Top 11 AC adapters supplier in Israel

Last updated: November 21, 2022 at 15:31 pm

Today we would like to share the top 11 AC adapter suppliers in Israel. We have concluded a list of the leading 11 AC adapter suppliers in Israel so you can find your new favorite supplier that will provide quality products. This list is not ranked by importance or popularity but by our personal preferences. This list will help you find your next supplier for all your needs. 

Prowin Power

Prowin Power is one of the leading providers of power adapters. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering the best products at an affordable price. We manufacture all of our products to be high-quality and dependable for various applications. We offer power adapters for everything from cell phones to laptops, printers, and more. Prowin Power offers a wide range of power adapter options that will fit your needs, including products with surge protection. If you have any questions about which product is best for you, do not hesitate to contact us today!

Key Products:

  • PD Power Adapter
  • Wall Mount Power Adapter
  • Desktop Power Adapter
  • Interchangeable Power
  • Switching Power Supply
  • Customized AC Power Adapter

Advis Electronics Ltd

Advis Electronics Ltd., established in 1988, is a company that specializes in system development, manufacturing, and marketing. Advis Electronics currently employs over 100 people in a variety of sales, development, and service specializations, as well as an engineering team with extensive supply sector experience and the ability to provide the optimal solution by adapting standard products and developing and manufacturing a unique product based on the project’s requirements, or a combination of the two. Their clients are high-tech companies such as the aviation industry, Motorola, Tadiran, banks, government offices, the Israel Police, hospitals, and others.

Key Products:

  • LED Driver
  • DC/DC Voltage Converters
  •  DC/AC Voltage Converters
  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • DC EV Chargers
  • AC EV Chargers


The Kahana Group has been engaged in the electrical, electronics, and control industries since it was founded in 1935 by the family’s grandfather, Michael Kahana. Today, the group is considered a leader in its field. The group has a variety of areas of activity and services for a wide variety of clients, from individuals and small businesses to large companies and enterprises. The group has set itself the vision of being the leader in the electricity market while establishing its position as a professional group, emphasizing service, and being accessible to its customers in any way they choose.

Key Products:

  • Circuit Breakers
  • Led Indicators
  • Switches & Pushbuttons- switches and buttons
  • Buzzers
  • Communication & Media Jack
  • Emergency Stop
  • Level Sensors
  • Machine Safety
  • Position Detection Sensors
  • Trackballs
  • Joysticks / Operator controls
  • High Voltage Connectors
  • Spring Contact Probes / POGO Pins
  • Low Voltage
  • Smart home, audio-video
  • Solar Energy


Afik2 is a one-stop shop for all your needs. It has been operating since 1992, specializing in many lines. Such as the import and marketing of batteries, deep-discharge batteries, uninterruptible batteries, batteries for electric screwdrivers, the assembly of nickel metal battery cases, nickel-cadmium battery cases, lithium battery cases, measuring devices (multimeters, voltmeters, ammeters), and lithium batteries. In addition, they market branded power supplies such as desktop power supplies, wall power supplies, laboratory power supplies, power supplies on a DIN, power supplies in a case, and power supplies for medical applications. Afik has 25 years of professional experience in the relevant field and professional human capital.

Key Products:

  • Accumulators
  • Electric tools, batteries and chargers
  • Power supplies
  • Testing and measuring equipment
  • Voltage converters
  • Battery chargers
  • Do not interrupt UPS
  • Chargers and lithium batteries
  • Batteries for cranes
  • Batteries and chargers for vacuum cleaners
  • Solar panel/ charge controller
  • Laptop chargers
  • Batteries for cameras
  • Camera/cell phone chargers
  • Batteries for wireless phones
  • Batteries and chargers in general
  • Flashlights/ magnifying glass
  • LED lighting/ emergency lighting
  • Electronic kits
  • Voltage stabilizers
  • Electrical accessories
  • Power adapters/cables/branches
  • Wireless remotes
  • Electric vehicle chargers
  • Renovation of special batteries
  • Batteries for radios

Solan Interactive Ltd

Solan Interactive Ltd. was founded in 1994 and is the largest professional battery and charger site in Israel. It is the most professional and leading company in its field on the Internet. They are experts in solar systems, solar energy, voltage converters, gel batteries, battery charging, and battery diagnostics. Solan imports and markets laptop batteries for all manufacturers, laptop chargers, solar panels, car cameras, car starter boosters, solar charge controllers, battery chargers, industrial batteries, deep-discharge batteries, lithium batteries, and more. The company’s experts provide advice, laboratory services, testing, support, and repairs for the company’s products. The company’s products are high-quality and among the most advanced on the market. They undergo strict quality checks before they are delivered to the customer.

