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Last updated: September 7, 2022 at 22:41 pm

There are various types of power supply connections in the consumer market, which makes it challenging for us to know about them. Fortunately, we will find it easy to understand the popular connection methods with the correct information, which is the aim of this guide. Furthermore, most connectors feature a specialized design, making them almost impossible to get wrong during installation. 

Why Do We Need a Power Supply?

We need a power supply unit to help transform Alternative Current from power outlets into Direct Currents. Usually, this process occurs to help produce the proper electricity rating and power for running a specific device. 

The ideal connector type for any electrical device depends on the gadgets that require the power. Usually, most devices such as laptops and desktop computers often feature similar terminal structures. However, some outdated computer brands have different terminals requiring professional services.

3 Different Connection methods for the switch mode power supplies

A power supply connector connects the power adapter with the gadgets. It transforms the DC power to the device. Here are some typical power supply connection methods: Plug-in Connection, Terminal connection with screws, and Cable connection.

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 Installation – Connect AC Adapter

Plug-In connection

We plug in the power adapters with DC connectors with the gadgets. Below are some of the typical DC connectors in the market we can expect:

1. DC Plug Power Connector 

It refers to one of the most popular DC connectors available in straight or angled design structures. Plus, we also have to be keen on the sizes of the outer sleeves and interior pins. Following are the most common inner pin sizes:

  • 2.5X0.7mm
  • 3.5X1.35mm
  • 4.0X1.6mm
  • 5.5X2.1mm
  • 5.5X2.5mm
  • 6.3X3.0mm

There are various others we can still find with some professional help. First, we must pick the right DC plug and rating to avoid causing damage to electrical devices. The best type depends on the actual appliances and power supply needs.

2. USB Port 

The USB Port has become one of the most popular power supply connectors worldwide. Specifically, most electrical devices feature a USB port, which helps power supply applications. The most common types include the USB Type -C.

These are the most common types available on notebooks, mobile devices, and cell phones. Alongside widespread adoption and simplified design structures, USB Type-C ports have become highly common. While the USB Type-A connectors and USB Micro alternatives were standard, many users are increasingly seeking modern power connectors. Specifically, the USB Type C version is the stand-out power supply product for most individuals.

3. Special Port or Customized Connectors

Power Supply connection units are also available with unique ports and customized connectors, such as crocodile clips, open ends, etc. Some brands might require specialized ports, a typical example being the Molex 4 port connector, which is highly convenient. However, the consumer’s needs are often the main factor in accessing specialized ports.

We could discover more plug-in connectors and how to choose suitable connectors here. The connection of these DC connectors is easy to process and safe. While before the connection, we need to confirm and select the suitable connector based on the device requirement.

Based on the information above, choosing a suitable DC connector requires an informed approach. Therefore, we should determine the type of connection based on the requirements of a specific device. Fortunately, the list of suggestions we can consider is endless.

Terminal connection with Screws

Electric and wire terminals are crucial when connecting various systems and circuits. This terminal connection is usually used for the industrial metal case power supply. There are no DC connectors for them while they’re with the terminals for connection.

We can connect the gadget cable to the power supply terminal, then tighten the screw. Now the connection is made. When we do not need to power the device, we can loosen the screw, and the power supply is disconnected. This kind of connection is straightforward, convenient, and fast, and no need to choose a suitable connector. While it needs some skill to fix the link, or it will be easy to loosen.

Our brand features a diverse selection of power terminals that users can choose for a specific electrical setup. Our team can also provide various terminal styles, so choosing the right one for specific needs is a breeze. Feel free to inform us of any requirements. We have something suitable in store for various electrical appliances and needs.

Cable connection

Cable connection is also prevalent in the power supply market. We connect the power supply to the device by cable, such as an LED driver, power adapter with an open end, etc.

For most power adapters with cable connections, the output cable has two copper wires: red and black. So when connecting them with the gadgets, we need to twist and tighten them separately: red with red cable, black with black cord. There are also various ways to turn copper wires; the common ones are straight line connections and T-shaped connections.

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Straight line connection

1) Twist the two copper wires to be X-Shape.

2) Twist them 2 to 3 turns and straighten the cable edge.

From connection conclusion

3) Turn the cable edge on the other with six circles tightly.

4) Cut off the remaining core with wire cutters and clamp the end of the core wire.

From connection conclusion

T-Shape Connection

1) Cross the branch wire and the primary wire, leaving 5mm space at the branch wire. Then wind 6 to 8 turns clockwise. Cut off the remaining core with wire cutters and clamp the end of the core wire.

From connection conclusion

2) We could leave the core wire unknotted for the small cross-section.

From connection conclusion

Sometimes we need the LED drivers to be waterproof for the application, and the connection should also be watertight; then, we need a waterproof connector for help. So, connect the waterproof connector between the cables and make all the links waterproof.

The direct cable connection is very tight and safe. While it requires much electrical knowledge and skill, the association is also very complicated with various winding methods.


In the consumer market, there’re three different connection methods for the power supply: Plug-in Connection, Terminal Connection with Screws, and Cable Winding Connection. They’re widely applied in CCTV, home and office, industrial, and LED industries. Therefore, choosing the proper connection according to the actual application is very important.

What happens when we need a specialized connector system? There are various solutions in store that apply to multiple electrical setups. The specific type of power connector depends on our preferences and the end goal that we need for a device. 

We have several power supply units and solutions available to help our consumers. We recommend calling or contacting us for more insight and information on power supply connections.

Are you trying to get the right power supply vendor? Let a reliable supplier provide you with high quality power supply solutions.

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