides itself on its customer service, offering an extensive range of products for home, office, and industrial needs. Their knowledgeable staff will be able to answer any questions about their air purifiers and help you find the best option.

Lulu’s air purifiers come in a variety of sizes and capacities. They have tabletop models air purifiers with humidifiers that are ideal for smaller spaces and those on a budget. The team at Lulu Hypermarket is committed to providing excellent customer service and offering top-quality products. 

Key Products:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Heaters


LG has been providing top-of-the-line air purification solutions for Egyptian consumers for many years. From their flagship HU1004 air purifier to the more affordable and versatile DU0500 models, LG has the perfect air purifier for any home or office. LG’s air purifiers offer advanced technology that is designed to capture dust, allergens, and even bacteria and viruses from the air. Their filters are designed to be highly efficient, lasting up to five times longer than traditional filters. They also come with a variety of settings, including auto mode, sleep mode, and turbo mode, so that you can customize your air purifier according to your needs.

In addition to its excellent products, LG also provides great customer service. Their customer service team is available around-the-clock to address any inquiries you may have and assist you in locating the ideal air purifier for your home or place of business. They also offer beneficial advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of your air purifier. When it comes to pricing, LG offers some of the best deals available. Whether you’re looking for a basic model or a more advanced one, you can be sure that you’ll be getting great value for your money with LG.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Air Purifiers Accessories

Zepter Egypt

Zepter Egypt is one of the top suppliers in the country, offering a range of quality products to fit your needs. With a wide selection of air purifiers and a customer service team, Zepte Egypt can provide the ideal solution for your home or office. At Zepte Egypt, you will find a variety of air purifiers to choose from, including both HEPA and ionizers. Their HEPA filters are tested and certified to remove 99.97% of airborne particles, making them great for trapping dust, pollen, pet dander, and other allergens. Additionally, their ionizers use negative ions to trap pollutants like smoke and volatile organic compounds, making them ideal for larger areas with higher concentrations of pollutants. Customer service is another area where Zepte Egypt excels. If you have any questions, their staff is available at all times about their products or installation procedures. They also offer competitive prices, making it easy to find the right air purifier within your budget.

Key Products:

Air Purifiers


Elghazawy is a one-stop shop for your air purifier needs in Egypt. Their air purifiers provide powerful filtration and purification for a wide range of airborne contaminants, including dust, pollen, mold, smoke, pet dander, and other common allergens. The filters are designed to capture even the smallest particles and provide up to 99.97% efficiency. With regular use and proper maintenance, you can be sure that your air will be free from pollutants and irritants. If you need assistance choosing the right product for you, they also provide helpful customer service and support.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifier
  • Air Conditioner


Regarding air purification in Egypt, there is no shortage of quality suppliers. Here are many options available that are sure to meet the needs of any customer, from small businesses to large corporations. Prowin Power can provide power solutions such as power adapters and power boards to ensure that your air purifier runs smoothly and efficiently. With these reliable power sources, your air purification system will handle the tough environment of Egypt and keep your home or business safe. With the wide selection of air purifier suppliers in Egypt, you are sure to find a solution within your budget that meets your air purification needs.

Top 11 Air Purifier Suppliers in the USA

Nowadays, everyone is trying to make their home as eco-friendly as possible, even just the little things like turning off lights or recycling. But some significant changes need to be made when it comes to getting your home greener, such as making sure that you’re breathing clean air in your home by using an air purifier. We’ve compiled a list of the top 11 air purifier suppliers in the United States to help you find the best one! 


AirRestore is a national company that uses innovative technology to help people live healthier lives. The company is based in Greeneville, Tennessee, and they provide a brand-new organic energy technology to improve the quality of indoor environments for overall health benefits for the body and mind. Their products are the result of decades of research and development, and they offer ground-breaking technology that genuinely replicates the energetic environmental restoration process that occurs outside. AirRestore takes first place in the new product category at the Las Vegas trade show.

Key Products:

  • The Tempest (Air Naturalizer Plus)
  • Accessories
  • Vehicle Mount
  • Accessory Travel Kit

Inova Purifiers 

Inova Purifiers is a leading provider of air purification systems in the United States. It is located in Plano, Texas. Their high-quality products and professional services make them a trusted choice for any home or business looking to improve its indoor air quality. Inova Purifiers offers a wide variety of air purification systems, ranging from basic standalone units to more advanced systems that can connect to HVAC systems. All of their products use HEPA technology, ensuring they capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. This includes smoke, dust mites, pet dander, mold, and more. Their powerful UV light sterilization feature also helps to destroy germs and bacteria in the air, creating a healthier environment for everyone.

Key Products:

  • Home Air Purifiers
  • AirClean E7
  • AirClean E8
  • AirClean E20 Plus
  • AirClean DE20 Plus
  • Commercial Systems
  • InovaAir E600R
  • InovaAir E400
  • InovaAir E600
  • InovaAir E300

Airdog USA Inc. 

Airdog USA Inc. is an air purifier supplier based in Los Angeles, California, USA, that has been providing quality air purifiers for over 15 years. They are dedicated to providing their customers with the best experience on air purification and have achieved this goal through their dedication to research and development as well as their commitment to providing the highest quality products.

Airdog USA Inc. offers a variety of air purification solutions, including in-home, whole-home, and commercial air purifiers. Their air purifiers are designed to meet the needs of every home, with different models offering different levels of filtration, including HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, and UV lights. Airdog USA Inc. also provides air purifiers for use in medical facilities, industrial spaces, and other environments where the highest level of air purification is required.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Airdog X3 Home Air Purifier-215 sq.ft
  • Airdog X5 Home Air Purifier-400 sq.ft
  • Airdog X8 Air Purifier-1000 sq.ft
  • Airdog Pro Air Purifier-530 sq.ft
  • Airdog V5 Car Air Purifier


LakeAir is one of the top 11 air purifier suppliers in the US, and there’s a good reason. They specialize in creating superior air quality in homes and offices through the use of their advanced technology and highly efficient air purifiers. Their air purifiers are designed to provide effective air filtration for any home or office. Their products are designed to capture particles like pet dander, pollen, smoke, mold spores, dust mites, and other airborne contaminants that can affect indoor air quality. LakeAir also provides filtration systems capable of removing airborne chemicals, odors, and gases from the air.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Smoke Eater
  • Commercial Air Purifiers
  • Home Air Purifier
  • Commercial Smoke Eater
  • Home Smoke Eater
  • Air Purifier with Washable Filter
  • Air Scrubber
  • UVGI Air Purifier
  • Refurbished Air Purifiers
  • HVAC Purifiers

Guardian Technologies

Guardian Technologies is one of the top air purifier suppliers in the US. Since their establishment, they have provided high-quality, reliable air purifiers, and both residential and commercial customers trust their products. They aim to improve the quality of the air people breath by offering innovative air purification technologies.

Their products include air purifiers, humidifiers, air purifier filters, and replacement parts. Their range of air purifiers comes in different sizes and styles, designed to fit any budget and space requirements. The technology used in their air purifiers is top-notch, and they use only the highest-quality materials in their construction.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Air Sanitizers
  • Humidifiers
  • Fans
  • Heaters
  • Wellness
  • Filters, Parts & Accessories

Winix America

Winix America is one of the top suppliers of air purifiers in the US. Their air purifiers are designed to capture and remove airborne particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke, absorb odors and eliminate bacteria and viruses. Their advanced 5-stage filtration system and washable AOC (advanced odor control) carbon filter ensure that the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

Winix also offers various options to suit different needs and budgets. Their selection will include something that meets your requirements from small desktop units to whole-house solutions. Moreover, their knowledgeable customer service team can provide helpful advice on the best product for your needs.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Filters
  • Humidifiers
  • Certified Refurbished Air Purifiers


Airgle is a leading manufacturer and distributor of air purifiers and filters in the US. With more than 20 years of experience, Airgle offers a wide range of air purifiers with advanced filtration technology to help keep your air clean and healthy. Their innovative products provide powerful air filtration that’s designed to eliminate pollutants like dust, pollen, mold, smoke, pet dander, and other airborne contaminants from your indoor environment. Plus, Airgle prides itself on offering superior customer service. All Airgle air purifiers come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and free technical support. On all orders, they also provide free shipping and returns.

Key Products:

  • Airgle Personal Air Purifier (AG25)
  • Airgle Room Air Purifier(AG500)
  • Airgle Room Air Purifier(AG600)
  • Airgle Clean Room Air Purifier (AG900)
  • Airgle Extraoral Dental Smart FlexHose (AG600D)
  • Airgle Extraoral Dental Smart FlexHose (AG900D)

Air Systems Inc.

Air Systems Inc. has provided reliable, high-quality air purification solutions to residential and commercial customers since 1980. Their knowledgeable staff, quality products, and commitment to customer service make them a top choice when it comes to air purification solutions. At Air Systems Inc., you will find a wide range of air purifiers for every type of application. Air Systems, Inc. has the perfect solution for your needs, from their energy-efficient whole-house units to their powerful industrial models. Each unit is designed to provide superior air quality, helping you breathe easier and enjoy a healthier living environment. Air Systems Inc. also offers a wide range of replacement parts, making it easy to keep your air purifier working at its peak performance. They even provide custom solutions for more complex applications.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Fume Extractors
  • Mobile Fume Extractors
  • Oil Mist Collectors
  • Air Scrubbers & Negative Air Machines
  • Cabinet Ventilators
  • Dust Collectors


When it comes to air purification, few companies have the reputation of Blueair. Founded in 1996, Blueair has been providing innovative, high-quality air purifiers to customers worldwide for nearly 25 years.

Their air purifiers use advanced filtration technology to remove airborne pollutants, including pollen, dust, mold spores, smoke, and other allergens. The filters are also designed to be efficient, using low-power fans to conserve energy. This combination of efficiency and effectiveness makes Blueair one of the top air purifier suppliers in the US.

