Laptop Power Adapter Replacement

Last updated: October 17, 2022 at 15:40 pm

Do you have a broken laptop power adapter? Then you’ll run out of battery eventually and be unable to use your precious laptop. Nonetheless, fixing a broken charger isn’t easy since opening a charging brick could start a short circuit and bears the danger of electrocution. 

Users without experience should not try to fix a broken laptop power adapter. If you have a broken power adapter, you must replace it or get a professional to fix it. Nonetheless, if the damage is in the cable and you’re in a pinch, you might be able to replace the damaged cable. 

The two most common causes of a non-functional charger are repeated and excessive bending and botched electrolytic capacitors in the charger circuitry. Hence, you’ll need to fix either the circuit or cable to fix the broken laptop power adapter. 

This post will help you learn everything you need about laptop power adapter replacement. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

What to Do When Your Laptop Power Adapter Stops Working

Are you currently experiencing a problem where your laptop’s power adapter isn’t working or isn’t correctly working? You can do a few crucial things before purchasing a new one. 

Check the power adapter and the power outlet. 

Even though it may sound obvious, the power adapter could also become loose even without knowing.

If it’s partially plugged in, it can make it seem like your power adapter isn’t working. However, it may not be receiving power from the wall outlet. If you’re in doubt, an excellent way to ensure it’s plugged in properly is to disconnect and reconnect it to the plug. 

Check the power adapter indicator light. 

Most laptop power adapters today feature a power adapter light on the adapter brick. Make sure you check for that indicator light; if there’s one, ensure it’s lit up with a green light. 

Remember that a power indicator means that your laptop power adapter is receiving power. 

Plug the adapter correctly into the laptop 

Even though it may seem apparent, the power adapter could easily become disconnected from a laptop. Instead, the power brick should firmly connect to the computer to receive the power.

There’s often a small metal pin in the adapter’s tip or the connection on the laptop. Ensure that pin isn’t broken or bent, as it can cause an issue with the computer getting power from the power adapter. 

Check the adapter brick connection. 

Many laptop adapters come in two pieces. Ensure both of those pieces are securely and firmly connected. The two parts connect at the rectangular box piece, often known as the brick. You can check the connections by disconnecting and reconnecting the cables. 

Check the wall outlet. 

Other wall outlets need a light switch to be active in the “on” position. Newer condos, apartments, and houses feature that kind of wall outlet. 

If the light is on, check the wall outlet is working. You can use a voltmeter to computer the power output and confirm the outlet is working correctly. 

You can also thoroughly check the circuit breaker and ensure nothing is turned off or stripped. 

Laptop power connection port 

Remember that the power connector connects straight to the laptop’s motherboard, often through one or more solder points. If the solder point has broken away from the motherboard or the solder point is damaged, it stops the laptop from getting power from the power adapter.

Fixing that needs precise work, replacing the power connector itself, or soldering the power connector back into the motherboard. In some situations, this type of concern is not repairable and needs a replacement of the power board or the motherboard. 

If you believe that may be your concern, it is best to handle it with professionals who may need to take apart your laptop to check the hardware. 


Are you determined that the laptop power adapter isn’t working correctly, and you are eager to replace it? It’s time you get a replacement from your laptop manufacturer.

You can also opt to buy a universal AC adapter from an online or local electronics supplier. 

How to Find the Right Replacement for Your Laptop

Not all are aware of it, but you risk frying up your laptop’s internal components by using it with an electrically non-compatible power adapter.

Many laptops have become an integral part of our modern life. We want to prepare for your business pitch and presentations even when you’re traveling. Buying a laptop power adapter is not a difficult task. Still, it can soon become a frustrating task if you are unfamiliar with your device’s power requirements and do not know how to pick the proper adapter for your laptop. 

Here are some factors you need to consider when buying a new laptop power adapter.

Pick the right type of charger.

You will find numerous types of chargers accessible in the market. For example, you can purchase a wall charger if you use your laptop in one place, like your office or home.

But if you’re traveling a lot, you must go for a travel charger or GaN charger. It will help if you also purchase a solar charger if you’re an adventurer or outdoorsy type. 

Choose the suitable type of connector. 

That should not be an issue for most laptop models, but it’s always wise to check for potential hardware compatibility problems before you purchase any electronic device.

Many of the newest laptops accept an octagonal, barrel, or cylindrical hollow connector and a central pin. Such types of connections have many distinctions. 

For instance, Dell XPS L502x users should purchase a charger with a connector of 7.4mm X 5.0mm. Choose one that is compatible with the charging slot of your laptop. 

Verify the needed power ratings.

Note that the laptop power adapter you’ll purchase has two different specifications—output and input.

The input specifications are connected to the power source’s specifications that the adapter will accept. Meanwhile, the output must connect to the input (DC) that your laptop will take. 

Therefore, if you know the connector is compatible with the laptop, you don’t need to consider the input power source’s rating. 

Please choose the suitable power cord and its length. 

Power cords are available in four types based on the kind of power plug standards for various regions: the European Union, Australia, the UK, and the US. Pick the kind of power cord compatible with your region’s power sockets.

Most retailers will provide you with a power cord based on your shipping address if you purchase it online. If you prefer to use it in another place than the shipping address, make sure you let the seller know about it as soon as you place the order. 

The worst case could happen if you find that the power plug doesn’t belong to your location, but the adapter meets the rest of your requirements. Under those circumstances, you can buy an adapter plug to start using it. Problem solved!

Most retailers sell power adapters without a power cord. That allows you to select a short or long power cord, per your preferences.

Added features 

Most universal and third-party chargers have added features such as an extra-long power cord, USB ports, etc. Hence, if you are open to purchasing such power adapters, check out all the accessible options.

You might come across something that more than meets your requirements. 