Key Products:

  • Batteries for laptop computers
  • Solar systems and accessories
  • Laptop chargers
  • 220V voltage converters for any purpose
  • LED projector and work lights
  • Batteries for all purposes
  • Deep discharge AGM gel batteries
  • Vehicle products and diagnostics
  • Low voltage DC>DC converters
  • Programmed controllers and testers
  • Computers and electronic


Or PC was established in 2004 and is engaged in selling computers and peripheral equipment and providing service to businesses and private customers. Or PC specializes in implementing and adapting the hardware and software to the customer’s needs. Or PC Computers has 20 years of knowledge and experience in the computer and communications industries. They market Dell, Acer, HP, Intel, LG, Asus, JBL, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, and more products. They aim to provide professional, fast, reliable, efficient, and quality service.

Key Products:

  • Hard Drives
  • NAS Servers
  • Laptop accessories
  • Tablets
  • Hardware
  • Peripheral Equipment
  • Computers
  • Cables and Adapters
  •  Laptop Bags


Physi2 was established in 2009 and is one of the most trusted computer parts suppliers. Within two years, they became a dominant and leading factor in the field of batteries and chargers for portable computers. They also became leaders in Israel in the online purchase of these products.

They are committed to providing quality products at affordable prices. They can also help you choose your next computer or laptop with the best configuration. Ordering from Physi2 is easy; all you need to do is fill out their contact form or call them. They will then send you an email with instructions on paying for your order online using PayPal or a credit card so that you can get started immediately.

Key Products:

  • Camera accessories
  • Cordless phone batteries
  • DVD burners
  • Cables and adapters
  • Batteries for mobile phones
  • Mobile keyboards
  • hard disks
  • Laptop accessories
  • USB devices
  • Docking stations
  • Laptop chargers
  • Projector bulbs
  • Mobile chargers
  • Mobile batteries
  • Cell phone batteries
  • iRobot batteries

Shekem Electric

Shekem Electric is a leading supplier of quality AC adapters for both your home and office. They have a wide variety of adapters available to suit all your needs. Whether you need an adapter for your wall socket or a transformer, they have the right product for you. Their staff is dedicated to providing wonderful customer service at all times and ensuring that your purchase experience is quick and convenient. Their prices are very competitive and affordable, so you can have the best products without breaking the bank. You can learn more about their product range by browsing through their website.

Key Products:

  • Air Conditioners and Climate Products
  • TV and Stereo
  • Appliances
  • Washing, Drying and Ironing
  • Small Products for the Kitchen
  • Smartphones Gaming and Technology
  • the World of Computers
  • Bathroom and Cleaning Vacuum Cleaners
  • Care Products and Pharma


Tronic is your one-stop shop for all your cellular needs. Top brands, such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s Plus, iPad Pro, and Galaxy S8, to name a few, provide a wide range of features. They offer a full range of smartphone repair services, including battery replacement, water damage repair, and more. In their online store, you will find the best deals on mobile phones from top manufacturers. They also have the latest accessories available at great prices, such as power banks, chargers, adapters, cables, and more. If you’re looking for a cell phone case or screen protector, they have those too at competitive prices.

Key Products:

  • Repair Shop
  • Printing Pictures
  • Cables and Adapters
  • Consoles
  • Computers and Accessories
  • Electricity and Electronics
  • Cell Phone Accessories
  • Cell Phones and Tablets

Leader Computers

Leader Computers is a computer and cell phone store, lab with sound equipment, and a recording studio in Jerusalem. They offer a wide range of products to suit every need, including power strips, surge protectors, extension cords, and computer protection, and replacement adapters for popular brands like Apple and Dell. They are committed to customer satisfaction, which is why they stand behind all of their products with a 30-day return policy.

Key Products:

  • Cables and adapters
  • Office Supplies
  • Electricity and gadgets
  • Computers and accessories
  • Phones and accessories
  • Photo and podcast accessories
  • Computer and cellular services
  • Professional sound equipment

Wellcome Technologies

Wellcome Technologies was founded in 2005 and specialized in marketing and sales in retail and on the Internet. They are also into wholesale computers, such as peripheral equipment for computers, computer components, laptops, and servers. The company designs and markets computers under the exclusive brand “Well PC.” It offers various models of desktop computers that can be used in different work environments, ranging from gaming to office use. The company also provides a range of mini-computers explicitly designed for home entertainment or simple business use.

Key Products:

  • Servers
  • Chairs
  • Agree
  • Gaming
  • PC Desktops
  • Laptops and Mobiles
  • Professional Workstations
  • Hardware – Computing Components
  • The Equipment and Software


It’s essential to ensure that your electronics have the right adapters because even a power strip won’t be able to power every device. The list of suppliers above should give you plenty of options for a quality adapter that will work for your needs. Prowin Power has been on the market for 10 years and offers competitive prices, good customer service, and fast shipping. Plus, they’ll take care of you if anything happens to your adapter. If you’re looking for a partner that can provide all the necessary power adapters, then look no further than Prowin Power. You can contact us by email, phone, or even chat to learn more about our products.

Are you trying to get the right power supply vendor? Let a reliable supplier provide you with high quality power supply solutions.

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