In addition to their air purifiers, Blueair offers a range of air purifier accessories, such as additional filter packs, odor reducers, and mobile apps for remote control. With their wide selection of products and commitment to quality, it’s easy to see why Blueair is considered one of the best air purifier suppliers in the US.

Key Products:

  • Air purifiers
  • Filters & Accessories
  • Fan


Avariair offers an extensive range of air purifiers that are designed to reduce allergens, pollutants, and other airborne particles in the home and workplace. From small, portable models to large, commercial-grade units, Avariair has the perfect product for any need. 

Avariair’s air purifiers are tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. They come with features such as HEPA filters, activated carbon filters, pre-filters, washable filters, multiple speed settings, and more. 

Key Products:

  • Avari Air Purifiers
  • Replacement Filters

US Air Purifiers

US Air Purifiers is one of the leading air purification suppliers in the United States and has been providing quality air purification systems to customers for years. It carries a wide range of top-of-the-line air purifiers that are designed to tackle any number of airborne pollutants, from dust and pollen to pet dander and smoke. All of their air purifiers come with powerful HEPA filters to remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles. Their models also feature carbon filters to help eliminate odors, as well as UV lights to reduce the presence of bacteria and germs. The company also offers various accessories, such as replacement filters and pre-filters, to ensure that your air purifier is operating at peak performance. In addition, US Air Purifiers provides excellent customer service, offering technical support and installation assistance for all products purchased.

Key Products:

  • Air Purifiers
  • Filters & Parts


When it comes to air purifiers, you want to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product that will keep your home clean and healthy. That’s why choosing the correct power supply for your air purifier is important. Prowin Power is an excellent choice for air purifier power supply solutions. Their top-notch products are reliable, efficient, and long-lasting, making them a great choice for your air purifier power supply solutions. With their wide variety of power adapters and power boards, Prowin Power has you covered in air purifier power supply solutions. Make sure to check them out for your air purifier power supply solutions.

Top 11 Portable Power Station Suppliers in the UK

Energy prices in the UK have increased considerably over the past few years, meaning that it’s more important than ever to find cheap energy suppliers in the UK. Luckily, many companies in the country offer energy supplies at competitive rates, including some of the most popular power station suppliers in the country. So if you’re looking for affordable and convenient electricity supplies, you should start your search by looking at these top 11 power station suppliers in the UK. With such an impressive selection of providers, you’re sure to find one that provides what you need.


Holcros is one of the best power station suppliers in the UK. They offer a wide range of commercial products for various businesses and sectors. As one of the best power station suppliers, they are dedicated to providing their customers with the best quality products. As a leading provider of such products, Holcros’ exceptional commitment to customer service and satisfaction sets them apart from other suppliers. They always ensure to meet each customer’s requirements by supplying them with the best quality products at affordable prices. They provide all types of power stations, including portable solar generators, electric battery generators, and Dometic cool boxes and freezers. All these items are at competitive prices and have been made to suit different demands. So whether you need a light- or heavy-duty product, there will be something suitable for you!

Key Products:

  • Power Stations
  • Solar Panels
  • Portable Cool Boxes & Freezers
  • Power Accessories

Solent Power

Solent Power is a leading provider of power station supplies, providing everything from spare parts to generators. Solent is dedicated to providing its customers with top-quality products at affordable prices. They also offer excellent customer service and advice so that you can choose the best product for your needs and budget. As well as supplying products, Solent also provides installation services to ensure that your power station is fully operational before you go anywhere near it!

Key Products:

  • Generators
  • Diesel Generators
  • Petrol Generators
  • Inverter Generators
  • Camping Generators
  • Generator Accessories
  • Portable Power Stations
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Chargers
  • Battery Modules
  • Power Station Accessories
  • Solar Kits

Power Mark 

PowerMark is a trading division of Constant Power Solutions Ltd., based in Selby, North Yorkshire. It provides power generation products, EV charging units, uninterruptible power supply units, and clean energy solutions to customers throughout the UK and beyond. Its supply products include CPS generators, Champion generators, EnSmart UPS systems, MHM plant hybrid solutions, Western Global fuel tanks, Chronos UPS systems, and more. In addition, PowerMark supplies and installs a range of power stations that are designed to provide reliable, safe, and uninterrupted power for your home or business. They offer a wide range of power stations, from small domestic generators to large commercial units.

Key Products:


  • Agricultural Generators
  • Dual Fuel Generators
  • Diesel Generators
  • Gas Generators
  • Home Generators
  • Leisure Generators
  • Open Generators
  • Portable Generators
  • Petrol Generators
  • Soundproofed Generators
  • Stage V Generators
  • Site Generators
  • Solar

Generator Pro 

Generator Pro is a power station supplier in the UK with an excellent reputation for quality and reliability. They have a wide range of generators to suit any requirement, from small-scale to larger commercial installations. All their products are covered by a 2-year warranty as well as supplying generators, and Generator Pro can also install them and provide annual maintenance contracts. Their friendly team offers expert advice on all generator sizes, models, and applications, meaning that you’ll always be satisfied with your purchase. In addition, they will always strive to deliver your product at the earliest possible date.

Key Products:

  • Generators
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Camping/RV
  • Leisure
  • Mobile Catering/Events
  • Back Up (Commercial)
  • Back Up (Residential)
  • Continuous Run/Offgrid
  • Inverter
  • Three Phase Generators
  • Clearance
  • Power Tools
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Electrical & Petrol Pressure Washers
  • Strimmers
  • Water Pumps
  • Drills
  • Tool Chests
  • Multitools
  • Welding
  • Air Compressor
  • Mini Dumpers
  • Vehicle Accessories
  • Renewable Energy Kits
  • Home Off-Grid Kits
  • Campervan/Boat Off-Grid Kits
  • Easy Solar Kits
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Kits
  • Off-Grid Lighting Kits
  • Accessories
  • Generator Covers
  • Leads and Cables
  • Generator Oil

Batteries & Solar Ltd.

Batteries & Solar Ltd. is one of the top power station suppliers in the UK. They have been supplying solar panels and batteries to homes and businesses alike. They have years of experience and a wealth of knowledge about all things green energy, so they can offer expert advice and guidance on choosing the right type of power station for your needs. Whether you need help with installation or need assistance, they are always happy to provide a personal service to ensure you get what you need.

Key Products:

  • Accessories
  • Connectors & Crimps
  • Mains Ac
  • Power Distribution
  • Relays
  • Switches
  • Batteries
  • Agricultural Batteries
  • Industrial Batteries
  • Mobility Batteries
  • Motorcycle Batteries
  • Off-Grid Batteries
  • Solar Batteries
  • Ups Batteries
  • Chargers
  • Battery Chargers
  • Dc-Dc Chargers
  • Ev Charge Stations
  • Power Supplies
  • Charger Cables
  • Charger Accessories

Battery Group 

Battery Group is a family-owned British company designing and manufacturing batteries and accumulators. They have become experts in accumulators, batteries, and battery technology. Their products are sold worldwide, and they pride themselves on their materials’ quality and customer service. Battery Group is the top choice when selecting a power station supplier. They have an impressive selection of batteries and accumulators, including lead-acid batteries, gel accumulators, and sealed lead-acid batteries. Each of their products is designed with their customers’ needs at heart.

Key Products:

  • Car Batteries
  • Batteries by Application
  • Batteries & Power Electronics
  • Accessories
  • Kits & Bundles

Hyundai Power Product

Hyundai Power Products are exclusively imported into the United Kingdom by Genpower, offering petrol generators from 1 kW to 10 kW and diesel generators from 5 kW to 100 kW. They also import Hyundai air compressors, garden equipment, and gasoline water pumps. Based on their knowledge and sales of machinery as well as their engineering, support, and maintenance expertise, Hyundai Corporation, Korea approached them a year after they founded their business in 2006 and made them an offer to become the only importer of Hyundai Power Products for the United Kingdom.

Key Products:

  • Garden Machinery
  • 20v MAX Range
  • Pressure Washers
  • Generators & Portable Power
  • Tools & Construction
  • Air Compressors
  • Water Pumps
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Welders
  • Powered By Hyundai
  • Engines
  • Space Heaters


PRAMAC is a leading worldwide producer of generators and equipment for warehouses. For decades, the company has been an innovative and globally competitive company with a long history of innovation and continuous improvement. The company’s main products are power plant generators, grid connections, and stand-alone use. It manufactures a comprehensive and adaptable product line that meets customers’ full range of energy needs worldwide. It is active in 150 countries and has 16 subsidiaries and 7 manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia, and South America. With a strong reputation both at home and abroad, PRAMAC has established itself as one of the top three generator manufacturers in Europe.

Key Products:

  • Leisure & Semi Professional Generators
  • Professional Generators
  • Residential Generators


Bluetti is a company that focuses on providing sustainable power generation solutions. With expertise in portable power stations and products designed for on-site and off-grid use, it launched its first products- the EB150 and EB240 in 2019, which are intended for use with high-voltage battery banks. The EB150 is designed for smaller applications, like mobile catering or tool hire companies, and has a battery capacity of 150kWh. The EB240 has a larger capacity of 240kWh for larger projects requiring a greater power supply, such as construction sites or emergency services organizations. They see personal power storage devices as the swords of the twenty-first century—tools that anyone can use to achieve energy independence. As a result, they create their products to ensure that you always have access to power.

