Top 11 Power Adapter Vendors in Australia

Last updated: October 11, 2022 at 14:50 pm

It isn’t easy to find reliable power adapter wholesalers as there’re so many factors to distinguish which is the best. Australia is a large market for supplying power adapters to Oceania countries, it has some best power supply vendors. 

Being in the industry for many years now, I’m experienced enough to find the best. Here are 11 of the best power adapter vendors in Australia.

Prowin Power

We supply a wide range of adapters for different devices and appliances and offer helpful tips on choosing the right adapter for your needs. Our adapters are high quality and reliable, and we offer a 2-3 years guarantee for your purchase. That’s why we’re on the list even though we’re from China.

If you’re looking for a power adapter for your next trip to Australia, Prowin Power should be on the first of your list with our one-stop power solution from our range of UK, US and Australian plugs. We have been running since 2013, and our experience in the power supply industry is unrivaled.

Prowin Power products: 

  • Wall-mount power adapter
  • Interchangeable power supply
  • Desktop power supply
  • PD Power adapter
  • Switching power supply
  • Meanwell power supply


Powerbox is a leading Australian power adapter vendor offering various adapters for different devices. They manufacture, design, and distribute multiple power supplies, converters, and chargers. Powerbox also provides custom design solutions for OEMs and high-quality after-sales services.

The company accommodates customers and various industries, including security, communications, medical, and industrial process control, whether big or small businesses, government agencies, or private individuals. Powerbox has an online store where you can purchase the suitable adapter for your needs. They also have a network of retailers across Australia.

Powerbox products: 

  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • Batteries
  • Battery Charger System
  • DC/DC Converters
  • DC/AC inverter product models
  • Power Systems
  • Laboratory Power Supplies

ADM Power Supplies Australia

ADM Power Supplies Australia is proud to be one of the country’s most reliable and cost-effective power adapter vendors. Their products are perfect for different electronic devices, whether for domestic, security, communications, or industrial purposes. Their products are available online from a network of retailers across Australia.

ADM Power Supplies Australia is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products and services. They connect with leading manufacturers to bring you the latest technology and innovation. Their adapters are safe and easy to use, so you can enjoy your electronics without worrying about voltage or plug type.

ADM Power Products:

  • Battery Chargers and Inverters
  • DC/AC Inverters
  • Standalone Battery Chargers
  • Built-in Battery Chargers
  • Desktop Adapters
  • Plug Packs
  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • DC/DC Converters
  • DIN Rail Power Supplies
  • LED Power Supplies

Helios Power Solutions

Helios Power Solutions is an expert provider of quality power supplies and batteries for various home or industrial applications. Helios has been in business for over 35 years. It is one of the most trusted names in Australia regarding power adapters. The company is committed to providing its customers with the best possible products and services in different avenues, such as domestic use, security, communications, and industrial purposes.

Helios Power Solutions manufactures, designs, and sells a comprehensive collection of power supplies, batteries, and chargers. You can check out their online store to purchase the correct adapter and a network of retailers across Australia.

Helios Power Solutions Products:

  • AC/DC Power Supplies
  • Batteries
  • Battery Chargers
  • DC to DC Converters
  • DC/AC Inverters
  • DC Power Systems and Accessories
  • Battery Monitoring and Conditioning
  • DC Electronic Loads
  • Programmable AC Power Supply

S-Power Power Supply

S-Power is a top provider of power adapters for Australian consumers and businesses. They offer various adapters for different devices, making it easy to find the perfect adapter for your needs. The company has been in the industry since 1983, and its customers include private individuals, small businesses, and large corporations.

S-Power’s 30 years of power supply experience has allowed them to perfect the designs of their products. They offer a variety of adapter models to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. You can get their products and services online or through a network of retailers across Australia.

S-Power Power Supply Products:

  • DC to DC Converter, Power Inverter (Single, Dual, Triple Output)
  • AC to DC Linear, Converter (Single, Dual, Triple Output)
  • AC to DC Switching (Single, Dual, Triple Output)
  • DC to DC Converter
  • Battery Charger Power Supply (12V and 24V)
  • LED Driver

Power Systems Solutions (PSS)

Power Systems Solutions has been a top provider of power adapters for Australian consumers and businesses since 1994. With their rich experience in the industry, Power Systems Solutions knows how to design quality power adapters that are perfect for Australian private consumers and small or large businesses.

