Energy Star DoE Level VI on A Power Supply

Last updated: December 12, 2022 at 21:23 pm

External power supplies sold in the United States should meet updated and expanded US Department of Energy Level VI Energy Efficiency requirements by February 2016. 

Energy Star is still a voluntary process, but the DoE Level VI, energy efficiency regulations, is a mandatory requirement in the United States for external power supplies.

This post will dig deeper into Energy Star IV’s importance, benefits, and everything. If you’re ready, let’s dive in! 

What Is Energy Star VI?

You have seen the logo somewhere, that omnipresent white star on a blue background: on your fridge, a furnace, perhaps on the corner of the box holding your new TV. You probably saw it on your monitor while your computer was booting up.

But what’s Energy Star, actually, particularly Energy Star VI? 

In case you didn’t know yet, the Energy Star program was originally established in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Introduced in 1992, the voluntary standard aims to promote and encourage energy-efficient goods to lessen energy consumption and the production of greenhouse gases.

Since then, the program has expanded to Canada, the European Union, and a few other nations. 

Various nations enacted more strict requirements and shifted from voluntary to mandatory programs. Thus, the Energy Star program determined the International Efficiency Marking Protocol to lessen confusion between countries and their similar standards.

The determined markings set minimum average efficiency and maximum no-load power consumption levels for external supplies:

  • Level I – The power supply doesn’t meet any of the standards determined.
  • Level II – The power supply met the minimum efficiencies needed by China in November 2005.
  • Level III – Power supply meets the Energy Star Tier, CEC Tier 1, and the Australian MEPS standards.
  • Level IV – Power supply meets CEC Tier 2, EISA 2006, and the Australian MEPS High-Efficiency category.
  • Level V – Power supply meets EU phase 2 and CEC Tier 3 standards.
  • Level VI – Power supplies meet DoE new standards effective in the United States on February 10, 2016. 

Remember that the new DoE Level VI efficiency standard orders that No-Load power consumption exceeds 0.100 W for EPS range from <1 watt to ≤49 watts. It should not exceed 0.201 watts for EPS >49 to ≤250 watts.

It increases the mandatory average efficiency by at least one percent and has set standards for EPS and power ratings of more than 250 watts for the first time.

Also, the new regulations extend their scope. It now covers lower voltage DC-output EPS, multiple-output voltage EPS, and EPS with nameplate output power ratings exceeding 250 watts. The compliance data for the standards is February 10, 2016. 

How Will It Affect the Power Supply?

Tens of thousands of items receive the Energy Star rating, including air conditioners, kitchen appliances, computer equipment, TVs, furnaces, lightbulbs, and even entire homes. The specifications for the Energy Star standard differ for every product type. However, most ES-certified products utilize 20-30% less energy than comparable products without loss in performance.

The efficiency of most appliances has increased thanks to the international push to create new energy-powered items that are less power-hungry than their predecessors. For instance, modern clothes washers consume sixty-eight percent less energy than those manufactured and built in 1900. 

Purchasing products certified by the Energy Star program is a good way to cut gas and electricity bills. Are you planning on changing your home’s water heater, TV, freezer, washer, or just about any gas or electricity-consuming appliance? Always look for the star.  

It will save you money and convey to manufacturers that energy efficiency is an essential quality in any goods.

The Benefits of Using an Energy Star VI Certified Power Supply

The original Energy Star system focuses on minimizing the carbon footprint of office equipment, but it now covers everything from office buildings to kitchen appliances. But what does Energy Star VI mean for consumers? We will cover that in detail to explain how Energy Star lessens operating expenses and environmental effects for business and home users.

Improved sustainability

 One of the substantial benefits of Energy Star is Level VI is sustainability, which applies to users in many ways. Of course, the main boost comes from lower energy use, which mitigates your household, office, and personal carbon footprint.

The more you focus your shopping on Energy Star Level VI certification, the more you can lessen your total carbon footprint over time.