Key Products:

  • Portable Power Station
  • Home Battery Backup
  • Expansion Battery
  • Solar Generator Kit
  • Solar Panels
  • Accessories

Excel power

Excel Power is one of the top suppliers of power stations. They use products from well-known component producers like Mitsubishi, Perkins, Scania, Stamford, Mecc Alte, and Leroy Somer. Excel power has a large range of flexible diesel generators, from as low as 1 kVA to as high as 3,300 kVA. Their power stations are perfect for any situation, and they offer both on-site and off-site installation. In order to restore power quickly and with the least amount of disruption to your business, the systems are built to be dependable and effective.

Key Products:

  • Perkins Range
  • Cummins Range
  • Ecoflow Power Stations
  • Petrol Generators
  • Scania Range
  • Enclosed Generators
  • Open Generators
  • Commercial Generators
  • Residential Generators


Energian is a company that specializes in eco-friendly power stations. They offer portable solar panel kits, solar panels, and solar and power chargers. All-in-one solar panel kits are also available in Energian. It includes everything you need to get started with renewable energy, including a solar panel, battery pack, and cables for charging your mobile devices. The company has an excellent reputation for providing quality products and meeting deadlines, which indicates that they have a track record of consistently completing projects on time.

Key Products:

  • EcoFlow Portable Power Stations
  • All-in-one Solar Panel Kits
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar & Power Chargers


It’s better to visit their websites to learn more about their company and products, as well as any other information they want to share with potential customers. If a company does not have a website, it is worth looking them up on Google or Facebook. When you are ready, contact them through one of these methods and ask for a brochure or catalog. A power station supplier can be very beneficial for those with large homes that use a lot of electricity, so it is worth researching before deciding which supplier to go with. You can also visit PROWIN Power’s website, a power supply provider that offers power supplies for power stations. Finding reputable providers is important; if we need to learn how to do this, we should start by visiting their websites. Please contact Prowin Power for more information about our products and services.

Top 11 AC adapter vendors in Japan

It is always tempting to save money by buying the cheapest products, but sometimes you get what you pay for. When it comes to power adapters, in particular, it’s important to choose one that meets your needs and will last you through your warranty period, not one that just meets your budget today. To help you decide when buying an AC adapter, we’ve identified the top 11 AC adapter vendors in Japan and highlighted their most unique features.

Prowin Power

Prowin Power, as a leading manufacturer and vendor of power supply units, offers top-of-the-line products and services. The company has a three-year warranty on all its products and has experienced R&D engineers to design the power supply unit to meet customers’ requirements. Furthermore, they offer a one-stop power supply solution for various applications. Prowin Power offers a variety of AC adapters, power inverters, and other products to meet your needs. With their ten years of experience, Prowin Power can provide the best solutions for your every need.

Key Products:

  • PD Power Adapter
  • Desktop Power Adapter
  • Wall Mounted Power Adapter
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Meanwell Power Supply
  • Interchangeable Power Adapter

Cosel Asia Ltd.

Cosel Asia Ltd. (Cosel) has been supplying quality power products to the Asia-Pacific region since 1998. Cosel Asia’s main responsibility is to improve switching power supply product marketing and customer service in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. They are constantly discussing new technology in order to incorporate high levels of dependability into future products. Currently, Cosel Asia serves its clients through distributors in the following nations: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel.

Key Products:

  • AC-DC Switching Power Supply
  • Enclosed Type
  • AC380V 3φ Input
  • CVCC
  • Open Frame Type
  • DIN Rail Type
  • Configurable
  • PCB Mount Type
  • Medical
  • Power Module
  • Value-added
  • DC-DC Switching Power Supply
  • PCB Mount Type
  • Ultra Wide Input Range Converter
  • Power Module (Bus Converter)
  • POL Type
  • Value-added Type


MISUMI is developing two businesses: the FA business, which handles standard parts for automatic machines such as FA (Factory Automation), and the mold parts business, which handles mold parts for automobiles and electronic and electrical equipment. They also provide a wide variety of AC adapters that are designed to meet the demand of many kinds of devices. MISUMI’s products include 50- and 60-Hz voltage converters, universal adapters, and multifunctional adapters. MISUMI also offers top-of-the-line surge protectors with both coaxial and telephone protection, which will help ensure safe operation even during emergencies. In addition to this wide range of products, MISUMI has a team that can provide technical support for any questions about installation or operation. The company was founded in 1963 for the purpose of selling electronic equipment and bearings. They handle more than 30 million items, including those from other manufacturers.

Key Products:

  • Mechanical parts system
  •  Housing/Adjustment fastening/Material
  •  Pneumatics, hydraulics, piping, temperature control parts
  •  Rotation transmission/Conveyor/Motor/Robot
  •  Linear Motion/Sensor/Positioning/Stage
  • Electrical system
  •  Harnesses, connectors, cables, wiring parts
  •  Control/Power distribution/Communication/Power supply
  •  mold system
  •  Consumables/repair items/fixtures


ASICS is a trading company established in 2003 that specializes in the import of electronic parts, such as RF components, antennas, power supplies, etc., to companies in a variety of different markets throughout Japan. As the sole and exclusive distribution agent of overseas suppliers, they have been focused on quality control and committed to providing better solutions, unique products, and service to their customers. As a company, ASICS is committed to protecting the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. They also recycle any materials that can’t be reused in new products while ensuring they meet all safety standards. They believe it’s important to not only focus on meeting the needs of today but also those of tomorrow by investing in sustainable practices and producing environmentally friendly products that will improve the world for coming generations.

Key Products:

  • Power Solutions
  •  AC DC Adapter
  •  Switching Power Supply
  •  DC/DC Converter
  •  DC Cord/jack
  •  AC Inlet
  •  LED Power Supply
  • Optical
  •  Optical Fiber, Connector
  •  Optical Component
  •  Transceiver


Nippon, which was founded in 1970, is Japan’s leading manufacturer of power supplies. Their product includes AC/DC power supplies, medical power supplies, ATX power supplies, UPS-function embedded ATX power supplies, and backup solutions, all of which are designed to be safe and reliable. Nippon’s products are highly durable, with a strong focus on safety as well as performance. In addition to design, the company also values environmentally friendly practices and sustainable development. They provide solutions to a wide range of high-end industries, such as IPC, servers, medical devices, factory automation, testing and measurement, inspection, money handling, transportation, amusement, and telecommunication.

Key Products:

  • AC/DC Unit Power Supply 
  • DC/DC Power Supply 
  • Option Accessories
  • UPS Embedded Pc Power Supply 
  • PC Power Supply 
  • AC/DC Open-Frame Power Supply

Toki Trading Co., Ltd.

Toki Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and handled AC adapters for industrial and medical equipment. They have been in the field of manufacturing, processing, importing, and exporting electronics products for over a decade. They offer a wide range of AC adapters that can be used at home and in the workplace. The range includes adapters for PCs, printers, business machines, lab equipment, and medical devices. Toki Trading Co., Ltd.’s philosophy centers around providing quality products at competitive prices to make their customers’ lives easier. Providing society with high-quality goods is the company’s stated mission.

Key Products:

  • AC Adapter
  • Power Supply/charger
  • Power Cable
  • Connector
  • PC Related
  • Others


SMI is a trading company specializing in power supply products, importing and selling products such as switching power supplies, AC adapters, and DC/DC converters. SMI offers a wide variety of adapters and carries products from the best brands in the industry. They deliver products for various applications, such as domestic medical equipment, industrial measuring equipment, and communication equipment. The company mainly handles power supply products specialized for medical equipment, including custom transformers for medical use, which can be said to be the starting point of their business.

Key Products:

  • AC DC Switching Power Supply
  • AC Adapter
  • DC/DC Converter
  • ACDC Power Module
  • Trance
  • Noise Filter
  • Sensor
  • Inlet
  • Code
  • Assembled Cord Connector
  • Power Strip

Asia Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. 

Asia Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1974 and consistently developed and manufactured switching and other power supplies. As a leading company in the industry, Asia Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. offers an extensive range of electronics products, including connectors, switches, power supplies, and thermal management devices. Along with supplying quality electrical solutions for their customers, Asia Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. also ensures customer satisfaction by providing customer service that is second to none and by offering prompt delivery of orders on time. The company’s website provides detailed information about all its products as well as specifications such as dimensions, weight, and voltage ranges so that customers can easily make an informed decision about which product to purchase.

Key Products:

  • DC-DC converter
  • AC-DC switching power supply
  • DC-AC inverter


Kami Electronics was established in 1960 as a manufacturer of power transformers in Osaka. The company has since become a major supplier of home appliances, PC peripherals and accessories, and other electrical goods. Kami’s entire product line includes power supplies, chargers and adapters, inverters, transformers, connectors, cables, and connectors. Kami Electronics holds the following distribution rights as an authorized distributor: Panasonic (brand), Sanyo Denki (brand), Sharp AQUOS TV (brand), Philips Lighting (brand), Toshiba America Consumer Products (TCP), including their digital camera lines; Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Appliances Corporation.

Key Products:

  • Switching Transformer
  • AC Adapter
  • Low Frequency Power Transformer
  • Choke Coil Reactor
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Large Standard Transformer
  • Current Transformer (CT)
  • Voltage Detection Transformer (VT)
  • Small and Thin Power Supply
  • Impedance Matching Transformer
  • Kami’s Charger

Akon Co., Ltd.

Akon Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012 and has been developing, manufacturing, and selling switching power supplies for a decade now. The company offers a broad range of power supplies to meet the needs of high-end as well as entry-level customers, with a particular emphasis on industrial customers. Akon’s products are internationally recognized by leading power supply manufacturers, such as ABB, Eaton, and Schneider Electric. Akon Co., Ltd.’s headquarters and main factory are located in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture. It also has two factories in Osaka City and Tokyo.

Key Products:

  • Standard Power Supply
  • Custom Power Supply
  • LED Power Supply
  • AC Adapter
  • Current Sensor
  • System Development
  • Laser Marker

Index Pro Co., Ltd.

