6 Advantages of GaN Charger

Last updated: June 28, 2022 at 14:42 pm

Change, they say, is the only constant thing in our world. And the same can be said of the human race too. So many technological improvements have been earmarked and carried out, from the borderline crazy to the more realistic concepts. Today, we’re dwelling on another of such changes, which is a new charger that’s getting very popular in the market, and it’s called the GaN charger.

What Are the Advantages of GaN Charger? 

Looking at this product through a bird’s eye view, the GaN Power Supply is more power-efficient, generates less heat, charges faster, and is significantly smaller than the traditional charger.

In this article, we will discuss: What a GaN charger is, How it compares to the traditional chargers & its advantages.

What is a GaN Charger?

GaN is a new, and durable material used in chargers. The focal point of a GaN charger is that it produces less heat. And for the electronic gadget, the less heat means the inner components need less space for heat dissipation, then they could be closer than before. Thus the charger can be smaller than ever before.

GaN vs Silicon

To know more about the GaN Charger, the comparison between GaN Material and the traditional silicon material would be much helpful.

Traditional Silicon

After people’s efforts, silicon changed the transistors material market after the ’80s. It was the market favorite because it conducts electricity better than previously used materials and it was more cost-effective.

However, over the decades, technological improvements drive people to search for higher effective items, and the data-backed realization informs us that the silicon material is not enough for people’s fast charging and higher power demand.

GaN Material

Then the GaN material comes for the chargers. The GaN charger is made to be considerably hard, while also functioning as a wide bandgap semiconductor that’s also reasonably stable, according to mechanical standards. This means that we’ll have less worry about fluctuations in its dependable performance.

Electrical current can pass through components made from GaN faster than silicon. Its higher thermal conductivity and lower on-resistance lead to a faster-charging output.

Advantages of GaN chargers

Having seen some details of what makes up the GaN charger, let’s discuss why the GaN material is more popular today.

1. More power efficiency

Compared with Silicon, GaN is more efficient. Because there is a wider band-gap in it, which can handle larger electrical fields with a smaller transistor. The shorter current paths from the smaller transistors lead to super-low resistance.

This makes the switching speed 100x or 1000x faster than before. The higher speed delivers more power to the battery than the traditional silicon chargers.

2. Less Heat

Heat is a major factor that decides the lifespan of electronic devices. GaN chargers are more efficient at converting the AC(Alternative Current) power into the power that the battery needs. And the resistors are smaller, which generates less heat. This makes it more comfortable to immediately carry around after a duration of prolonged usage.

3. Charging Faster

The power loss of GaN is less, and the rate at which it switches electricity is faster, so it needs less time to charge.

There are claims that GaN chargers can charge up to 2.5x faster than the standard type chargers, which is something we will always love to experience as, based on behavioral data, the world is now focused on speed optimization & getting things done in half the time.

4. Smaller in Size

Silicon heats up more than GaN so the silicon chargers need more space to let the heat out. GaN generates less heat, due to the fact that the heat dissipation space is smaller than Silicon, and the components could be closer. This makes the whole charger smaller in size, and it seems to be the ideal option for convenience on travel, commuting and the leisure walk to the coffee shop nearby.

5. Multiple Charging

Equipped with Type-C USB connectors, we can charge our cell phones, iPad, and laptops simultaneously with one GaN charger. Also, other gadgets not listed above but with Type-C connectors can enjoy its charging power too.

It is a great option for space-saving, especially for people who often travel or are always moving around on business trips. It fits in with the new generation mantra of “less is more” as it provides a minimalistic lifestyle that’s optimized for even greater efficiency.

This really helps much. Once I need to be away from home, I need to take one charger for my cellphone, one charger for a pad and one for laptops, these chargers are really heavy.

6. High Power Wattage

The traditional Power Delivery from chargers is about 65W maximum. For GaN Power Delivery though, it could get to 150W. And with the higher power efficiency and less heat that comes with the GaN charger, it is safer for use than the standard chargers.


The GaN chargers are compatible with existing devices through the use of USB-C interfaces for power delivery. With previous antecedents in view too, we can look forward to smaller sizes from chargers that use GaN. Because of the smaller size that delivers more power, the GaN chargers are more convenient for storage and more efficient. They are also safer to use with multiple devices simultaneously which makes them more compatible with eco-friendly measures as it reduces littering of the environment with product waste.

They will be used for smartphones, laptops and tablets. We can expect these chargers for other battery-operated devices like digital cameras and other electronic devices in the near future. It is also a great example of greener technology that promotes energy efficiency.

As a result, we can expect less time to charge our electronic devices while saving energy and also ensuring way less damage to the Earth’s ozone layer, while increasing the quality of efficient power that’s generated.

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