Top 11 Power Supply wholesalers in Singapore

Last updated: October 31, 2022 at 16:48 pm

Choosing the right power supply wholesaler can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider, such as the number of connections they provide, the type of power supply they offer, and the reliability of that company. This article reviews the top 11 power supply wholesalers in Singapore so that you can make your decision more easily!

Prowin Power

Prowin Power specializes in customizing power solutions. We have a reputation for reliability and versatility as we have been in this line of industry for years. We aim to supply quality power adapters at a reasonable price, so we’re well-suited to deal with your urgent projects. We have delivered power solutions that exceed client expectations for almost ten years. This is in addition to the time and resources devoted to continuous improvement. As a recognized and award-winning energy company, our aims include innovating and developing power solutions around the globe. We also focus on the customer and adjust our services as necessary to meet their needs.

Key Products

  • Wall Mounted Power Adapter
  • Switching Power Supply
  • PD Power Adapter
  • Meanwell Power Supply
  • Interchangeable Power Adapter
  • Desktop Power Adapter
  • Power Delivery Charger
  • Laptop Power Supply
  • 3D Printer Power Supply
  • ITE Power Supply

Interlink Power System Pte Ltd 

Interlink, with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, has exclusively sold and serviced Power-Plus Batteries, Ortea (Italy) Voltage Stabilizers, Generex (Germany) Battery Monitoring Systems, Outback (USA) Chargers, SIEL (Italy) UPS, and Canadian Solar products to the Singapore and ASEAN markets for more than 20 years. As a result, Interlink and its distributors are a powerhouse in the battery, AC, and DC systems today as a prominent regional sales organization in the ASEAN region.

Key Products

  • AC System
  • DC System
  • Solar & Wind System
  • Batteries

Mobicon-Remote Electronic Pte Ltd 

Mobicon-Remote Electronic Pte Ltd, established in January 2002, is a Mobicon Holding Limited (HK) subsidiary in Singapore. It is an electronics distribution company. Their client list includes electronic manufacturing services (EMS), contract manufacturers (CM), research and development companies, and educational institutions. In addition to providing excellent quality electronic components for your project needs and technical assistance and advice.

Key Products

  • AC/DC
  • DC/AC
  • DC/DC
  • DC Electronic Loads
  • DC Power Supply
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Oscilloscope
  • RF meters
  • Signal Generator
  • Software Configuration
  • Universal Frequency Counter
  • USB Modular Product/Connectivity
  • Waveform Generator

Active Power 

Active Power Inc. was established in 1996. And it went public in 2001. It is a prominent supplier of efficient, dependable, and eco-friendly power systems to ensure business continuity during any power disruption. The company supports its global customer base with first-rate flywheel-based UPS systems, which help business performance in over 50 countries. With System engineers and worldwide service and support teams, certain businesses worldwide have the power to succeed.

Key Products

  • HD UPS

Murrelektronik SG

Murrelektronik offers a complete range of automation solutions, divided into four core product lines: Interfaces, cables, connectors, and IO systems are all part of power supplies and control systems. Their high-quality, innovative products and market-driven approach provide tailored solutions that enhance your applications.

Key Products

  • Electronics in the Cabinet
  • Interfaces
  • I/O Systems
  • Connection Technology


The Elcomsys Group Pte. Ltd. is Singapore’s leading manufacturer’s representative and authorized distributor. They have a proven track record in Singapore and India covering military and aerospace, industrial, railways, medical, and IoT markets for customers. Over the years, Elcomsys has built its reputation with OEMs and customers through long-term professional relationships.

Key Products

  • Low Power DC-DC Converters
  • Railway Power Supplies
  • Medical Power Supplies
  • Military DC-DC Converter
  • Military AC-DC Power Supplies
  • Custom Power Supplies

PowerHub UPS

PowerHub Systems offers dependable energy systems for various industrial, commercial, and governmental applications. They strive to provide quick, individualized answers to their clients and ongoing innovation for superior goods and services. In addition, they closely support the invention and development of backup power, data center infrastructure, and renewable energy solutions through their partnership with APECUS Technologies Pte Ltd.