Index Pro Co., Ltd. operates as an electric appliance and home electronics retail chain company in Japan. The company offers various products, including air conditioners, electric cookers, refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, electric blankets, and bedding sets. The company’s product range includes power adapters and chargers for laptops, tablets, and cell phones. They also provide accessories such as cables and hubs. Index Pro offers fast delivery service with affordable prices to meet the needs of its customers. They can deliver products anywhere within Japan within 24 hours at no extra charge. Index Pro offers a wide selection of products, so it should be easy to find an appropriate model no matter what your needs are. From basic AC adapters to more sophisticated ones that include LCD screens that show the battery level, Index Pro has what you need!

Key Products:

  • Electronic Parts
  •  Electronic Measuring Instruments
  •  Electronics Field
  • Industrial Field
  •  Control Parts
  •  Industrial ICT / IoT
  •  Fluid Parts / Mechanism Parts
  •  Automation System
  •  Measurement / Test
  •  Design / Analysis
  •  Factory Equipment / Factory Equipment
  • Application
  •  Medical/Healthcare
  •  Appliances/Housing Equipment/
  •  Industrial Equipment
  •  Automobiles
  •  Social Infrastructure
  •  Information Equipment/Communication Equipment
  •  Environmentally Resistant Equipment/Highly Reliable Equipment
  •  Solutions


Choosing the right AC adapter vendor in Japan can take time and effort. There are plenty of options, but Prowin Power has been on the market for over 9 years and has already established itself as one of the best suppliers in the industry. It offers high-quality power adapters to keep your devices powered up. With Prowin Power, you can rest assured that your device will have the power it needs to keep working. They offer excellent customer service and a large selection of products at competitive prices. If you’re looking to purchase an AC adapter or switching power supply, Prowin Power is a great place to start!

Top 11 AC adapters supplier in Malaysia

There are plenty of AC adapter suppliers in the market today. Finding the right AC adapter supplier can take time and money because you have to find out if the item is suitable for your project or is worth its cost. Here are our top 11 AC adapters suppliers in Malaysia so you can start building your own list of trusted suppliers! The links will show you where to get them online, too!

Prowin Power

Prowin Power is the leading wholesale and retail provider of Quality Electrical products. They specialize in AC power adapters, switch-mode power supplies, battery chargers, customized power supplies, and more. Their mission is to provide customer service that meets or exceeds your expectations. 

They are committed to providing you with the best products at affordable prices. Their customer service representatives are well-trained experts who always help you find the perfect product for your needs.

Key Products:

  • Switching Power Supply
  • Meanwell Power Supply
  • Wall Mounted Power Adapter
  • Desktop Power Adapter
  • PD Power Adapter
  • Interchangeable Power Adapter


Misumi is one of the largest manufacturers of AC adapters, with an extensive list of connectors and other products. Misumi has been around since 2010 when they opened their doors as Misumi Electric Corporation. They are among the most popular manufacturers of products such as connectors and chargers. They have an extensive range on offer, including over 10 million quality products from its catalog. Their chargers are available in multiple voltage variants (e.g., 220V). And their 2A USB Power Adapter is excellent if you need something to charge your smartphone or tablet at home or on the go. Its compact design also makes it easy to store when not working.

Key Products:

  • Automation Components
  • Fasteners
  • Materials
  • Wiring Components
  • Electrical & Controls
  • Cutting Tools
  • Processing Tools
  • Material Handling & Storage
  • Safety & General Supplies
  • Lab & Clean Room Supplies
  • Press Die Components
  • Plastic Mold Components
  • Injection Molding Components

IWE Components

IWE Components is the leading online electrical and electronic store. They provide customers with the best products at reasonable prices by selling only high-quality items from reputable brands. Most of their parts are purchased from nearby factories or reputable, quality-controlled suppliers abroad. You can ensure that your equipment is back in operation as soon as possible, avoiding lost revenue and protecting your assets and business by having access to spare parts at the appropriate time. They carry a wide range of active and passive components, including capacitors, resistors, connectors, LEDs, diodes, transistors, batteries and charges, security and audio-visual semiconductors, switches, and relays, computer data cables, CCTVs, transformers, LED lights, testing equipment, and more.

Key Products:

  • Active Parts
  • Assemblies
  • PCB Assemblies
  • Wire Harness
  • LED light Assemblies
  • View All
  • Battery / Chargers
  • Cables
  • Capacitors
  • Coil Inductor and Varistor
  • Computer
  • Connectors and Terminal
  • Diodes
  • Electrical
  • Electronic Circuit
  • Fan / Heat Sinks
  • Hobby Kit
  • Metal Connectors
  • Meters
  • Power Supply
  • Relay
  • Remote Control
  • Resistors
  • Security / Audio Visual
  • Switches
  • Tools
  • Variable Resistors

Faith IT Trading

Faith IT Trading is one of the most reputable suppliers of laptop parts and accessories. Their products include cables, power adapters, batteries, chargers, etc. Faith IT Trading is committed to providing customers with high-quality, durable products at competitive prices. They offer more than just a warranty. Along with your purchase, you get full technical support for installation or any other queries you might have. They offer same-day shipping for orders that are placed before 2 p.m. Malaysian time (GMT +8), which means no delays on your part. They also provide tracking numbers so that you can be updated every step of the way, as well as faster delivery times.

Key Products:

  • Laptop Spare Parts
  • Macbook Spareparts
  • iPad Parts
  • Tablet Spareparts
  • Laptop AC Adapter
  • Laptop Battery
  • Laptop Case
  • Laptop DC Jack
  • Laptop Fan
  • Laptop Hinge
  • Laptop Keyboard
  • Laptop LCD LED Cable
  • Laptop LCD Screen
  • Laptop LED Screen
  • Laptop Speaker
  • Used Laptop parts
  • Repair Tools
  • Power Supply
  • Projector Lamp
  • Cable


Famcart is one of the leading AC adapter suppliers in Malaysia. They have supplied countless businesses and households with quality products at very affordable prices. No matter what type of AC adapter you are looking for, they can provide it. You will find them all here, whether it’s a universal input AC adapter or an international voltage (100-240V) AC adapter. And remember to check out their selection of cables; they come in multiple lengths so that your power source is always close to your device.

Key Products:

  • Cameras
  • Camera Battery 
  • Memory Card
  • Tripod Camera
  • Camera Battery Charger 
  • Lens Case
  • AA Battery /Charger
  • Camera Accessories
  • Lens Adaptor
  • PC/IT Gadget
  • Laptop Power Plug Adapter
  • PC Accessories
  • Mouse
  • PC Adaptor and Reader
  • PC Power Supply
  • Flashdrive Memory
  • Keyboard
  • Audio Headphone
  • Voice Recorder
  • Consumer Electronic 
  • Plug USB Charging Station
  • Hard Drives & Storage
  • External Optical Drives


Allnet is one of the leading AC adapter suppliers in Malaysia. Their team has over 30 years of experience, and we are dedicated to designing and providing quality products to their customers. They specialize in manufacturing and distributing high-quality power supplies, adapters, chargers, batteries, and other accessories. Allnet is also an authorized distributor of LG, Sony, Apple Inc., Philips, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Toshiba Corp., Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, TDK Corporation’s battery products, and many more globally renowned brands. You can browse through their website to learn more about what they offer or if you need assistance with your purchase.

Key Products:

  • Alarm Systems
  • CCTV
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Door Access System
  • Fiber Optic
  • HDMI
  • Network
  • Power Adapter & Supply
  • Screen Cable
  • Server Rack
  • Telephone
  • VDE & Flexible Cable


WME is an authorized distributor of electronic products and has been supplying the computer and IT industries with quality products since 1998. They provide access to a wide range of high-quality goods at affordable prices. They are able to provide customers with everything they need to make their office work more efficient, which includes items such as adapters, cables, chargers, and power supplies. Their selection of power adapters is extensive and features various types that can be used anywhere, from home offices to commercial locations. These include standard power converters for use with laptops or desktop PCs as well as travel adapters that are lightweight but powerful enough to handle all your needs on the go.

Key Products:

  • Storage
  • Monitor
  • Network
  • Security Equipment
  • Printer & Ink
  • Mobile & Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Desktop Computer
  • Pc Components
  • Equipment Rack
  • Pos System
  • Pc Accessories
  • Converter
  • Cables
  • Battery
  • Power Supply


AZSECU is one of the leading distributors and suppliers of power supplies, power cords, adapters, inverters, and more. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, they can offer dependable service and product quality to their customers across Malaysia. With competitive pricing on all products available and fast delivery, there’s no better time than now to get your hands on their products.

Key Products:

  • Thermal Camera 
  • IP Camera
  • CCTV Camera 
  • Network Switches
  • Alarm Accessories 
  • Alarm System 
  • Cable
  • CCTV Monitor 
  • Door Access System
  • Miscellaneous
  • Power Supply
  • Surge Protector 


TYFON TECH is Malaysia’s leading and most trusted name when it comes to sourcing the right AC adapters and chargers. TYFON TECH was founded in 2015 and launched its operations in Malaysia by trading new, used, and refurbished IT products, as well as spare parts, for a select number of well-known brands, including HP, DELL, ASUS, Acer, Apple, LENOVO, and others. They are committed to providing only the highest-quality products that come with an industry-leading warranty. Their large inventory, fast delivery time, great customer service, and competitive prices have led them to be one of the best suppliers of these essential electronic devices.

