Power Supply Application

Last updated: April 13, 2022 at 15:11 pm

A power supply for electronic devices, converts one type of power(AC/DC) to the other type of power(AC/DC). It is also called “ac/dc adapter”, “charger”, “power adapter”, “converter”, “transformer” and “inverter”.

1. Types of power supply

Today we are going to discuss the application of the power supply. There’re 3 types of power supply:

1. AC DC adapter,  convert the AC input voltage to a DC output voltage.

2. DC to DC converter, convert the DC input power to a DC output power.

3. DC to AC inverter, convert the DC input power to an AC output power.

2. Application of Power Supply

Power supplies are used widely in many industries, like IT, home appliances, industrial, lighting, solar products, energy, etc. I’d like to categorize them by the above types.

2.1 AC DC adapter Application

The function of the AC DC adapters is to convert the AC input power to the DC output power, as many electronic devices need the DC power input.

Types of AC DC adapters

There’re several types of AC DC adapters, such as wall-mounted power adapters, desktop power adapters, switch-mode power supply, PD charger, etc.


Applied for IT industry like signal boosters, routers, optical network terminals, etc.

Working with digital products like PC, printers or 3D printers, POS machines, cameras, cell phones, etc.

Applied for home appliances like purifiers, TV, smart speaker, telephones, etc.

Working in the LED industry like LED lamps, LED lights, LED screens, LED posts, advertisement boards, LED scoreboards, etc.

Applied in outdoor electronic devices, Medical Equipments, Instruments, etc.

Working with incubators, CCTV alarms, CCTV cameras, etc.

2.2 DC to DC Converter Application

A DC to DC converter is to convert the DC current from one voltage level to another(Discover), which is usually connected with smart lighting, cellular phones, laptop computers and vehicles.

Types of DC to DC converter

There’re many types DC to DC converters:

1. Magnetic Converters

2. Non-Isolated Converters

3. Step-down/Buck Converters

4. Step-up/Boost Converters

5. Buck-Boost Converters

6. Isolated Converters

They’re also applied in the Industrial control system, Semi-conductor fabrication equipment, Telecom or datacom system,  Medical devices and equipments, etc.

2.3 DC to AC Inverter Application

A DC to AC Inverter is a power electronic device that converts the input DC power to the output AC power. It’s one of the most important elements in power electronics. That’s because these inverters are necessary for many real-life applications.

Types of DC-AC Inverter

There’re 3 major types of inverters:

1. Sine Wave(“Tru Sine Wave” or “Pure Sine Wave”)

A sine wave(“Tru Sine Wave” or “Pure Sine Wave”) inverter gives waveform that you get from Hydroelectric power or from a generator.

2. Modified Sine Wave

A modified sine wave inverter actually has a waveform more like a square wave, but with an extra step or so.

3. Square Wave

A square wave is very simple, it switched the DC supply between positive and negative(Discover).


The inverters could work with many devices.

1. DC power source usage. The inverter converts the DC electricity from batteries or fuel cells to AC electricity, which could be at any required voltage.

2. Uninterruptible power supplies. The inverter supplies the AC power (inverted from the battery) when the main power is off. To guarantee the devices work well all the way.

3. Electric motor speed control. Inverter circuits designed to produce a variable output voltage range, are usually used for motor speed controllers.

4. Solar system. The solar inverters are very important for the whole solar system.

5. DC transmission lines. The DC to AC inverters could also be used to transmit power to load.

Above all, different devices need different power supplies. Before choosing the right power supply, we should know more about the electronic devices and project details.

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