Tips For Prolonging the Life of Your New Power Adapter

Your laptop power adapter is a vital part of your unit, as it keeps the computer running on top of recharging the battery. Even though this important part of your laptop wears out and needs replacement, you can extend its life—which is essential, as adapters can be costly to replace. 

Pick a suitable adapter.

All laptop adapters are not the same. Make sure you check your laptop’s voltage. Compare that to the adapter cord’s voltage in which you’re interested. If the voltage is extremely low, it won’t power your laptop or will short-circuit.

That’s especially true if you bring your device outside the country. Many outlets that power laptops outside America take 100 to 240 volts.

Take proper care of the power brick. 

The power brick is the black box in the center of your laptop power adapter. It’s a sensitive piece of equipment, not to mention it’s a substantial part of your adapter. The component also receives the electrical charge and lets you know your laptop is on.

Make sure you safeguard it by not jarring it or dropping it.

Grasp plug directly 

Never pull straight on the cord to unplug your laptop. Keep in mind that pulling on the card will not just potentially cause damage to your laptop power adapter, but it could bring irreplaceable damage to you. 

Also, you could incur an electric shock or a house fire by improperly unplugging the adapter. To avoid that, grab and hold the plug itself. 

Avoid pinch points 

It would help if you did not run the cord through pinch points. That may involve a window, a door, or between a wall and a desk. That may not just disrupt the current flow, but it also ruins the wiring inside your laptop power adapter.

Stay away from too much heat. 

Always keep your power cord in a cool place. It will also help if you stop placing it near heat sources like heaters or electronic blankets. Remember that heat could travel into such sources, damaging the sensitive wiring in your adapter cord. 

Check for objects

If complex objects like laptop cases or books are lying on the adapter cord—the impact is the same as that of a bent water house. That could choke the current flow in the cord, keeping your laptop from powering on. 

It would help if you kept your power adapter as straight as possible to prevent damage to the wires. 

Are you a busy person who often uses your laptop most of the time? Then it is time for you to become more practical. Take note of the above tips. It is beneficial information that will help extend the life of your battery.

Where To Buy a Laptop Power Adapter

The easiest way is to purchase it from your laptop manufacturer. Just get in touch with your laptop supplier and tell them that you need a newer power adapter for your laptop. 

Look for the original charger model online. 

Look for the model number of your power adapter. You can go through the text written on the power brick. It will help if you remember the charger’s current ratings, voltage, and power. 

If you can’t find the mode number, go through the laptop’s manual or read the laptop’s description available on the laptop manufacturer’s website. 

You can find dozens of types and models of laptop power adapters on online platforms like eBay and Amazon. You can also look up in-flight DC power adapters or get a replacement adapter for your device.

You can find these adapters in the laptop power adapters and chargers category. Online retailers also sell many laptop power adapters and provide more options in price range and features. 

However, when purchasing a power adapter online, remember that you must pay for the shipping fees, and the brands are often not as well-known as the recognizable adapter brands seen at your local store. 

Visit your local laptop retail store.

You can also ask your local retailer if they have the particular power adapter for your laptop. If possible, make sure you check the charger before purchasing them. 

Universal laptop adapters are often available at most computer and big-box electronics stores. 

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for A Replacement Adapter

Laptop manufacturers normally sell such as AC adapters to replace broken, lost, or stolen models. Usually, power adapters sold through the manufacturer cost at least $20 to $50. 

Laptop power adapter kits that work with most laptop models cost $50 to $100. Unlike the power adapters made by the manufacturers, most come with various assortments that fit different laptop power ports. On the other hand, Apple laptop power adapters cost $79 or above. 

Comparison of Different Types of Adapters on The Market Today

Laptops often depend on two power adapters for energy: a DC adapter and an AC adapter. These adapters, also called chargers, convert the electricity from your wall outlet into a usable form for your laptop.

DC Adapters

Laptops utilize DC power, so it does not seem like a DC adapter is needed when plugging into a DC power source. Nonetheless, many sources of DC power offer a voltage that is too low for your laptop’s needs.

Remember that a DC power adapter is needed to take that power and convert it to a higher voltage, which your device can utilize to charge its battery or run. Moreover, DC power sources include solar power panels, batteries, in-flight outlets, and cars. 

AC Adapters

An AC adapter converts AC power from the wall outlet seen in most homes to the DC power utilized by many small appliances. For example, DVD players, computers, mobile phones, and laptops utilize DC power.

It is the type of power provided by batteries that many laptops utilize to keep working when the owner is mobile.

Remember that you will find an AC symbol with AC power adapters. Meanwhile, the DC power adapter has a DC symbol. So that’s one way to differentiate the two. 

Universal Power Adapters

Another alternative for laptop owners is a universal power adapter. Such adapters are costlier but can adapt to any power voltage or source. Supposedly, these universal adapters can work on any model of laptop.

That makes them somewhat practical, particularly among people who travel a lot and never realize where their next power source is coming from. One of the cool things about universal power adapters is that they come in a broad spectrum of connector types to fit a variety of laptops. 

Most laptops use different connector styles, so finding the best laptop adapter to fit can be challenging. 

Final Thoughts

Laptops are mobile devices that need adapters and power cords to charge their batteries. Another crucial thing while choosing and buying a laptop power adapter replacement for your unit is to check for its power rating and connector compatibility with your device. You are good to go if those two specifications are similar to your stock charger. 

Not only will you enjoy using your laptop for a longer time, but you will also be more productive—gear up your laptop adapter with these important tips. 

There you have it! We genuinely hope you find this post engaging and helpful. Are you ready to buy the best power adapter replacement for your laptop? Feel free to contact us if you need any help!  We wish you the best of luck on your next laptop power adapter purchase.

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