Key Products:

  • Used Desktop Computer
  • Used Laptops
  • Cheap Monitors
  • Used Hard Disk Drive HDD & SSD
  • Memory Module Ram
  • Laptop Battery Charger & Bag
  • New Computer Laptop Desktop
  • Notebook Laptop Replacement Parts
  • Desktop PC Computer Replacement Parts
  • Computer Accessories
  • Packaging & Office Supplies
  • Computer Laptop Rental


Define Engineering Sdn Bhd (abbreviated DEFINE) is led by a team of experienced Information Technology and Security Systems Specialists. The management team is trained and skilled in designing a comprehensive solution that includes infrastructure requirements such as structured cabling network systems and data communication equipment. It can provide its customers with turnkey services and total security solutions. The company can serve as a system integrator, integrating data networks, voice networks, and security equipment such as door access, security surveillance, and perimeter intruder detection systems on a campus-wide network with fiber optic cabling and structured cabling network system.

Key Products:

  • Advance Security System
  • Air Raid Alert System
  • CCTV Camera
  • Alarm System
  • Door Access System
  • Electric Fencing
  • Surge Protector
  • Power Supply
  • Miscellaneous
  • IP Camera
  • Network Switches
  • Thermal Camera


EXERLON is a company that was formed by the merger of Enclos System Electrical Supplies Sdn Bhd and RPS Automation Sdn Bhd. Its goal is to build a large regional sales and distribution network for its product line. This enables them to provide their full range of high-quality products to customers throughout the region, as well as consistent and effective product support and advice to all customers. Exerlon offers an extensive range of products, including appliance parts and accessories such as power cords, cables, plugs, switches, and many more.

Key Products:

  • WL&L
  • Terasaki
  • Socomec
  • Tamco
  • LS
  • Meanwell
  • MH
  • QPS
  • Salzer
  • Schneider
  • SES
  • Mikro
  • Leipold
  • Mitsubishi
  • Obo
  • Leipold
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Electronicon
  • EPS
  • Hager
  • IDEC
  • Kyoritsu
  • Fuji
  • Hyundai


AC adapters are one of the essential parts of your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. They regulate the flow of electricity from the outlet to your device and protect against power surges and spikes that could damage your device or cause it to malfunction. If you’re looking to find the best AC adapter suppliers in Malaysia, we hope this list has helped you make your decision.

With so many options and brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. However, there are a few tips when deciding which brand to buy from. First, don’t worry about compatibility because these brands offer adapters that work on 110-120V and 220-240V. Next, consider what types of products you need an adapter for? Laptops, tablets, phones, or other devices? From there, it’s just a matter of picking the brand with the features you like best!

Prowin Power is one of the names on the list that you can look up to. You can contact us by email or call us at +86 150 13765242 to learn more about our offer. We welcome all inquiries.

Top 11 AC adapters supplier in Israel

Today we would like to share the top 11 AC adapter suppliers in Israel. We have concluded a list of the leading 11 AC adapter suppliers in Israel so you can find your new favorite supplier that will provide quality products. This list is not ranked by importance or popularity but by our personal preferences. This list will help you find your next supplier for all your needs. 

Prowin Power

Prowin Power is one of the leading providers of power adapters. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the best products at an affordable price. We manufacture all of our products to be high-quality and dependable for various applications. We offer power adapters for everything from cell phones to laptops, printers, and more. Prowin Power offers a wide range of power adapter options that will fit your needs, including products with surge protection. If you have any questions about which product is best for you, do not hesitate to contact us today!

Key Products:

  • PD Power Adapter
  • Wall Mount Power Adapter
  • Desktop Power Adapter
  • Interchangeable Power
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Customized AC Power Adapter

Advis Electronics Ltd

Advis Electronics Ltd., established in 1988, is a company that specializes in system development, manufacturing, and marketing. Advis Electronics currently employs over 100 people in a variety of sales, development, and service specializations, as well as an engineering team with extensive supply sector experience and the ability to provide the optimal solution by adapting standard products and developing and manufacturing a unique product based on the project’s requirements, or a combination of the two. Their clients are high-tech companies such as the aviation industry, Motorola, Tadiran, banks, government offices, the Israel Police, hospitals, and others.

Key Products:

  • LED Driver
  • DC/DC Voltage Converters
  •  DC/AC Voltage Converters
  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • DC EV Chargers
  • AC EV Chargers


The Kahana Group has been engaged in the electrical, electronics, and control industries since it was founded in 1935 by the family’s grandfather, Michael Kahana. Today, the group is considered a leader in its field. The group has a variety of areas of activity and services for a wide variety of clients, from individuals and small businesses to large companies and enterprises. The group has set itself the vision of being the leader in the electricity market while establishing its position as a professional group, emphasizing service, and being accessible to its customers in any way they choose.

Key Products:

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Led Indicators
  • Switches & Pushbuttons- switches and buttons
  • Buzzers
  • Communication & Media Jack
  • Emergency Stop
  • Level Sensors
  • Machine Safety
  • Position Detection Sensors
  • Trackballs
  • Joysticks / Operator controls
  • High Voltage Connectors
  • Spring Contact Probes / POGO Pins
  • Low Voltage
  • Smart home, audio-video
  • Solar Energy


Afik2 is a one-stop shop for all your needs. It has been operating since 1992, specializing in many lines. Such as the import and marketing of batteries, deep-discharge batteries, uninterruptible batteries, batteries for electric screwdrivers, the assembly of nickel metal battery cases, nickel-cadmium battery cases, lithium battery cases, measuring devices (multimeters, voltmeters, ammeters), and lithium batteries. In addition, they market branded power supplies such as desktop power supplies, wall power supplies, laboratory power supplies, power supplies on a DIN, power supplies in a case, and power supplies for medical applications. Afik has 25 years of professional experience in the relevant field and professional human capital.

Key Products:

  • Accumulators
  • Electric tools, batteries and chargers
  • Power supplies
  • Testing and measuring equipment
  • Voltage converters
  • Battery chargers
  • Do not interrupt UPS
  • Chargers and lithium batteries
  • Batteries for cranes
  • Batteries and chargers for vacuum cleaners
  • Solar panel/ charge controller
  • Laptop chargers
  • Batteries for cameras
  • Camera/cell phone chargers
  • Batteries for wireless phones
  • Batteries and chargers in general
  • Flashlights/ magnifying glass
  • LED lighting/ emergency lighting
  • Electronic kits
  • Voltage stabilizers
  • Electrical accessories
  • Power adapters/cables/branches
  • Wireless remotes
  • Electric vehicle chargers
  • Renovation of special batteries
  • Batteries for radios

Solan Interactive Ltd

Solan Interactive Ltd. was founded in 1994 and is the largest professional battery and charger site in Israel. It is the most professional and leading company in its field on the Internet. They are experts in solar systems, solar energy, voltage converters, gel batteries, battery charging, and battery diagnostics. Solan imports and markets laptop batteries for all manufacturers, laptop chargers, solar panels, car cameras, car starter boosters, solar charge controllers, battery chargers, industrial batteries, deep-discharge batteries, lithium batteries, and more. The company’s experts provide advice, laboratory services, testing, support, and repairs for the company’s products. The company’s products are high-quality and among the most advanced on the market. They undergo strict quality checks before they are delivered to the customer.

Key Products:

  • Batteries for laptop computers
  • Solar systems and accessories
  • Laptop chargers
  • 220V voltage converters for any purpose
  • LED projector and work lights
  • Batteries for all purposes
  • Deep discharge AGM gel batteries
  • Vehicle products and diagnostics
  • Low voltage DC>DC converters
  • Programmed controllers and testers
  • Computers and electronic


Or PC was established in 2004 and is engaged in selling computers and peripheral equipment and providing service to businesses and private customers. Or PC specializes in implementing and adapting the hardware and software to the customer’s needs. Or PC Computers has 20 years of knowledge and experience in the computer and communications industries. They market Dell, Acer, HP, Intel, LG, Asus, JBL, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, and more products. They aim to provide professional, fast, reliable, efficient, and quality service.

Key Products:

  • Hard Drives
  • NAS Servers
  • Laptop accessories
  • Tablets
  • Hardware
  • Peripheral Equipment
  • Computers
  • Cables and Adapters
  •  Laptop Bags


Physi2 was established in 2009 and is one of the most trusted computer parts suppliers. Within two years, they became a dominant and leading factor in the field of batteries and chargers for portable computers. They also became leaders in Israel in the online purchase of these products.

They are committed to providing quality products at affordable prices. They can also help you choose your next computer or laptop with the best configuration. Ordering from Physi2 is easy; all you need to do is fill out their contact form or call them. They will then send you an email with instructions on paying for your order online using PayPal or a credit card so that you can get started immediately.

Key Products:

  • Camera accessories
  • Cordless phone batteries
  • DVD burners
  • Cables and adapters
  • Batteries for mobile phones
  • Mobile keyboards
  • hard disks
  • Laptop accessories
  • USB devices
  • Docking stations
  • Laptop chargers
  • Projector bulbs
  • Mobile chargers
  • Mobile batteries
  • Cell phone batteries
  • iRobot batteries

Shekem Electric

Shekem Electric is a leading supplier of quality AC adapters for both your home and office. They have a wide variety of adapters available to suit all your needs. Whether you need an adapter for your wall socket or a transformer, they have the right product for you. Their staff is dedicated to providing wonderful customer service at all times and ensuring that your purchase experience is quick and convenient. Their prices are very competitive and affordable, so you can have the best products without breaking the bank. You can learn more about their product range by browsing through their website.

Key Products:

  • Air Conditioners and Climate Products
  • TV and Stereo
  • Appliances
  • Washing, Drying and Ironing
  • Small Products for the Kitchen
  • Smartphones Gaming and Technology
  • the World of Computers
  • Bathroom and Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners
  • Care Products and Pharma


Tronic is your one-stop shop for all your cellular needs. Top brands, such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus, iPad Pro, and Galaxy S8, to name a few, provide a wide range of features. They offer a full range of smartphone repair services, including battery replacement, water damage repair, and more. In their online store, you will find the best deals on mobile phones from top manufacturers. They also have the latest accessories available at great prices, such as power banks, chargers, adapters, cables, and more. If you’re looking for a cell phone case or screen protector, they have those too at competitive prices.