Key Products

  • UPS Systems
  • DC Power Systems
  • DC Power Supply
  • Transfer Switch
  • Batteries
  • Battery Monitoring System

Aflex Wheeltronics Pte Ltd

Aflex Wheeltronics Pte Ltd is a Singapore electricity trading and distributing company. They deal with AC and DC capacitors, SLA batteries, UPS systems, and power supplies. They are committed to providing excellent customer service by being professional, responsive, accurate, and committed to their customers’ needs. They aim to have satisfied customers who will return time after time because of their competitive prices and top-notch quality.

Key Products

  • AC/DC Capacitors
  • AC/DC Load Bank with Accessories for Sales & Rental
  • Active Harmonics Filter
  • Batteries and Battery Charger
  • Carrymaster Levelling Wheels
  • Circuit Breaker
  • Electric Motor
  • Fuse Disconnector/fuse Combination Switch/ats/quick Acting Fuse
  • Motor Start/run Capacitors
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (Ups)

Unicell International Pte Ltd 

Unicell, a Singapore-based company, was established in 1986 and became one of the leaders in supplying batteries to the military, hospitals, telephone companies, government departments, schools, R&D centers, and service repair centers in Singapore. This company is one of the biggest suppliers in Singapore, handling all types of small-to-large electronic circuits and devices. They specialize in providing mobile electricity and associated power supplies.

Key Products

  • Laptop / Notebook Battery
  • Digital Camera battery
  • Notebook Adapter / Power Supply (Battery Charger)
  • AC/AC adapter/power supply
  • DC to AC Inverter 100V to 220V AC
  • DC/DC converter/power supply
  • Alkaline battery
  • Camcorder Battery
  • Medical Battery
  • PDA / Smartphone Battery
  • Power Tool Battery
  • Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) battery
  • Silver Oxide Battery
  • LCD LED Panel

Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics distributes over 1,200 market-leading manufacturer brands of semiconductors and electronic components globally. Mouser has 27 offices spread out over the world. They specialize in the newest products and technology for design engineering and customer communities. They operate in 34 currencies and 21 different languages. Modern wireless warehouse management systems installed in their worldwide distribution center allow them to process orders around the clock and provide almost flawless pick-and-ship procedures.

Key Products

  • Power
  • Semiconductors
  • Connectors
  • Circuit Protection
  • Electromechanical
  • Embedded Solutions
  • Enclosures
  • Engineering Tools
  • Industrial Automation
  • LED Lighting
  • Memory & Data Storage
  • Opto-electronics
  • Passive Components
  • Sensors
  • Test & Measurement
  • Thermal Management
  • Tools & Supplies
  • Wire & Cable

Element14 Pte Ltd 

element14 is a high-service company that distributes electronic system design, maintenance, and repair goods, services, and solutions. They have operations in ten Asia-Pacific nations and provide services in Vietnam, Brunei, and Indonesia from Singapore. They are dedicated to giving the best possible customer service. You may do business with them using your local currency and language and setting up shipment schedules that work with your schedule. They also assure you of rapid delivery and offer reasonable prices on their products. On the Element14 website or through one of its retailers, you may get a premium, cost-effective solution for your project.

Key Products

  • Passives
  • Connectors & Cable
  • Semiconductors
  • Optoelectronics & LED Lighting Components
  • Electromechanical
  • Automation & Process Control
  • Development tools, prototyping accessories
  • Power Supplies and Circuit Protection


What is the best way to find a reliable power supply wholesaler? There are many factors that go into determining which power supply wholesaler is right for you, including price, availability, and reliability. It’s challenging to decide where to begin with so many possibilities available. But no worries, we at Prowin Power can help you choose the perfect product for your application. Call us at +86 150 1376 5242 or contact us for more information about our products. We are happy to help.

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