Top 11 Power Station Wholesaler in the USA

Last updated: November 11, 2022 at 15:16 pm

A huge portion of the world relies on electricity to function, whether it’s powering their homes, businesses, or vehicles. Without it, our lives would be utterly chaotic (imagine never being able to use your microwave again!). It’s no surprise that the electrical power industry is an extremely competitive one, with large and small companies fighting for market share each day. If you’re in the business of selling power stations, then this list of the top 11 power station wholesalers in the USA will help you find the right one for you.


Ark Corporation is a global manufacturer of power stations and other industrial products. Their office and warehouse in Chicago provide outstanding customer service and support, which they are truly privileged to have as a team. Ark also has manufacturing facilities located around the world. Their company is privately held by their employees, which means they are able to provide their customers with a personalized experience that can’t be replicated by any publicly traded company. It also allows them to respond quickly to market demand.

Key Products

  • Portable Power Station
  • Solar panel
  • Power Distribution Hub
  • Corner Steadies
  • AC & DC Battery Charger
  • 715/730 Portable Power
  • Mounting Bracket
  • DC-DC Charger


Blackfire is a wholesaler of power sources and has been supplying power stations to customers for many years. They have a high reputation for providing quality power plants for their customers. Blackfire is affiliated with Klein Tools, and Blackfire utilizes Klein Tools’ product development expertise in creating its outdoor gear products. A USA-based company with its headquarters in Texas, this team has spent as much time outdoors as they have on the job site, getting addicted to outdoor products.

Key Products

  • Portable Power Stations
  • Led Lights
  • Speakers
  • Tools
  • Fans


EcoPowerit is a national wholesale distributor of new and pre-owned power stations for home use. EcoPowerit offers a variety of energy solutions, including solar panels, solar kits, backup generators, and battery storage systems. EcoPowerit also provides custom design services to its customers. Since its establishment, EcoPowerit has provided residential and commercial customers with a green solution to their power needs. All their products are environmentally friendly—more than 50% are produced by renewable sources such as wind turbines or solar panels.

Key Products

  • Portable Power Stations
  • Solar Generators
  • Solar Battery System
  • Ecoflow Ecosystem
  • Batteries
  • Solar Panels
  • Rv Solar Kits
  • Kara Pure
  • Mobile Medical Generators
  • Portable Solar Fridge & Freezer
  • Bundle
  • Power Banks&chargers
  • Authorized Brands


Inergy is a wholesale provider of energy efficiency and renewable energy products, including solar, wind, and battery storage systems. It continues to lead this market with its unparalleled customer service, knowledgeable team, and extensive product offerings. Inergy is also known for its comprehensive solar projects that span various applications and industries. These include ground-mount and solar-plus-storage energy solutions.

Key Products

  • Kodiak All-In-One Power Stations 
  • Flex Modular System
  • Accessories 
  • Solar Panels
  • Soluna


Rocksolar was created to meet the demand for off-grid power sources everywhere, as well as the massive scale of the camping industry, outdoor activities, and emergency/natural disaster events. Portable power stations are equipped with the latest innovations, providing a tough design, increased performance, exceptional quality, and a quiet and fumeless operation. Using lithium batteries and DC to AC inverters, the crew’s expertise lies in developing a BMS (Battery Management System).

Key Products

  • Portable Power Stations
  • Portable Solar Generator Kits
  • Outdoor Led Lights
  • Portable Solar Panels
  • Lifepo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Accessories


Geneverse is a leading wholesale distributor of renewable energy products and services. They provide green energy solutions to businesses, governments, and consumers around the world.

Geneverse has been an established company for more than a decade and is committed to providing quality energy products to its customers. Their focus on customer service, product innovation, and social responsibility has helped them become one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Geneverse aims to ensure complete renewable energy independence, which will transform centralized energy distribution into a distributed, decentralized, and self-sustainable future.