Key Products:

  • Repair Shop
  • Printing Pictures
  • Cables and Adapters
  • Consoles
  • Computers and Accessories
  • Electricity and Electronics
  • Cell Phone Accessories
  • Cell Phones and Tablets

Leader Computers

Leader Computers is a computer and cell phone store, lab with sound equipment, and a recording studio in Jerusalem. They offer a wide range of products to suit every need, including power strips, surge protectors, extension cords, and computer protection, and replacement adapters for popular brands like Apple and Dell. They are committed to customer satisfaction, which is why they stand behind all of their products with a 30-day return policy.

Key Products:

  • Cables and adapters
  • Office Supplies
  • Electricity and gadgets
  • Computers and accessories
  • Phones and accessories
  • Photo and podcast accessories
  • Computer and cellular services
  • Professional sound equipment

Wellcome Technologies

Wellcome Technologies was founded in 2005 and specialized in marketing and sales in retail and on the Internet. They are also into wholesale computers, such as peripheral equipment for computers, computer components, laptops, and servers. The company designs and markets computers under the exclusive brand “Well PC.” It offers various models of desktop computers that can be used in different work environments, ranging from gaming to office use. The company also provides a range of mini-computers explicitly designed for home entertainment or simple business use.

Key Products:

  • Servers
  • Chairs
  • Agree
  • Gaming
  • PC Desktops
  • Laptops and Mobiles
  • Professional Workstations
  • Hardware – Computing Components
  • The Equipment and Software


It’s essential to ensure that your electronics have the right adapters because even a power strip won’t be able to power every device. The list of suppliers above should give you plenty of options for a quality adapter that will work for your needs. Prowin Power has been on the market for 10 years and offers competitive prices, good customer service, and fast shipping. Plus, they’ll take care of you if anything happens to your adapter. If you’re looking for a partner that can provide all the necessary power adapters, then look no further than Prowin Power. You can contact us by email, phone, or even chat to learn more about our products.

Top 11 power supply wholesalers in Switzerland

This article will list the top power supply wholesalers in Switzerland and give you some great examples of brands to look out for when purchasing power supplies in Switzerland. We recommend that you choose your power supply carefully, as it can affect the efficiency of your device and have an impact on its overall lifespan and working performance. In this article, we’ll look at the top power supply wholesalers in Switzerland, so keep reading to learn more!

Prowin Power

Prowin Power offers customized power solutions and supplies. We have been in the line of power industry since 2013 and have built our brand as a reliable and versatile option. Our vision is to provide reliable products at a reasonable cost, making us great for urgent projects.

We dedicate ourselves to offering the best power solutions as we reach over ten years in the field. At the same time, we focus on flexibility and production quality.

We have personal goals as a recognized power supplier. Our aims include innovating and developing outstanding power solutions across global markets. Besides this, we also pay attention to our consumers and cater each service to their needs. 

Key Products

  • Consumer Electronic AC DC adapter
  • Laptop adapter and Charger
  • LED Driver Power Supply
  • Switch Mode Power Adapter
  • GaN Charger Power Delivery
  • Open Frame Power Supply
  • I.T.E. Power Supply

Omni Ray

Omni Ray AG is one of the leading power supply wholesalers in Switzerland. They have more than 70 years of combined experience, and they can be trusted to provide the best power supplies to their customers. The company offers various services, such as engineering, design, and manufacturing, so customers can count on them to get what they need without any hassle. They also offer a variety of services that make it simple for you to find your ideal power supply quickly and easily. Omni Ray has a group of experts who are always available to answer questions about their products and help you with anything you might need, including advice on how to best solve an issue or choose the right product for your needs.

Key Products:

  • Network & Computing
  • Automation
  • Sensors
  • Electromechanics
  • Mechanical Components

Simpex Electronic

Simpex Electronic AG is a Swiss company that has been a market leader in industrial electronics, manufacturing technology, and LED lighting technology for more than 40 years. They have been one of the top power supply wholesalers in Switzerland, with production facilities located throughout Europe and North America. Simpex is known for its high-quality products, which are recognized worldwide. The company employs over 45 people, including engineers and technicians, who work to manufacture power supplies that are both energy-efficient and user-friendly.

Key Products:

  • LED Lighting Technology
  • Power Supplies
  • Production Technology
  • Electromechanics
  • EMC filter
  • Control Cabinet Equipment
  • Fan
  • Current and Voltage Sensors
  • Building Automation
  • Display
  • Keyboards
  • Thermal Printer


Schulz-Electronic is a leading wholesaler of power supply units and power supplies. They offer a wide range of products from both well-known brands and also brands that are less familiar but can still be found on the market. The company has been operating for over 10 years and has built an excellent reputation for delivering quality products to its customers. Schulz-Electronic is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified and has therefore established itself as one of the leading suppliers of power supply units around. Their dedication to customers means that they will always try to offer the best possible service, no matter what the situation is.

Key Products:

  • AC/AC
  • AC/DC
  • DC/DC
  • Electronic Load
  • High Voltage
  • Laser Diode Driver
  • Photonics
  • Pulse Generator
  • Accessories & Options

Key Products:

  • Installation and Building System Technology
  • Building Automation
  • Low Voltage Products and Systems
  • Medium Voltage Products and Energy Automation
  • Automation and Control Technology
  • IT Infrastructure, UPS, Racks, Cooling and Monitoring

Sécheron Hasler Group

Secheron Hasler Group is a worldwide supplier of railway electrical and electronic safety components and traction power systems, as well as renewable energy, DC grids, and other industrial systems. The Sécheron Hasler Group is based in Switzerland and owned by a team of entrepreneurs committed to long-term sustainability through innovation, quality, and exceptional customer service. These companies, with a huge international presence and more than 1300 employees in worldwide offices, will take care of all your products, whether it is a railway, transit, or heavy industrial Their goods are to be found everywhere the rails are, and they have excellent customer service and pricing worldwide. 

Key Products:

  • Pantographs
  • DC Circuit Breakers
  • AC Circuit Breakers
  • AC Circuit Breakers
  • AC Vacuum Circuit Breakers
  • Surge Arresters
  • AC & DC High-Voltage Integrated Systems
  • Contactors
  • Disconnectors For Rolling Stock
  • Disconnectors for Fixed Installation
  • Earthing & Safety
  • Voltage & Current Sensors
  • Master Controllers
  • Wheel Flange Lubricators
  • Engineering Services
  • Power Conversion
  • DC Switchgear & Distribution Board
  • AC Switchgear
  • Protection & Supervision
  • Electrical Houses
  • Engineering Services


Fabrimex AG, a Swiss company based in Bubikon, has been an international leader in the power supply industry for more than 70 years. The company specializes in power supplies for industrial purposes, including high-voltage and low-voltage systems and switching power supplies. Fabrimex AG’s customers are primarily from Europe, North America and Asia. A significant part of the production is exported to regions such as South America, Africa, and Australia.

Key Products:

  • Ac to Dc Converter
  • Dc/dc Converter
  • Power Supplies
  • Inverter

Electro Wettstein SA 

Electro Wettstein SA is a company that specializes in high-quality, innovative power supplies. EWSA began as a family-owned business. Over the years, EWSA has grown into a company with an international presence. They have offices in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. EWSA has been supplying power supply products since 1972 to industry, commerce, and households throughout Europe. They offer customers a wide variety of solutions for their needs, which include UPS systems, battery systems, backup modules, and control cabinets. In addition to these products, EWSA also offers transformers for direct current input or output as well as rectifiers for both alternating and direct currents.

Key Products:

  • PCs, Notebooks & Tablets
  • PC Components
  • Periphery
  • Software
  • PC Cables & Adapters
  • Gaming

Intrexis Ltd 

Intrexis Ltd. is one of the leading power supply wholesalers in Switzerland. They are one of the few suppliers who can offer a full range of products and services to their clients. Their enthusiasm for technology and performance drives them to continuously develop better and more efficient power supply systems. Today, the most comprehensive portfolio of DC/DC converters for railway applications is available. Their customers include semiconductor, automotive, and industrial electronics suppliers. Intrexis has an extensive inventory and can ship orders promptly from its Swiss warehouse.

Key Products:

  • DC/DC chassis mount
  • DC/DC open frame
  • DC/DC DIN Rail
  • DC/DC converter railway
  • DC/DC and AC/DC converters customized
  • DC/DC and AC/DC converter retrofit
  • DC/DC and AC/DC converters medicine
  • UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • USB charger train


Battrix is a professional and reliable power supply wholesaler based in Switzerland. They offer various products, including chargers, adapters, converters, power supplies, and more. Battrix has been supplying the Swiss market for over 10 years with quality products at an affordable price. Their customer service is quick to respond to inquiries, and their knowledgeable team will be able to help you find the perfect product for your needs.

Key Products:

  • Battery
  • Cable
  • Lead Battery 
  • Connectors
  • Power Supply Box – Power Supply
  • HDMI
  • Battery Pack


Regatron is a leading provider of power supplies with a wide range of products. Some of their key features are their high quality and low price, their ability to make customized power supplies, and the availability of OEM parts. REGATRON has a modular design and an unrivaled inventive data link technique that allows individual units to be connected not only in parallel but also in series and mixed-mode (series and parallel). As a result, maximum flexibility in terms of changing requirements and future expansions is provided.

Key Products:

  • DC and AC Power Supplies
  • Custom Designed Programmable Power


Electropoint, a Swiss company that specializes in power supply wholesalers and electrical components, is committed to providing quality products and services. Electropoint has been manufacturing electronic components for over fifty years and is known for its high-quality power supplies. Electropoint manufactures a wide range of power supplies, including linear types, switching types, boost types, and battery chargers. They also provide precision resistors with a tolerance of up to 1%. All of their products are RoHS compliant, which means they are free of lead, mercury, or other toxic substances. Due to the fact that Electropoint is also an agent for certain manufacturers, they offer special pricing on these items if you need them urgently.