Power Systems Solutions’ products are reliable and affordable, making it easy to find a suitable adapter. They have broadened their product range to offer solutions for different types of electronic devices, and you can get their products online or from a network of retailers across Australia.

Power Systems Solutions Products:

  • Batteries
  • Power Conditioners
  • Patriot Power Supplies
  • UPS and Accessories
  • Redback Racks and Accessories

Security Distributors

Security Distributors is a premium provider of power adapters for Australian businesses. They have a team of experts specializing in electronic security, and they offer a wide variety of products to ensure meeting the needs of different companies. Security Distributors is committed to providing quality products and services to their customers. In addition, they offer payment options to make it easy for businesses to purchase their products.

Security Distributors’ products are high quality, reliable, and widely distributed. You can get their products online or from a network of retailers across Australia. They have been in this industry far enough that you can be sure you’re getting the best possible products and services from them.

Security Distributors Products:

  • Batteries
  • Cables
  • Network switches
  • Power Supplies
  • Racks
  • Transformers
  • Enclosures
  • UPS

RMS Components

RMS Components is a dedicated company of power adapters to bring you the very best in customer service. With a wide range of products, they have what you need whether you are a private individual or a business. RMS Components is based on the principle that their customers are of the utmost importance, and they promise to meet those needs and expectations. As a result, much of their business is from repeat customers and referrals.

RMS Components have multi-faceted products of the highest quality and are perfect for Australian conditions. Their products also have a warranty which you can purchase online or from a network of retailers across Australia.

RMS Components Products:

  • AC/DC Converters
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Desktop Supplies
  • Battery Chargers
  • Battery Holders
  • Inverters
  • Metal Cage Style
  • Plug Packs
  • LED Drivers

The Weidmüller Group

The Weidmüller Group is a large distributor of power adapters in Australia. They have various products for different industries, including telecommunications, information technology, machine tools, process automation, etc. The Weidmüller Group is committed to making your shopping experience easy and convenient with its extensive collection of high-quality products.

The Weidmüller Group’s mantra of innovation in connectivity drives them to be at the forefront of technology and offer reliable, efficient, and accessible products. You can visit their online store or one of their many retail locations across Australia. Weidmüller Australia is an ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certified company.

The Weidmüller Group Products:

  • DC/DC Converter
  • Diode modules
  • switched-mode power supply
  • heavy-duty connectors
  • plug-in connectors


Zyron is an excellent source of power adapters for both private individuals and businesses. Their range of products caters to different needs making it easy to find the right adapter. Because of their passion for their work, Zyron takes great pride in providing their customers with the finest possible services and products, even if they were only recently established.

Zyron’s products are high quality, reliable, and easy to use. A warranty also backs them, so you can be sure you are getting your money’s worth. They have a wide selection of products online, or you can also visit their retail locations.

Zyron Products:

  • Gallium Nitride Chargers
  • USB-C PD laptop chargers
  • USB-C portable chargers
  • Power banks 
  • High-Quality Nylon Charging cables


Turck focuses on quality and innovation, and it provides products that are trustworthy and simple to use. The company is a customer-oriented business, and its customer’s needs are always a priority. Their team has a broad knowledge of the products and is always ready to offer assistance.

Turck is a reliable source of power adapters in Australia, and the company has a wide range of first-class products. They also offer a warranty on their products so that you can be confident in your purchase. In addition, its philosophy of providing the best possible application support drives them to be one of the top companies in the industry.

Turck Products: 

  • Power supplies
  • Interface technology
  • Lighting and indicators
  • Connectors
  • Industrial controls
  • Cloud solutions
  • Controllers

How will you choose?

Choosing a suitable power adapter will depend on your specific needs. For example, if you need an adapter for a laptop, you will need to find one compatible with your laptop’s make and model. You may find this information in the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

If you are looking for an adapter for a specific device, you will need to find one compatible. Again, you can find this information in the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Once you have determined what type of adapter you need, you can narrow down your choices by considering factors such as price, brand, and features.


There are many different types of power adapters on the market, and it can be challenging to choose the right one, especially when you’re traveling or relocating. With so many options available, it’s crucial to consider your needs before making a purchase. Australia is home to many reputable companies that offer the top brand of power adapters, and listed above are some of the best. With their extensive selection of products, commitment to quality, and excellent customer service, you can be sure to find the perfect power adapter for your needs.

Are you trying to get the right power supply vendor? Let a reliable supplier provide you with high quality power supply solutions.

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