For 2018, while saving billions of dollars, Energy Star items also helped reduce associated emissions. That includes, among other products, 330 million metric tons of greenhouse gases, 23,000 short tons of fine particulate matter, and 220,000 short tons of sulfur dioxide. 

In other words, the initiative Star substantially lessens the strain on both consumers’ wallets and the environment. 

Lower operating costs 

The benefits of Energy Star are simple to see on your monthly bill. When your PC consumes less energy, you will notice cost savings thanks to lowered energy bills, unlike your previous setup.

That makes the Energy Star Level VI certification an excellent way to guide buying habits. Also, such products are not simply made to save energy but because manufacturers designed them to perform. Whether you are buying a new device or a new home, chances are you will have a set budget for the purchase itself. However, if you buy Energy Star-certified hardware, you know you will continue to save down the line. 

In 2018 alone, Energy Star and its partners helped Americans save $35 billion in energy costs! Can you believe it? Cumulative gains are even more surprising as you consume less energy and see that small utility bill. 

More reasons why organizations and consumers should buy Energy Star products include:

  • Save time – The Energy Star symbol is a shortcut to getting the top energy performers when shopping for items.
  • Save energy – Items certified by Energy Star are normally in the top 15 to 30% of their class for energy performance.
  • Save Money – Using high-efficiency Energy Star products reduces energy consumption and lowers power bills.
  • Testing and certification assurance – Goods certified by Energy Star have their energy usage claims confirmed and meet rigorous efficiency standards. Also, appliances and products are certified by an independent party. 
  • Restoring the environment – Using an Energy Star-certified product enables consumers to lessen the amount of energy they use and, thus, the number of greenhouse gases emitted to the atmosphere. 
  • High-quality assurance – Energy Star certification guarantees the items consumers get perform well or better than standard products without sacrificing performance. 

How to Find a Power Supply That Meets the Energy Star VI Certification

One of the most central pointers of a power supply’s efficiency is whether it complies with the Energy Star Vi certification.

Energy Star goods are the same or better than your average products and only use less energy. To meet Energy Star VI standards, a product should meet rigorous energy efficiency criteria by the US Environmental Protection Agency. 

Since they consume less energy, those products save you money on your electrical bills and help safeguard the environment by causing fewer toxic emissions from power plants. Also, you get the features and quality you deserve. 

However, you must remember that the Energy Star label is unavailable on any item. A manufacturer must earn it by meeting rigorous requirements.

A product with an Energy Star Level VI certification performs as well as other products but consumes less energy. 

Below is a brief rundown of the key specifications:

  • The energy performance and usage are measurable and verifiable.
  • The energy efficiency capabilities for a product category must come from sources that are not proprietary and limited to a single manufacturer.
  • The energy savings from the product should be nationwide. 

Nonetheless, the power supply or any product cannot sacrifice performance for energy efficiency. A product should consume less energy to earn the Energy Star label while offering the same functionality, features, and comfort as other products. 

Suppose an Energy Star product costs significantly more than a non-Energy Star option. In that case, the product should save the consumer enough in cutting energy use to make up the difference. 

Also, a consumer should recoup the cost in a reasonable time. Prawin Power commits itself to help our customers find the best power supply with the Energy Star label. We help our customers become better informed about their choices and ways to use energy more efficiently. 


Choosing the perfect power supply for your appliances and devices must entail more than just finding the highest number of watts for the lowest price. You also need to consider form factor, amperage, protection, cables you will need, efficiency, and any other features you’re seeking.

Keep in mind that a good power supply could last for many years and have a massive impact on the efficiency of your appliances, so take the time to pick wisely. Your appliances and devices will thank you for it! The power supply with DoE VI standard is available in Prowin Power, and we also exported them to US Market. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Are you trying to get the right power supply vendor? Let a reliable supplier provide you with high quality power supply solutions.

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