Key Products:

  • Stabilized Power Supplies, Transformers, UPS
  • Switches & Switches
  • Relays, Timers, Solid State
  • Frequency Converters
  • Modular Enclosures
  • Industrial Connectors
  • Sockets & Plugs (CEE…)
  • Contactless Switches
  • Pin Switches 
  • Monitoring Relays
  • Soft Starters
  • Contactors
  • Motor Circuit Breakers


Ultimately, it’s important to remember that finding the right wholesaler for your requirements can take time and effort. But it becomes much easier if you know what to search for and where to find them. The most important aspect is to begin as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a power supply company to work with, start by checking out our power supply suppliers list. From there, narrow your search by filtering through various criteria such as industry type and location. Once you have an idea of who may be the best fit for your business, reach out! You never know who could be just the person to give your business an edge. Contact us to learn more details.

Top 11 Power Supply Vendors in South Africa

Suppliers of power supplies and power supply solutions in South Africa have been experiencing a steady increase in demand over the last decade. This has been due to the rapid development of information technology which has increased the number of electronic devices used worldwide and increased usage of devices such as computers and mobile phones, which all require constant charging. We will list some of the top power supply vendors operating in South Africa today. And see what their services entail so you can make an informed choice.

Prowin Power

Prowin Power is a leading manufacturer of high-quality, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly AC/DC power supplies. From 3-volt to 60-volt 3W- 2000W output, Prowin Power offers a wide range of products that are suitable for various applications such as LED lighting, industrial control systems, battery chargers, and the CCTV products. Prowin Power strives to be one of the best suppliers of quality power supplies in South Africa by producing only high-quality products with a focus on sustainability. The company achieves this by using locally sourced materials and equipment wherever possible. 

Prowin Power has been manufacturing reliable AC/DC power supplies since 2013. These products have been used extensively in many industries across Southern Africa, including mining, food processing, construction, and renewable energy projects.

Key Products:

  • Wall Mounted Power Adapter
  • Switching Power Supply
  • PD Power Adapter
  • Meanwell Power Supply
  • Interchangeable Power Adapter
  • Desktop Power Adapter

Current Automation

Current Automation has been supplying and installing power supplies for commercial and industrial customers since 1994. Their team of qualified engineers, electricians, and technicians can handle any size and type of projects, no matter how big or small. The company is also known for its focus on customer service; it will ensure that your requirements are met to the greatest extent possible. The company offers a full range of AC and DC supplies, as well as electronic components. From their head office in Johannesburg, they supply customers across Southern and East Africa. They offer three ranges of products that cover all customer needs: budget products (for cost-sensitive customers), standard products (for general-purpose applications), and specialist products (for demanding applications).

Key Products:

  • Solar
  • Batteries
  • Battery Chargers
  • DC-UPS
  • Power Supplies
  • Inverters
  • DC-DC
  • UPS
  • Solar Combos
  • Rectifiers


Mantech is an electrical distributor offering a full range of Meanwell products. These include AC/DC supplies, inverters, chargers, and controllers. Meanwell has created various products to suit different applications, from industrial and commercial to residential. Whether you need a single-phase or three-phase input or low voltage or high voltage output, there is a Meanwell product for you!

Key Products:

  • Components
  • Computer Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Consumer Goods
  • Electrical
  • Electronic Kits
  • Hardware
  • IOT
  • Literature
  • Miscellaneous
  • Power
  • Rfid
  • Security Equipment
  • Test & Measurement
  • Tools
  • Wire & Cable


VePac is a leading supplier of mobile and industrial power solutions in South Africa.

They offer a wide range of products, from renewable energy to battery management systems, allowing you to find the right solution for your specific needs. VePac has been supplying some of Southern Africa’s most high-profile companies with their industrial and mobile power needs for more than 20 years.

Their list of satisfied customers includes Sasol, Eskom, Telkom, McKinsey & Company and many more. VePac has stocks of inverters, generators, UPSs (uninterrupted power supplies), batteries and solar panels. So no matter what your requirements are, they will have an answer for you.

Key Products:

  • Test and Measurement
  • Power Supplies
  • Chemicals for Electronics
  • Hakko Soldering Equipment
  • Encoders and Rugged HMi
  • Subracks & Accessories
  • Electrical Enclosures
  • Connectors
  • Embedded Flash & DRAM
  • Batteries & Chargers
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Relay/Timer/Limit Switch
  • EMI / EMC Filters


ElectroMechanica was established in 1984 and is a leader in providing an integrated range of electrical equipment for mining, chemical processing, food and beverage production, as well as the refining sector. In addition to supplying equipment to these major industries, it also provides services like construction management and engineering design consulting to help them build or upgrade their facilities. The company has over 5,000 employees and operates from four locations across South Africa. Its people, equipment, and technologies enable them to deliver high-performance solutions that add value to its customers’ operations, improve their performance, and save them money.

Key Products:

  • Motor Controls & Drives
  • Power Distribution & Protection
  • Automation
  • Control & Signalling
  • Metering
  • Power Quality
  • Communication
  • Enclosures & Climate Control
  • Plugs & Sockets
  • Timers & Control Relays
  • Field Switching & Sensing
  • Termination & Wiring
  • Tools

RS Components

RS Components is an international distributor of specialist industrial, electronic, and engineering components. They’ve been supplying customers with a wide range of products since 1954. With offices and distribution centers on four continents, they are well-positioned to provide timely delivery to a global marketplace. They offer over 700,000 different products from 2,500 suppliers, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, semiconductors, fuses and circuit protection devices, connectors and switchgear components, transformers and inductive components, motors (including servo motors), programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for automation control systems, electrical safety equipment such as surge protectors and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs), and measuring equipment such as thermometers, pressure gauges, and humidity sensors.

Key Products:

  • Electronics Components, Power & Connectors
    •  Batteries & Chargers
    •  Connectors
    •  Displays & Optoelectronics
    •  ESD Control, Cleanroom & PCB Prototyping
    •  Passive Components
    •  Power Supplies & Transformers
    •  Raspberry Pi, Arduino & Development Tools
    •  Semiconductors
  • Electrical, Automation & Cables
    •  Automation & Control Gear
    •  Cables & Wires
    •  Enclosures & Server Racks
    •  Fuses & Circuit Breakers
    •  HVAC, Fans & Thermal Management
    •  Lighting
    •  Relays & Signal Conditioning
    •  Switches
  • Mechanical Products & Tools
    •  Access, Storage & Material Handling
    •  Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes
    •  Bearings & Seals
    •  Engineering Materials & Industrial Hardware
    •  Fasteners & Fixings
    •  Hand Tools
    •  Mechanical Power Transmission
    •  Plumbing & Pipeline
    •  Pneumatics & Hydraulics
    •  Power Tools, Soldering & Welding
  • IT, Test & Safety Equipment
    •  Computing & Peripherals
    •  Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance
    •  Office Supplies
    •  Personal Protective Equipment & Workwear
    •  Security & Ironmongery
    •  Site Safety
    •  Test & Measurement


MegaPower is one of the top power suppliers in South Africa. MegaPower provides a wide variety of energy solutions to suit different needs and budgets, including solar and battery storage systems, fixed-rate electricity contracts, and off-grid solutions. In addition to providing excellent products, MegaPower has also been recognized for its excellent service. The company has achieved numerous awards for its customer service excellence, including being named Best Electricity Retailer at the 2018 National Customer Service Excellence Awards (NCSE).

Key Products:

  • APC Power Supplies
  • Eaton Power Supplies

Power House(PHD)

Powerhouse Distributions (PHD), a level 2 BBBEE-certified business, focuses on surge protection, backup and alternative power, and power balancing products and solutions. The company provides modern services and technologies which is widely regarded as a leader in its industry. From the fundamental design of distribution board layouts to the execution of turnkey power solutions, PHD’s comprehensive offering spans a variety of disciplines. In addition, they offer extensive service support for all of their goods and services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to all power conditioning issues. PHD’s product line includes a broad selection of technologically advanced power protection devices that support and safeguard users’ delicate equipment and data in crucial applications across numerous industries.

Key Products:

  • Battery Chargers
  • Generators
  • Power Supplies
  • UPS Systems
  • Batteries
  • Surge & Lightning Protection
  • Voltage Stabilizers
  • Inverters
  • Solar Systems

Micro Robotics

Micro Robotics is a South African market leader in electronic and robotic components for the maker and prototyping markets. They offer hard-to-find components from all the major brands. They are an official distributor for Sparkfun, Pololu, Teensy, DF Robot, Adafruit, Beaglebone, and various other brands. Their head office is in Technopark Centurion, and they have just expanded to the Western Cape and opened in Technopark Stellenbosch. For them, the study of robotics is a lifelong journey. With their extensive knowledge base, they can provide solutions to the most complex industrial automation challenges to meet your needs.

Key Products:

  • Breakout Boards and Modules
  • Cable and Wire
  • Communication and Wireless
  • Connectors
  • Connectors and Cables
  • Development Boards
  • Displays
  • Electronic Components
  • Electronic Components – SMD
  • Industrial, Automation and PC
  • Mechanical, CNC and 3D Printing
  • Motors and Controllers
  • Power, Battery, Regulators and Solar
  • Sensors and Cameras
  • Switches
  • Tools, Prototyping and Consumables
  • Robotics and Kits

Communica (Pty) Ltd

Communica (Pty) Ltd. is a company that specializes in supplying various electronic products and components. It was established in 1977, and they provide a wide range of electronic goods, including but not limited to networking equipment, power supplies, computer systems and laptops, voice communications, internet connectivity solutions, and managed services solutions.