Key Products

  • Solar Generator (PRO Series)
  • HomePower PRO
  • Solar Generator (HP1 Series)
  • Solar Generator (HP2 Series)
  • HomePower ONE
  • HomePower 2
  • SolarPower ONE
  • SolarPower 2


Jackery is one of the largest and most recognizable power station wholesaler companies in America and a global top-selling solar generator brand recognized by over 100 authorized media and organizations worldwide. The company has been in business for 10 years and distributes its products all over North America. Jackery also sells solar panels, LED lights, and emergency flashlights. The ambitious goal of Jackery is to promote healthy outdoor activities and preserve the environment. Their goal is to create portable solar-powered goods that are not only the most cost-effective on the market but also contribute to a sustainable future for the entire planet.

Key Products

  • Solar Generator
  • Portable Power Station
  • Solar Panel
  • Accessories


ANKER is a global consumer electronics company founded on innovation and design. The company has been building charging solutions for more than 20 years, continually investing in new technologies to keep up with changing lifestyles. Today, ANKER offers a wide range of high-quality products across multiple categories, including batteries, chargers, cables, and other accessories for mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. With an expansive product lineup that includes some of the most trusted brands around, like Samsung or Apple, ANKER always has a charging solution to fit your needs.

Key Products

  • Chargers
  • Power Banks
  • Cables
  • Wireless
  • AC Power
  • Power Station
  • Hubs and Docks


TOGOPOWER has been in the gas generator sales sector since 2000. They are frequently employed in outdoor pursuits such as do-it-yourself projects, off-grid living, and power outages. TOGOPOWER was established in Los Angeles in 2019. To provide rechargeable electricity that is user-friendly and kind to the environment, they have introduced a number of lithium power stations and solar panels. They are also composed of high-quality materials, are silent, and are portable.

Key Products

Power Station

Solar Panel

Solar Genset

Gas Generator


EcoFlow is a renewable energy company that provides solar power products and solutions to residential and commercial customers. They have various products to choose from, and their team is available for consultation before, during, or after installation. EcoFlow was founded by industry veterans who wanted to establish an ethical company that offered high-quality solar power systems at reasonable prices.

EcoFlow’s mission is to empower homes and businesses with clean, renewable energy while building a healthier environment for future generations. Their goal is to make installing solar panels as easy as possible.

Key Products

  • Solar Generators
  • Portable Power Stations
  • Solar Panels
  • Power Banks
  • Refurbished Products
  • Smart Appliances
  • Power Kits

Goal Zero 

Goal Zero has led the field of renewable energy in terms of innovation and design since 2009. Goal Zero isn’t just a business; it was founded by individuals who truly enjoy life to the fullest. A caring heart, a love of exploration, and a respect for the environment. Since then, the business has grown to provide solar panels and other solar technology to supply homes, businesses, and schools with sustainable electricity. Goal Zero sells small electronics that can be fueled by non-renewable energy sources, even though they are best known for their solar goods.

Key Products

  • Power Stations Power Banks
  • Portable Solar Panels 
  • Mountable Solar Panels 
  • Solar Chargers
  • Lanterns 
  • Flashlights 
  • String Lights
  • Solar Generators 
  • Home Backup 
  • Portable Charging Kits
  • Accessories


The home power station industry is growing rapidly, with the number of homes utilizing solar energy or wind turbines growing almost yearly. These renewable sources of electricity are becoming more cost-effective and much cleaner for the environment.

The portable power station is a rechargeable, battery-powered generator with an AC outlet, a DC port, and USB ports. The idea is that it can charge your devices (smartphones, laptops, CPAPs, coffee makers, etc.) at the same time. To charge your power station AC battery, use the supplied cable (or a USB-C to USB-C cable) to connect its USB-C port to a USB-C or USB-A wall charger or with a power adapter, car charger, solar panel, or car charger with an output of up to 3A.

Prowin Power is a power supply manufacturer that is located in China. We offer power adapters compatible with charging a portable power station at a reasonable rate. Contact us for more information.

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