8 Tips to Care for Your Power Adapters

Last updated: June 1, 2022 at 15:54 pm

In the Technology ravaged world we exist in right now, having a gadget isn’t enough. More like the oxygen we breathe, we all want to have our devices well powered to ensure optimal usage. 

And when it is powered with the wrong amount of power surge, it will reduce your gadget’s battery life. 

In this post, I’ll explain the practical tips for maintaining a power adapter.

Knowledge About Power Adapter

There’re two parts to the power adapters: a transformer and a power cable. The transformer is going to convert the current from your wall socket (which comes in the form of AC)  to DC(or AC). A power cable connects the transformer to the device that needs to be powered.

The transformer will overheat if power over time, this will lead to the internal irreversible damage. Simultaneously, any section of your power cable can wear away and expose the wires inside which may lead to hazards around your home or workstation.

***Tip: AC(Alternating Current) is a power source that gives electricity to businesses and homes. DC(Alternating Current) is a power source that’s ideal for powering electronic devices. ***

How To Care For Your Power Adapters

Replacing the power adapter always proves to be a pain (and can be expensive). Maintaining the power adapter rightly will help its safe use and enable a longer lifespan for it. Here are some tips that can make this a given.

1. Use a Power Strip

But not just any power strip – always check it out to ascertain that it has a built-in surge protector. 

In addition to offering convenience – allowing you to plug in multiple devices with one outlet-, power strips that are fitted with surge protectors can protect your laptop, phone, and other electronic devices from unexpected irreparable damage to your device.

2. Protect it from Dropping, Throwing and Shock

Looks, they say, are deceptive, and the adapter isn’t left out on this. I’ve discovered that in many instances, the power adapter is not as strong as it looks, because it contains many components. 

The best you can do to navigate these murky waters is to protect it from dropping, being thrown around and also safeguard it from shock, or else, this will lead to damage to the inner components. 

One of my partners used a power adapter that dropped from the table, and then the electricity was shut down when he plugged the adapter into the wall outlet. It doesn’t take an army to kill it off.

3. Working under Proper Temperature

Based on multiple observations, the high temperature may cause destruction to the power adapter and cause the plastic parts to melt.

A low temperature is also not good for the power supply. Because, when the charger works in a too-cold environment, moisture will form in the charger and destroy the circuit board when the internal temperature subsequently rises.

4. Clean the Power Adapter Connectors Regularly

We all love clean cars & sounds, so it’s safe to say that cleanliness is a solution to many problems. But, if you want to clean a power adapter, use a damp cloth, or a good quality antistatic cloth.

Remember, do not use a dry cloth to make sure dust isn’t moving into the connector. Also, it’s important for you to know that do not clean the power adapter with the chemical cleaners.

5. Space and Time for Heat Dissipation

We always know to keep the laptops cool, but the power adapters also need to be chilled off.

Having had multiple usage experiences, working for a long period will lead to overheating for the power adapters. So, ensure you leave space and time for heat dissipation.

In the Summer, checking if the power adapter is overheating regularly might be a good thing to add to your daily checklist. Keep using it in a cool environment or use it for a lesser period of time to keep it cool. This will protect the power adapter & keep it in a good condition as long as possible for your own use.

6. Keep Away from Humidity Environment and Water

The general power adapter is most likely not waterproof, so the best option is to use them indoors, away from the waters. If the power adapter contacts water, disconnect it from the outlet at once and move it away from there.

One easy DIY option that I’ve tried is to thoroughly dry the charger and make sure it is completely dry before I use it again.

7. Avoid Tightly Wrapping your Laptop’s Power Cord

To keep the cable compact & your immediate environment organized, you may be tempted to wrap your power adapter cable in a tight pattern. But doing so can shorten the life of your power adapter. 

Repeatedly doing this puts repetitive stress on the thin copper conductors inside the power cord and will cause them to break in no time.

To avoid this, you can loop your power adapter loosely to avoid cramping the wires. Also, if you can wrap it a different way each time, do it to avoid repetitive stress on the same section while keeping your environs organized.

8. Check the Cables and Power Adapters regularly

Constantly checking the whole power adapter for damage to the transformer and cable, especially for the connection, will be in your best interest.  If you discover a fault, change it to a new one.


Constantly checking the whole power adapter for damage to the transformer and Every gadget has different power needs. Based on informal research of the buying behaviors of individuals, no one wants to keep replacing the same type of gadget by the turn of every week (except you use it as a demo for your YouTube channel).

This is where I think a quality power adapter will perform an essential function if you have it at hand. Using the power adapters correctly is helpful for your pocket and to protect them and keep their lifespan as long as possible.

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