Key Products:

  • 3d Printing & Accessories
  • Circuit Protection
  • Computing & Peripherals
  • Connectors
  • Diy Kits
  • Electromechanical
  • Enclosures
  • Home Automation
  • Internet of Things (Iot)
  • Opto-Electronics
  • Passive Components
  • Power
  • Prototyping Products
  • Robotics
  • Security, Access Control & Surveillance
  • Semiconductors
  • Sensors
  • Test & Measurement
  • Thermal Management
  • Tools & Supplies
  • Wire & Cable

Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is a global provider of electrical and electronic connection systems, wiring devices, and automation technology. The company first established a presence in South Africa in 1969 and later became a wholly owned sales subsidiary in 2001, with its headquarters in Randburg, Johannesburg. Phoenix Contact is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of terminal blocks, distribution boards, and panel connectors. They are recognized as a leader in connection technology and maintain extensive inventories to service the market. They have branch offices and warehouses in the coastal cities of Cape Town and Durban, as well as sales offices in Port Elizabeth and the North East Region, and they are represented in several sub-Saharan African countries.

Key Products:

  • Cloud computing
  • Edge computing
  • PLCs (controllers) and I/Os
  • Board-to-board connectors
  • Connectors and cables
  • Distribution blocks
  • Terminal blocks
  • PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors
  • Plug-in test system
  • Charging technology for e-mobility
  • DC/DC converters and DC/AC inverters
  • Power distributors
  • Power supplies
  • Protective relays for mains protection
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Motor starters and electronic switching devices
  • Relays and optocouplers
  • Energy monitoring


We have looked at some of the most sought-after power supply vendors in South Africa. There is a lot of competition when it comes to this market, with many different companies competing for your business. This can be both beneficial and detrimental as you’ll have several options to choose from but might not know which one to pick. One of the best things about all these companies is that they’re big enough to offer warranties and guarantees but small enough that they can focus on customer service, so you always feel like you’re getting great value for your money. If your business needs to be running 24/7 without fail, then we highly recommend that you look into Prowin Power because they’ll keep everything running smoothly even when there’s an outage!

Top 11 Power Station Wholesaler in the USA

A huge portion of the world relies on electricity to function, whether it’s powering their homes, businesses, or vehicles. Without it, our lives would be utterly chaotic (imagine never being able to use your microwave again!). It’s no surprise that the electrical power industry is an extremely competitive one, with large and small companies fighting for market share each day. If you’re in the business of selling power stations, then this list of the top 11 power station wholesalers in the USA will help you find the right one for you.


Ark Corporation is a global manufacturer of power stations and other industrial products. Their office and warehouse in Chicago provide outstanding customer service and support, which they are truly privileged to have as a team. Ark also has manufacturing facilities located around the world. Their company is privately held by their employees, which means they are able to provide their customers with a personalized experience that can’t be replicated by any publicly traded company. It also allows them to respond quickly to market demand.

Key Products

  • Portable Power Station
  • Solar panel
  • Power Distribution Hub
  • Corner Steadies
  • AC & DC Battery Charger
  • 715/730 Portable Power
  • Mounting Bracket
  • DC-DC Charger


Blackfire is a wholesaler of power sources and has been supplying power stations to customers for many years. They have a high reputation for providing quality power plants for their customers. Blackfire is affiliated with Klein Tools, and Blackfire utilizes Klein Tools’ product development expertise in creating its outdoor gear products. A USA-based company with its headquarters in Texas, this team has spent as much time outdoors as they have on the job site, getting addicted to outdoor products.

Key Products

  • Portable Power Stations
  • Led Lights
  • Speakers
  • Tools
  • Fans


EcoPowerit is a national wholesale distributor of new and pre-owned power stations for home use. EcoPowerit offers a variety of energy solutions, including solar panels, solar kits, backup generators, and battery storage systems. EcoPowerit also provides custom design services to its customers. Since its establishment, EcoPowerit has provided residential and commercial customers with a green solution to their power needs. All their products are environmentally friendly—more than 50% are produced by renewable sources such as wind turbines or solar panels.

Key Products

  • Portable Power Stations
  • Solar Generators
  • Solar Battery System
  • Ecoflow Ecosystem
  • Batteries
  • Solar Panels
  • Rv Solar Kits
  • Kara Pure
  • Mobile Medical Generators
  • Portable Solar Fridge & Freezer
  • Bundle
  • Power Banks&chargers
  • Authorized Brands


Inergy is a wholesale provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy products, including solar, wind, and battery storage systems. It continues to lead this market with its unparalleled customer service, knowledgeable team, and extensive product offerings. Inergy is also known for its comprehensive solar projects that span various applications and industries. These include ground-mount and solar-plus-storage energy solutions.

Key Products

  • Kodiak All-In-One Power Stations 
  • Flex Modular System
  • Accessories 
  • Solar Panels
  • Soluna


Rocksolar was created to meet the demand for off-grid power sources everywhere, as well as the massive scale of the camping industry, outdoor activities, and emergency/natural disaster events. Portable power stations are equipped with the latest innovations, providing a tough design, increased performance, exceptional quality, and a quiet and fumeless operation. Using lithium batteries and DC to AC inverters, the crew’s expertise lies in developing a BMS (Battery Management System).

Key Products

  • Portable Power Stations
  • Portable Solar Generator Kits
  • Outdoor Led Lights
  • Portable Solar Panels
  • Lifepo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Accessories


Geneverse is a leading wholesale distributor of renewable energy products and services. They provide green energy solutions to businesses, governments, and consumers around the world.

Geneverse has been an established company for more than a decade and is committed to providing quality energy products to its customers. Their focus on customer service, product innovation, and social responsibility has helped them become one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Geneverse aims to ensure complete renewable energy independence, which will transform centralized energy distribution into a distributed, decentralized, and self-sustainable future.

Key Products

  • Solar Generator (PRO Series)
  • HomePower PRO
  • Solar Generator (HP1 Series)
  • Solar Generator (HP2 Series)
  • HomePower ONE
  • HomePower 2
  • SolarPower ONE
  • SolarPower 2


Jackery is one of the largest and most recognizable power station wholesaler companies in America and a global top-selling solar generator brand recognized by over 100 authorized media and organizations worldwide. The company has been in business for 10 years and distributes its products all over North America. Jackery also sells solar panels, LED lights, and emergency flashlights. The ambitious goal of Jackery is to promote healthy outdoor activities and preserve the environment. Their goal is to create portable solar-powered goods that are not only the most cost-effective on the market but also contribute to a sustainable future for the entire planet.

Key Products

  • Solar Generator
  • Portable Power Station
  • Solar Panel
  • Accessories


ANKER is a global consumer electronics company founded on innovation and design. The company has been building charging solutions for more than 20 years, continually investing in new technologies to keep up with changing lifestyles. Today, ANKER offers a wide range of high-quality products across multiple categories, including batteries, chargers, cables, and other accessories for mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. With an expansive product lineup that includes some of the most trusted brands around, like Samsung or Apple, ANKER always has a charging solution to fit your needs.

Key Products

  • Chargers
  • Power Banks
  • Cables
  • Wireless
  • AC Power
  • Power Station
  • Hubs and Docks


TOGOPOWER has been in the gas generator sales sector since 2000. They are frequently employed in outdoor pursuits such as do-it-yourself projects, off-grid living, and power outages. TOGOPOWER was established in Los Angeles in 2019. To provide rechargeable electricity that is user-friendly and kind to the environment, they have introduced a number of lithium power stations and solar panels. They are also composed of high-quality materials, are silent, and are portable.

Key Products

Power Station

Solar Panel

Solar Genset

Gas Generator


EcoFlow is a renewable energy company that provides solar power products and solutions to residential and commercial customers. They have various products to choose from, and their team is available for consultation before, during, or after installation. EcoFlow was founded by industry veterans who wanted to establish an ethical company that offered high-quality solar power systems at reasonable prices.

EcoFlow’s mission is to empower homes and businesses with clean, renewable energy while building a healthier environment for future generations. Their goal is to make installing solar panels as easy as possible.

Key Products

  • Solar Generators
  • Portable Power Stations
  • Solar Panels
  • Power Banks
  • Refurbished Products
  • Smart Appliances
  • Power Kits

Goal Zero 

Goal Zero has led the field of renewable energy in terms of innovation and design since 2009. Goal Zero isn’t just a business; it was founded by individuals who truly enjoy life to the fullest. A caring heart, a love of exploration, and a respect for the environment. Since then, the business has grown to provide solar panels and other solar technology to supply homes, businesses, and schools with sustainable electricity. Goal Zero sells small electronics that can be fueled by non-renewable energy sources, even though they are best known for their solar goods.

Key Products

  • Power Stations Power Banks
  • Portable Solar Panels 
  • Mountable Solar Panels 
  • Solar Chargers
  • Lanterns 
  • Flashlights 
  • String Lights
  • Solar Generators 
  • Home Backup 
  • Portable Charging Kits
  • Accessories


The home power station industry is growing rapidly, with the number of homes utilizing solar energy or wind turbines growing almost yearly. These renewable sources of electricity are becoming more cost-effective and much cleaner for the environment.

The portable power station is a rechargeable, battery-powered generator with an AC outlet, a DC port, and USB ports. The idea is that it can charge your devices (smartphones, laptops, CPAPs, coffee makers, etc.) at the same time. To charge your power station AC battery, use the supplied cable (or a USB-C to USB-C cable) to connect its USB-C port to a USB-C or USB-A wall charger or with a power adapter, car charger, solar panel, or car charger with an output of up to 3A.

Prowin Power is a power supply manufacturer that is located in China. We offer power adapters compatible with charging a portable power station at a reasonable rate. Contact us for more information.